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Need 25 foot interconnects
+1 @ghdprentice . In my den I have a pair of Kef R11 being driven by PS Audio M700 monoblocks.  I took a pair of Audio Quest Rocket 44 cables cut them in half and am biwireing. The bass has improved so much I have turned off the sub. Big improveme... 
I have seen a lot of ideas concerning Cable lifters
I also use redwood salvaged from my Pergola deck. My son sanded and stained then sealed.  They look awesome.   
Warming up digital in my setup
Definitely the phone setup.  Get a used Lumin u1 mini, Kimber Kable D60 spdif, used RME ADI2 dac fs. You will be happy. Quboz subscription. I use this setup in my den with PS Audio BHK signature pre and m700 monoblocks into Kef R11.  No glass.  
Do older power cables still hold up to newer ones?
I think @jasonbourne52  is on to something.   
Sideways move?
@charles1dad I can read as well as you. I was simply telling him how I am powering my Ardens.   
Sideways move?
I've got about 200hrs on my Ardens. They sound incredible.  I'm running them with mono blocks. A pair of Prima Luna Evo 400 for the high and PS audio 1200m monoblocks for the low end. You definitely need a little more power.   
Tyler Acoustic speakers
I have Halo Extreme  with upgrade crossover and Seas millennium tweeters. They sound fantastic. Crystal clear and great mid range.  Large Soundstage and perfect center. I'm using 2 Prima Luna Evo 400 amps to run the tweeters and mids. 2PS Audio 12... 
Need an integrated amp that sounds engaging at lower volume
Don't waste your money on a Loki. They sound like, well. Get an RME ADI2 FS DAC. it has the low level loudness feature.  Put in as much bass as you want.   
Supra Cat 8 Ethernet cable
@mike_in_nc as far as ethernet cables go I agree. Just get AQ Forest and call it a day.  
Usb cable recommendation
DH labs or AQ Carbon. Either one.  You won't need to buy ever again  .  
What's on your Dac tonight?
@clearthinker you had to have thought of something by now. Or are you just white noise?  
What's on your Dac tonight?
CSNY/American Dream.  Grand Funk Railroad/Closer to home. U2/Joshua Tree.   
What's on your Dac tonight?
@artemus_5 lol, that's a sweet table you have.   
Panels on the ceiling
And sometimes I feel like I'm a prisoner of my own device. Lock me up. I think I'm going to try the mud over the popcorn.  See what it sounds like.  I found these foam panels 12x12 with a nice design that would go up easy.  
Sharing my experience with cables
On my system I can't tell much difference on power cord.  Although I have changed all to include various different from AQ. Monsoon for amps, NRG for pre and everything else.  Can't tell much difference in Digital cables.  However I do use Kimber ...