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How does the VPI Aries II stand up to current mid priced tables?
@ozzy62, the upgraded platter cost $1500!  If you add that sum to your original used purchase price you could have bought a fully spec'd Aries 3.   
How does the VPI Aries II stand up to current mid priced tables?
The Aries 2 is a good table, but the cost to upgrade it with a current model platter and/or tonearm is cost prohibitive and would have been better served by investing in a more up to date model. A speed controller would be a worth while update.   
Reference 3A upgrades!
Many of the upgrades used on the RV were developed for the limited edition 40th Anniversary de Capo Be speakers.    
Reference 3A upgrades!
Shipping cost notwithstanding, the upgrade cost appears to be more than reasonable.  
Reference 3A upgrades!
What did the upgrade cost?  
5AR4 rectifier tube question
After extensive rectifier rolling in my SLP 05 I settled on 1959 Mullard Fat Base GZ34/5ar4 rectifier tube.   
Cary Audio SLP-05 First Impression
The “Ultimate Upgrade” is a regular factory authorized option and should not be considered a special order with limited consumer rights and/or warranty.  MD is a Cary authorized agent, therefore, it is their responsibility to deal with the manufac... 
Is mixing RCA and XLR cables bad?
@glennewdick wrote If your new Lyngdorf and your Mac both have balanced out and in why don't you just buy one lower cost balanced cable and use that. why try to make a balanced to RCA cable if you do not need it. Balanced cables are not as susce... 
Current Questions
@carlsbad wrote  In my first physics class I asked why C wasn't used for Current and never got a good answer.  i have a physics degree from the University of Chicago.  So we will keep using I for current The conventional symbol for current is ... 
Dynaudio customer service ignoring me
Did you try going through an authorized Dynaudio dealer?  
Why do I need power management if I have a great power cord?
Why do I need clean water if I have good quality copper pipes?   
Tweaks, money pit or real value?
Nothing is more valuable than having a good relationship with a dealer that lets you try before you buy in your own system. I also like manufactures that have a no questions asked return policy.    
Speaker positioning: why do audiophiles neglect this so much?
After reading this thread I just realized that my golf game is perfect, it’s the golf course that is causing the problems.   
A Warning for Owners of Furman IT Refernence 20i
If you are not getting a satisfactory response from the manufacture, I would threaten to take the issue up with electronic safety board in your country of residence?  If the unit has a known issue that could cause a fire, you would think that the ... 
The VPI forum is back
They are apparently operating in beta mode now, whatever that may be. Beta mode = test mode i.e. not ready for prime time. Mat has  been trying to get the old forum contents migrated to the new forum for literally months, with no real progress...