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Why do we listen to sad songs? Interesting article!
Can't speak for anyone else but music and audio systems that fail to engage me on an emotional level hold little appeal. I can appreciate formal aspects of a piece of music and get excited about good sounding gear but those are secondary, left bra... 
Happy Accident
@antialiased  I can't help but wonder how many music enthusiasts, having followed the conventional "equalteral triangle" wisdom, are (unknowingly) falling short of maximizing their listening enjoyment.  
Poll: Most impactful component
I bought the speakers I've used for the past 17 years based on a forum member's recommendation. In the meantime, I've moved from a CDP to separate DAC + transport, upgraded all cabling and upgraded integrateds three times. I haven't  felt a need t... 
Have a reflective Memorial day.
@onhwy61  +1  Exactly!     
what cd player ?
Another possibility: TMR has a an open box Rega Apollo CDP listed for $1133.00 and if you don't like it, you can return it. 
Happy Accident
@roxy54  "Experimentation yields better results than formulas because of the many variables" Clearly!     
Taylor Swift Concert Prices
Personably, I can’t imagine paying that much to see any artist but if I had unlimited funds, I might well hold a different view. As is so often the case when the topic of "perceived value" arises, it’s all about the context. For example, I recent... 
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@nonoise ​​@russ69 ​​@ghdprentice  Thanks for your supportive comments.  It's very gratifying to discover that, despite the limitations constraining my room, there are still ways to improve SQ and thus enhance the listening experience. And I fi... 
How To Trace Distortion
@jasonbourne71 , @2psyop My wife suggested the same possibility!          
How To Trace Distortion
@cleeds  Headphones seem an obvious approach yet it didn't occur to me. Thanks for the suggestion.   @erik_squires  Thanks for your suggestion .   
Which Hegel Amp with LRS+
@jjss49  Thanks for your clarification regarding the nuances of the various Hegel integrateds.         
Which Hegel Amp with LRS+
@jjss49  The A. Excellence guys were the ones who declared the 390 and 590 warmer than the rest of the line and the 390 the warmest. I don't claim to know which model would best suit the speakers in question or the OP's tastes in terms of tonal p... 
Which Hegel Amp with LRS+
@dcpillai One factor you may wish to to consider when deliberating between various Hegel integrateds: the 390 and 590 are voiced more warmly than the 190.   
Can the level of pleasure derived from music be measured?
@frogman  "...or in the other room is a large collection of High End audio gear not even plugged in."   🤣 "Not even plugged in" says it all !      
Caveat about the Cable Company return policy
@ozzy  The Cable Company