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Fraudulent sale on eBay
"Assume anything you buy from Hong Kong in counterfeit " Xenophobic? I don't think it is ethical to paint an entire country as dishonest and out to scam everyone. Believe me. There are con artists and scammers in every country.  
All-In-One (NAD C-658) vs NODE N130 with Separate DAC and Headphone Amp
Personally, I would stick with the separate components, instead of going with the all-in-one NAD. It will allow you to improve your system, one piece at a time, especially if you want a better dac than is provided in an integrated amp. As far as... 
DH Labs power cables
@jasonbourne71  "Another case of "I bought and installed the new cable and the sound improved markedly!" Unless you did a blind test with someone helping to make the switch all bets are off! As Perry Mason would say "Not admissable in Court"." W... 
Costliest Brainfart
Worst audio brain fart was snapping the cantilever on my Supex 900 Super whilst cleaning it. The most embarrassing incident happened when backing into a parking spot. Hooked the front bumper on a telephone pole and pulled it completely off with h... 
What was your first record?
"Long Tall Sally" by The Beatles  
Moving Soon - Should I Pack Up Everything Now??
I suppose it would depend on what the housing market is like in your particular part of the country, as well as how much lag time there would be between the sale and your actually moving out. If it's slow and there is a high probability of an ext... 
HT Receivers Compared
I had the Cambridge Audio CXR200 and replaced it with an Anthem MXR 520 in order to implement a home theatre bypass setup. Both were good for what they did, but if you are thinking they will work as the centrepiece of a high quality two channel s... 
Good value vintage pressing of CCR Cosmo’s Factory?
From what I see the 1978 Japanese pressing (Fantasy ‎– VIP-5058) is slightly better than the 1970 US release.  Japanese Release (Fantasy ‎– VIP-5058) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Analyzed: Cree... 
Watermelon test for audiophiles!
Product: Sonus Faber Concertino Domus Bookshelf Speakers; w/ Stands
They were $1,495 a pair including stands.  
Taxation using PP G&S
Or just move up here to Canada and forget about the whole thing.  
100 Albums You Would wish for...from a Genie
100 Albums You Would wish for...from a Genie
Stealth Audio Cables - Customer Service - Seeking Your Thoughts
Personally, I find their response arrogant and highhanded, but totally within their rights, but if that's how you feel about it, feel free to find an alternative source to do the work.  
Tube Integrated With Clarity
So, you are very happy with what you have and it isn’t going anywhere. but you are looking for something for your secondary system that is inferior, but different than your primary system? WTF?