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Onkyo has filed for bankruptcy
I would never be anything but sad that a company and its employees would lose their jobs, but I would also never consider Onkyo as anything but a minor purveyor of low quality components. So I am very sorry for the company and its employees, but t... 
Is there a DAC ranking list?
which is a better speaker
@mike317  "well I got 8 replies thanks for your time however nobody said anything I didn't already know the only thing I learned is that there is a bunch of crabby old guys on this site. Oh yes I myself am 65 but I hope I don't wind up like you g... 
Question On Connecting Multiple Sources to TV, DAC, and Power Amp
Perhaps you should stop using THD as the deciding factor. I haven't paid attention to it since the 1970's. Soix is correct. You need to invest in a modern AVR and use it as a hub for all the components. Personally,  I use Anthem, but there are ma... 
Two vs four subwoofers for music playback
Adding 4 subs in a distributed bass array was the single biggest improvement in the overall sound of my system. Fixed most of the issues I had previously with small room acoustics and put a big smile on my face. My cat loves it.    
Honest Experience on Effects of Subwoofer Please
Adding a distributed bass array consisting of three Rel subs and one SVS sub, corrected 90% of the issues I had with the low end in my system. The low end became "real", instead of uneven and limp. Previously I tried adding one sub, but it did ver... 
Help picking an amp to work with my system
To integrate the additional 2 channel amplifier it will need to be home theatre bypass capable and the AV receiver will require the ability to pre-out the front left and right channels. Luckily your Denon and the Peachtree fit the requirements. ... 
Who's an artist that you're a fan of but whose name you're not sure how to pronounce?
Mongolian metal band "The HU Band". Rated the number one Mongolian Heavy Metal motorcycle band in the world.    
Seller Listing Pet Peeve
@glennewdick      "sorry for the sarcasm, but seriously you've probably spent more time complaining about this then the time you actual spend doing a google search on an interested Item.  " Sorry for the sarcasm, but providing all the pertinent ... 
New Analog Technology???
Reminds me of the prelaunch hype that surrounded the Segway. How did that turn out? One thing I will guarantee is that whatever it is, it will cost a small fortune.  
Songs that sound like Dylan
The only time I saw Dylan, he sounded nothing like Dylan. More like Yoko Ono. Complete waste of money.  
The sound quality from DACs - is it all the same?
"Are your brothers cousins eyes really close together or really far apart?" The two on the right are very close together. The one on the left is in the middle.  
Lloyd Walker has passed away.
My condolences to the Walker family, and to everyone else. Enjoy the moment, and make sure the people you love, know it.  
GIK alternatives
I bought some panels from a company called UA Acoustics awhile back and they were very reasonably priced, good looking and well made. Dug up their website and got this message. Attention! Due to the unstable situation in the our country, our com... 
Best double live vinyl?
Oops, forgot one. Van Morrison "Too Late To Stop Now"