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VTA my compromise in setting
Let’s put this into perspective.  With a 9 inch tonearm, a 1mm change in record thickness represents a 0.25° change in stylus rake angle.  In addition, some stylus profiles are less sensitive to small changes in SRA.   My suggestion, set the optim... 
TT quandary
Upgrade the arm on your HW19 will yield the greatest improvement.  If you decide to go with the Prime TT, look at getting the vpi gimbal tonearm over the uni-pivot.   
Adjusting Azimuth on VPI Prime Signature Turntable
Get the dual pivot.    
Wilson Sasha W/P amplifier pairing
Try Pass Labs XA point 8 series of amplifier.  Never heard anyone describe Pass as bright.   
Best Phono Cartridge for VPI Titan Turntable
Lyra Atlas. A proven match with the VPI Fatboy.   
Reminder: how to tell current from an amp's specs?
Some Thiel owners say tube amps sound better, with more natural bass than solid state amps, just goes to show you don't know just going by the numbers, listening is the best policy. in statistics, we call those people outliers.   
VPI VTA Base question
Make sure that when you measure the S2P distance to hold the ruler level to the platter. Is there any opportunity to borrow a Dr. Feickert protractor (or similar) from your dealer to confirm the S2P distance?  
VPI VTA Base question
If the VPI alignment gauge fully extended so that the “v” cut-out is snug against the tonearm main pivot bearing?  
VPI VTA Base question
What cartridge are you using?  Some long body cartridges can be problematic.   
VPI VTA Base question
If you are using a vta tower designed for the JMW 12 series tonearm on a table that typically uses a JMW 10 tonearm, and you use the original JMW 10 mounting holes for the JMW 12 vta tower, you will not be able to get the correct 300mm S2P distanc... 
Tube preamp recommendations for Pass X260.8 monos
Cary SLP-05.  Run it in balanced mode  
"High end speaker covers" do we need them?
Prevents sun bleaching / discolouration if exposed in direct sun light   
Mounting Kuzma 4point 14 tonearm on Yamaha GT 2000 turntable
Just curious as to why the 14” version vs the standard 4Point which is an almost drop in replacement.   
Cartridge/ Tonearm compatibility
a very popular combination with VPI Fatboy owners  
Townshend or MuRata Supertweeters? Thoughts?
Are the Murata tweeters still available new?  I thought I read sometime ago that their factory was destroyed.