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Cd storage / backup
+1 gdhal, I've got several boxes of my ripped CDs in my basement. I think I'll stack them on spindles, retaining the liner notes, and toss the jewel cases which are a giant PITA anyways. To add to that, reselling the CDs while retaining the rip... 
Cd storage / backup
Music Vault from Neal @ Sound Science.   
Shelter 501 mkii -- ear 834p MC or (ear 834p MM + SUT)?
Or you could add an active gain stage aka head-amp, aka pre-pre amp like the ZYX CCP-1.   
A/V DACs, how exactly do they work?
to must use the internal DAC you must input a digital signal to the optical (audio 1, 2 or AV3) or coax (audio 3, AV 1, 2) or hdmi inputs (AV 1-7). 
exceptional voices of female singers (non-classical)
Staying strictly with the OP's concept of best "instrument" (purity of tone, range, timber) and leaving aside issues of interpretation, phrasing, and in the case of 2 of those below, choice of material, my short list is, in no particular order:Lin... 
Speaker facade
Because it matches anything?  Because it often (perhaps mostly) is covered by a grill? 
Quincy Jones Interview
Late to the party; just went and read the interview.  That is some crazy s@#t.  He may be a first class producer but he's also a first class narcissist.   
"Original" equipment vs. upgraded equipment
I don't want to sound like a crabby old fart, but precision in language counts!  Upgraded vs. original is not the same as modified vs. original when you are describing a unit for resale or determining what you think its value is.  At least to me, ... 
+1 timlub & gdnrbobOP- 1. The info you want is rarely openly available. Just because some of those units had an MM stage installed at the factory does not mean that the manufacturer has ANY obligation (legal, moral, ethical, etc.) to assist yo... 
I picked up a ROKU, I am wanting to cut the Cable TV cord.
Hey Jim- Wish I could get your deal ;-)  Comcast bills me about $250/month AND the phone service has multiple drop-outs after about 5 minutes.  Eventually, you can't even have a conversation!  Dealing with them is like dealing with a used car shys... 
Terminating Cables
As far as solid copper speaker wire ends, Cardas makes them, too.  As far as re-terminating Audience cables, based on email correspondence with the owner, I wouldn't recommend it.  As I understand it, they are not a typical termination.  You can s... 
Looking for a CD player that holds 5 CDs
CAL CL-10.   
Best and Worst Rock Concert Moments
Best Moment-  Too many to count.Worst Moment- Grateful Dead, Springfield MA, 1971/72-ish.  Open seating show in large indoor venue; maybe seating 12-15K.  Very close to the front of the crowd waiting for admission, when some bozo opens ONE of the ... 
Wireless 5.1 system
Google was my first step, just looking for recommendations for the crew.   
Opinions requested
Contrary to popular opinion, I’ve heard 803ds sound amazing w high quality push pull tube amplification. Specifically, the Doshi-modified Lectron EL-34 amp. I think it puts out about 50-60 WPC. Maybe model 50.