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Has Anyone Placed Power Conditioner On Its Face with the Power Outlets Facing Up?
If it can survive shipping where it is violently thrown around, it will survive being gently placed on its side.  
Anyone try the Psvane Acme Supreme 300 B tubes ?
Wile E. Coyote uses Acme tubes in his system.   
Beware of Wayne's audio - Poor product quality & worst business ethics
roxy54, the OP on another forum confirmed that he did not insure the item, nor did he specify that a signature was required. The vendor was willing to take back the item and refund 100% of the money upon receipt of the returned goods. The ring wen... 
Why dont perfect Speakers exist?
How does one define perfection?   
Beware of Wayne's audio - Poor product quality & worst business ethics
I’m sorry to hear about your experience, but your story assumes that the vendor lied about the item NOT being received.    Your failure in not having the item requiring a signature and insurance cost both you and the vendor money.   
Bias adjustment
When he wants to fix it.. Like I've done for over 50 years. What a dumb thing to say. Is there a repair manual for my 40,000.00 intellectual piece of property setting in my driveway? YES it's required by LAW.. Even a friggin RR provides a complete... 
It happened again tonight
@millercabon, I liked your story but you lost me with the Krissy reference?  Who or what is “Krissy”. 
Bias adjustment
I just had a bit of a tiff also with Cary. I ask for a schematic, hand written, or partial for the hexfred upgrade. Didn’t ask where it goes, or to hold my hand while someone else does it. I asked TWICE. Just ignored the request.I bought a case of... 
Can I go wrong with Stillpoint Ultra Mini anti-vibration isolation feet?
If you purchase the Stillpoints mini used there is very little risk if you don’t like them and have to resell them.  
When Did Your System Disappear?
When Did Your System Disappear?When I got divorced  
Herron VTSP-2a vs EAR 324
Have you ever tried to get a hold of Tim de Paravicini or get service from EAR???   Great sounding products, but after sales service is non-existent based on my experience.  Don't expect Keith Herron type of service from EAR. 
Star Technologies, Sistrum Stands and Audio Points - are they still in busienss ?
The customer should not have to repeatedly chase down a manufacture for a response.  The OP just wanted a simple status update and when pressed, he got an info commercial response.  
Top ten American composers/songwriters
Foster, as in David Foster......he’s a Canadian also.  Perhaps the OP meant North American 
Herron VTPH-2 MC Loading Plugs
Why not just call Keith? Have him send you some. Because all that stuff matters, and Keith has good plugs, resistors... and solder, which you didn't mention but matters. Also if you tell Keith your cartridge and taste in sound he can probably ... 
Herron VTPH-2 MC Loading Plugs
Thank you very much Al!