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If your were to assemble a vintage system ?
I also agree jjss has it going on.That original NAD 3140 was magical. Unfortunately, disposable parts & construction make restoration impractical 
If your were to assemble a vintage system ?
Original Large AdventsKenwood KA7100Technics SL1200 Mk2Audio-Technica AT440MLa 
Cart adjustment, that moment when you nail it!
Congratulations! Patience has its rewards.Proper setup is definitely a “combing through” process.Performed enough times will yield “set and forget” performance as far as I’m concerned once everything in in the window. 
If you hopped into your time machine and brought back audio gear- what would it be?
I’m cheating, but bringing back both the early to mid ‘80s Sony TA-E900 & Meridian M100 combo. Excessively fun listening. Go figure . . . 
What are the sexiest components ever made?
Allen Boothroyd (R.I.P.) designed the look of the Lecson & Meridian gear for Bob Stuart.Something about the Meridian M20 speakers on their stands just looks killer to my 
New Audiophile going crazy
Time for a bigger house. Have you ever heard stacked DQ-10s? 😅 
Ideas For Phono Cable For My Turntable.
Lots of good suggestions.FWIW - One of my absolute faves is embarrassingly inexpensive. Developed specifically for the pro audio market, Mogami’s W2549 is their top-shelf, shielded twisted-pair balanced signal cable for microphones.Using it unshie... 
what are some of best tonearms you own or experience with.
@dover Thanks for posting ~ Great insight! 
Arcam Integrated Amps
This sums it up rather nicely: original A60 was most memorable back in the day. Today, I appreciate what Exposure is doing. They seem to play well with most a... 
Does anyone know who makes
mijostyn - There's also the DS Audio optical system. As a displacement generator, the RIAA is (not) handled differently than PL's Strain Gauge.Quite the bold statement regarding inexpensive MCs! Wish I had more experience with the Pickering, Stant... 
Which Component Has the Greatest Affect on Low-Level Listening
Which makes me ponder if maybe the Loudness button on my old NAD 3140 back in the early '80s didn't have a buffer-amp in the circuit?There's a truth in what several are describing here, and I really appreciate Raymon's comments about convincing dy... 
what are some of best tonearms you own or experience with.
Such an odd & open ended topic - I’m hesitant to participate.No one has mentioned AMG. LP12 guys should take note of their 9” versions. A very capable tonearm that is not a massive affair - excellent for suspended ‘tables like my ‘64 Swiss bui... 
Lyra Etna or Atlas?
fsonicsmith ~ your going to be in for a treat 👍Both great pickups. Of the new Lambda series I’ve only set up an Atlas (not SL) and it was rather special in terms of extracting delicacy from the mix while analytically conveying all the texture, ton... 
Killer used integrated for
👍👍👍 on Exposure. Just plain musical and fun! 
Which Component Has the Greatest Affect on Low-Level Listening
If I were to name a single component, I’d have to agree with yyzsantabarbara that a very well executed line preamp with attention paid to stable linear gain attenuation will have the most dramatic impact of fullness at ALL playback levels.