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OCD mickey website and negativity.
If you don’t like his persona or his views, simply don’t subscribe to his channel.  I see no need or purposes of posting a negative comment(s).    
Rogue Audio hard to resell, has it fallen out of favor ?
Rogue attempts to appeal to the more cost conscious hi end consumer, but unfortunately this customer base has also been the most affected by inflation eroding their discretionary spending.   
Cardas hierarchy - older/newer - who has experience?
IME, this is exactly why we support our local dealers when they can lend out cables for you to audition in your own system.  If you don’t have a local dealer, try out the Cable Company’s loan program.   
Easy Come Easy Go…….BOOM!
The only thing that matters is that you and your family are safe.  “Stuff” can be replaced.    
Mcintosh pre amp pricing
You adjust to the market conditions, the market does not adjust to your expectations.    
Why so many ARC Ref 6SE preamps up for sale?
According to HiFi Shark, there are 4 Ref6SE for sale right now on US Audio Mart  
A Few Nice Words For Upscale Audio
Do you mind sharing the cost of the repair?    
Nordost repair
@akg_ca is correct.  Nordost will repair any legally purchased cable under warranty to the original owner.  Cables purchased on the secondary market, that have not been altered, will be serviced by Nordost.  Counterfeit cables sent to Nordost will... 
What to do with dead equipment
Sell the amp “as is” and hope a DIY hobbyist picks it up and attempts to fix it.    
McIntosh 2.1kw amplifier?
I would hate to have a speaker that needed this type of amplifier!  
Vibration Question
Why not use the pod by Acoustand that is designed for the SME mount?    
What to ask when buying used speakers?
Will you take 50% of your asking price……  
Duplicate Serial Numbers
Model numbers are not unique, but serial numbers are specific to that item.       
Pass Labs XP-25 Outputs
@alan60 , yes you can connect both the single ended and xlr outputs of the Xp-25 to your preamp (both outputs are live at the same time) BUT, most preamps will only let you select one input at a time, therefore, you can only toggle back and forth ... 
Pass Labs XP-25 Outputs
I know that Pass Labs preamps drives both the xlr and rca outputs and manual says it’s okay to use them simultaneously.