If you hopped into your time machine and brought back audio gear- what would it be?

So you have a time machine and you could go back to the days when you first started to get interested in and knowledgable of good audio gear- and a genie grants you one audio wish- you can bring back any single component from those halcyon days- what are you coming back with? 
Wait a minute- I have a time machine. So what do I need with a Genie? 
Gear? Nothing. Everything is better NOW!

Butt, (LOL) I would bring back streaking.. Look out Ethel!

I can’t help it, the older I get, the less I care.. YUP..

I'd go back to July 1991 and buy that second pair of KLH Nines being sold at HiFi Classics (Far Rockaway, NY). $500! I bought the first pair! Still have them in use! The best full-range electrostatic speaker! Developed by Roger West and Arthur Janzen.
Way back when, I was at a store that was going out of business.They had two Marantz 10b tuners. They wanted $1200 for both. Should have grabbed them, or at least made an offer on buying one of them. Silly me- 
Absolutely nothing. There are romantic memories but I am happy leaving them as they are. Electronics in particular are built so much better than they were back then. The switches and pots in my Marantz 7C preamp would be called garbage today. It is more fun to talk about my mistakes.
Is the time machine the backup for the genie, or is the genie the backup for the time machine?

A 1957 Olympic Stereo Console my parents had in the living room where I first discovered music I loved.
I still have my Sansui 9090, pioneer TT, cassette deck and Teac reel. Even the kabuki sansui speakers. 
I think I’d set the time machine forward twenty years and bring back the best of whatever they have in the future. Hopefully digital will be dead by then. :)
I’m cheating, but bringing back both the early to mid ‘80s Sony TA-E900 & Meridian M100 combo. Excessively fun listening. Go figure . . .
@millercarbon "Wait a minute-I have a time machine. So what do I need with a Genie?"

To open the garage door.
What is a garage door? What I mean is, what is a garage? Here in the future we have no word like that.
...garage....?  Oh, you mean the docking bay for the electric vehicle....

You 'previous era types' have such strange customs....
This worship of glowing glass tubes, heavy amplification devices, fragile plastic grooved discs, and the like make going to the VR museums a nostalgic giggle....People come 'back Now' just to verify that sort of thing really did occur...
In the day, I lusted after the Phase Linear line . . . would grab a 700B, bring it back and have it "modernized".
@jshulerjr48 you can do that today!

Simple ask, simple response - another Lafayette KT-550 power amp as a back-up.  This beast of an amplifier crushes almost anything out here today.  Other than that gas, home and car prices!

Happy Listening.

 had a pair of ElectrVoice Interface C's back in the 70's, 2 way horn system that really sounded good with my Mac 6200 integrated. Would love to hear that today.
Proper Disco ball with accompanying lights and one more ball with lights built in.

They don't build them like they used to.
I’d go way back for a brand new top of the line Gramophone  to bring back with me.  Like the one Quentin Collins used to listen to. 
...go a little further back and kidnap Nipper, the RCA dog...

For extra Reality Distortion points, take him back with some Bluetooth ear buds and a SOTA player....

(Warm up the Tardis....)
To all interested: A "Genie" is a brand of electric garage door openers.
You have a garage door opener that grants wishes?
@knight Todd

I still have a black face Snsui 9090, it's a great receiver,  I love mine,  won't get rid of it.

Cheers ,
Way back in the ‘80s I upgraded from an Accuphase E202 to a C200/P300 combo. I wish I’d have kept all three. Pound for pound ( and there were lots of them) the best made equipment I have ever owned. I haven’t found anything remotely made to the same manufacturing standards lately and soundwise they were at the top of the game at that time, too.
One or two (ok, two) gaylords* of assorted/various Telefunken diamond bottoms. Super select versions only.

*(Gaylord is the original name/brand for the triple layer super strength giant cardboard packing boxes you see sitting on and occupying a full size shipping skid/pallet) (like ski-doo and kleenex, which are brands, not items)
'Scuse me, "Everything is better now?" Please. I have one (of many) that I own. Early JBL L100's with copper hand wound/edge wound voice coils. I have 3 sets of this model (L100's) and in a blind shoot out its easy to tell the difference. Build quality in my opinion has degraded substantially over the years. This applies to virtually everything by the way. Yes, there are exceptions such as high end audio equipment, but generally speaking I must respectfully disagree.  AB