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How do you high pass your main speakers?
@carlsbad2  Thanks Jerry. I have come to that exact conclusion. It's like cooking. Sometimes it is best to resist adding that extra teaspoon of salt. Appreciate the common sense advice. Tony  
Best Forum to hear experienced audiophiles exchange thoughts?
@jeffseight  No offence, but anytime you ask a group of people a question, you are going to get a range of responses that will run the gamut from helpful to hurtful. To think that some site will have only like-minded and like-mannered people par... 
I can't go for that.
Hall & Oates in their hay day's were fabulous. So many hits that have aged very well. I miss '60's and early '70's soul/R&B so much. Al Green, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, Little Stevie Wonder, The Jacksons, etc.. If you can sit still lis... 
Does It Hurt....
@yoyoyaya  "If you are not going to use the redundant channels you would do better selling the receiver and getting a proper two channel amp." Not really. I am in the same situation, with my Anthem AVR only used to power my centre channel and on... 
Cheap used LP's: They're still out there!
If you are diligent, there are deals to be had on almost anything, but usually it requires a healthy does of dumb luck.  
Does It Hurt....
It doesn't hurt the unused channels, but their self esteem does take a beating. No one likes to feel like their existence is meaningless.  
Turntable recommendation
Why bother? If you are happy with streaming, why would you want to commit to the expense of building a vinyl option? A good turntable is expensive. A good cartridge is expensive. A good phono amp is expensive. Building a vinyl collection is ve... 
Surge and Conditioning
Is it mandatory with McIntosh owners that they always buy McIntosh products? There are plenty of high quality power conditioners that don't involve paying a premium for the McIntosh name.  
A Serious Subwoofer
Sorry, but this is one of the silliest endeavors I have ever seen.    
Why do we listen to sad songs? Interesting article!
Sorry, but I am not paying to read it. Perhaps if you could cut and paste some excerpts from the article.  
How many of you streaming?
Depends on the album. To be honest, if I am trying to gauge what a new artist is like I will listen to the first song and see if it grabs me. If it does, I will finish listening to it. If it doesn't I will still skip through a few other songs jus... 
What was the craziest location that you made an audio purchase from?
I bought a pair of Allison Model Two's from a discount furniture store. No idea why they had the speakers, but they were cheap and a huge improvement on what I was using at the time.  
Poll: Most impactful component
I would upgrade my 68 year old hearing. No tinnitus and being able to hear frequencies over 15 Khz.  
"But it sounds better at night...."
1. Less going on on the power grid. 2. Less vibration from outside sources. 3. Less cosmic debris. 4. And most importantly. Less going on in my own head. Sitting alone in a darkened room with a nice glass of wine, listening to Linda Ronstadt si... 
Is there a ceiling limit on what you are willing to pay for an audio component?
The simplest answer is that I pay what I can afford and what makes sense given the rest of my system. Since retirement I buy almost 100% used. There is always someone selling last year's model at a discount and any well-reviewed component is stil...