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What's all the fuss about late 70s and earl 80s run of the mill midfi turntables?
Who says there’s a fuss about late 70s and early 80s run of the mill midfi turntables?  
Spending a month's salary
$20,000 a month’s salary……buy what you want, you’ve earned it.   
VPI felt mat vs aftermarket
Mats are hit and miss and are very subjective.  You will get a lot of VPI owners stating that no mat is the best, but that’s just one perspective.  If you can find a local dealer that will lend you some prior to purchase, that would be the best co... 
I just moved and insurance
Do you get your audio advice from an insurance forum?  Home/Property insurance is regulated at the State level, therefore, seek out the advice from a licensed agent in your home state.   
What are some good things to do when going to an audition
Try and schedule an audition during non-peak times  
FAVOURITE POWER CABLE under $100 (1M) Stretch your budget and go for a 1.5M cable, more versatile :-)      
Help replacing 8" woofer on Gershman Avant Garde Rx-20
Contact Gershman, they have excellent customer support.  BTW, 50% of the preamp dial means nothing.  Depending on the source, at 50% of the volume dial you could be driving your amp to full power.    
Need Help Calculating System Amp Draw
The easiest way is to simply add up all the power line fuse values in each piece of equipment.   
Previous Ownership...does it matter to you?
Now we have audio “body count”.   
Previous Ownership...does it matter to you?
The seller’s reputation and the details and answers provided are more important than the component’s provenance.  In large metro areas components are often traded locally without shipping.   
Where's Your Virtual System?
@thyname he was the former director of the Ferrari Heritage certification program in Maranello.   
Where's Your Virtual System?
There will always be a bias based on how much one spends on their system.  More money spent = more knowledge.   Inexpensive or modest system = less knowledge.  I have a good friend who is a heritage Ferrari expert (international reputation) who ha... 
Previous Ownership...does it matter to you?
Sometimes when you buy used you don’t ask if there was a previous owner, therefore, when you go to sell, you simply don’t know.   
FUSE BOX delivers perfect protection and superior sound
Geeez, so if a small child or animal bumps the power cord, I live 120V brass sluggo is exposed on the floor???  
Innovative Autio in NYC just hung up on me
Perhaps she was having a bad day, she’s only human…..did you try calling back later and ask for the owner?  Everyone deserves a second chance before you put the whole business on blast.  I agree that someone misbehaved, just not sure who.