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transistor pre with the sound of tubes
Try a Pass Aleph P or an older offering from Coda.  Both are smooth.Good luck, Jose 
Tekton Design Moab
@MC. how do your Moabs compare to your previous Talon?  Were the Talon upgraded/modified and if so, to what degree? Were the crossover modified by Mike? Did you ever use any type of spring or other isolation on Korus, if so which? Did you ever com... 
Wilson Audio Specialties Chronosonic XVX loudspeaker!! only $300,000.oo
+10 @perkri. It's absurd at how many justify what they have spent on their system and yet find these speakers, or any other high priced audio item overpriced.   If they can afford it, kudos to them. When visitors see my modest system,  most think ... 
Vibrating speaker cables
@yoboy  +1Jose 
The Absolute Sound vs Pleasing Sound
@russ69, excellent thread.  I've enjoyed reading and learning from some very insightful posts.Respectfully, Jose  
The Absolute Sound vs Pleasing Sound
@glupson, I have also recorded/played a piano,  guitar and cello in my room.  I try and set up my system/room to get as close to the timber and decay of the notes/tones played by unamplified instruments;  This method works for my tastes. By the wa... 
Vibrating speaker cables
@ebm , I use the same lifters and agree as to their effectiveness.   I suspend PAD 8M XLR 20th anniversary interconnects .@antigrunge2, thanks for the link.   I'm going to try some. Respectfully, Jose  
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
@whitecamaross , to compare the XS300 to your current set up is a mistake.   Completely different setups, cabling,  speakers,  pre, stands and so forth. Not only that,  but you're not using your phone to record anymore either. Much like yorr respo... 
Why do you need so much power?
@ssmaudio,  the Pass J2 is a great amp, do yourself a favor and pair it with your speakers.   I have never heard or owned an Emotiva amp.Respectfully, Jose 
What 50wpc or higher amps have a totally different sound from Pass Labs, in a good way?
@red wood audioPlease report back your thoughts/opinions on your boxster amps.Thank you, Jose 
If you hopped into your time machine and brought back audio gear- what would it be?
@knight ToddI still have a black face Snsui 9090, it's a great receiver,  I love mine,  won't get rid of it.Cheers ,Jose 
Is Luxman a poor man's D'Agostino ?
I have the older S-100.  In speaking with Doug from Coda, he reccomend I listen to the new  S-250 series.  Another amp to consider..Yes, sucks what he and many are currently going through. Respectfully, Jose  
Is Luxman a poor man's D'Agostino ?
There is a Coda 16 stereo amp available on UsAodioM, for $10K.Something to consider. Respectfully, JoseNo affiliation.. 
Best cost no object tube phono
One more to consider,  however I have not owned this particular unit is the too of the line VAC phono.One was available here on Agon, however,  I didn't buy it....Respectfully, Jose 
Best cost no object tube phono
I have personal experience with the following;  please consider the following, Boulder 2008 or 2108Ypsilon , all silver if possible. DSA Phono - full of features.You won't regret either one of these. Respectfully, Jose