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Stealth v10 digital powercord
Another power cord touted by ad copy men masquerading as physicists. Save your money for something that really matters, like a better pair of speakers!  
To Blind Test, or Not To Blind Test, That Is The Question
@thyname : if you lived nearby we could do a comparison of your expensive power cord vs. my cheap cord using my modded Quad 405/Quad 57's. Not high quality enough for you, eh?  
To Blind Test, or Not To Blind Test, That Is The Question
Wire has become a religion. You’ve got to believe it to hear it! All of this is, like religion, faith-based. The wire believers read the spiels from ad copy men masquerading as physicists! Expectation bias leads to the ever more costly cable as so... 
Conversion question: Marantz SLT 12 into SLT 12-U !
I just now saw your post. I have a Marantz SLT12U. I bought mine before I was aware of the difference. Just lucky I guess! I don't think the conversion would be easy to do! I'd leave it be and just use the cartridge (Shure) already mounted.   
Conversion of voltage in Air Tight amp
Can’t be done! Get a step-down transformer (120 > 100 VAC) from Amazon/eBay. Don’t run the amp on 120 VAC!  
Which Power Cable do you think?
If the TT is on a stable, heavy base the platter is not going to bounce. A heavy brass pod with tonearm will work fine! Regarding cables, the sky's the limit for costs! IMO a two-figure cable will sound the same as a four-figure cable. Let the roc... 
Objectivist, Subjectivist, Inbetweenist
"East is East and West is West. And never the twain shall meet" - Rudyar Kipling  
Got to give Harry Pearson credit for overtaking Holt's Stereophile and becoming the doyen of the High End with TAS!  
Hey, I still have a nicely restored pair of AR4x's! They still sound nice for a budget speaker! No challenge to my Quad 57's!  
Speakers known for great midrange.
Any of the old LS3/5A's (Rogers, Chartwell, Goodman's, KEF...) will more than hold their own against any of today's four-figure stand mounts! The BBC sure knew how to design small box speakers! I have the Rogers (serial # around 27,000).  
Rotel A14
Electronic components (amps, preamps, DACs...) all have varying amounts of distortion at different frequencies. The better components have less. The Nova 150 may have more high frequency distortion that to your hearing makes it more "bright" than ... 
Groove tube kt66
I have a NIB quartet of the Russian-made Gold Lion KT66’s that I bought some years back. I plan to put them in the Heath W5 Mono’s I bought at around the same time. They are good sounding tubes! The W5’s originally had USA Tungsol 5881’s. I might ... 
MM or MC cartridge for Mm input on Preamp
A Denon 103R mc cartridge will work at 65db. Capacitance not an issue with mc cartridges.   
Your short list integrated amps, NO DAC, prefer 100W+, strange hi Z load
Topping PA5 ($350) can't be beat! No remote - volume control on front. It clips at 110wpc@1% distortion. Typically 55wpc@.01%.  
Price increases are insane
The true decline started here in the USA in 1964 when all the silver coinage was removed from circulation. Other nations followed suit. Unbridled production of "money" always leads to dire results - witness Germany in 1923!