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Separate Ethernet runs or one, then to a switch?
Another very cheap solution is using a second generation Apple Airport Express to connect to yor router via wifi. Saves the hassle of switches, cables and what else 
Is performance dependent on grunge resistance or circuit design?
@atmasphere,obviously my experience is casuistic and my technical knowledge is limited. Nevertheless, my experience shows that balanced designs cannot at the limit of performance compete with single ended. I shifted from a Graaf Gm20 OTL amp to a ... 
Replacement for Verus rim drive
Thanks @millercarbon,mine is still working: since it‘s such a great motor I was hoping to see someone carry on, specifically in further improving the controller given all the advances in digital regulation of electric motors. Vpi have a rim drive,... 
Innuous Zenith Mk III Arrives Tomorrow
It‘s a great machine. Insert an Intona Isolator into the Dac connection for galvanic isolation of the power line. I am using an Acoustic Revive RGC-24 attached to the screws holding the transformer to improve grounding as well as an Acoustic Reviv... 
Streamer's without built in DAC options?
Innuos ZenithMk3 and you can get rid of the Nucleus.  
VPI Magic Brick threads deleted
They are still being sold in the Uk by (no affiliation)I have been using them for 25+years and firmy believe that nary a power transformer should be without them: lowered noisefloor as well as overall clarity of the syste... 
Considering getting a CD player (again). Used? New? Criteria?
Beats me, why wouldn‘t you just get say an Innuos Zen Mk3 and kill two birds with one stone?: top cd play after transferring to internal SSD library and top streaming including Tidal and Qobus capability, even Roon if required. And within budget 
MacBook Pro streamer
Anything with Innuos on it, Roon is optional. 
MacBook Pro streamer
One other piece of advice: get a streamer, Macbooks are irredeemably too noisy for proper audio 
MacBook Pro streamer
I had a similar issue with an Innuos Zenith Mk3 and an Antelope Zodiac Platinum. The head of Intona suggested I insert a a USB hub and it resolved the issue. The hub reclocks the signal and resolved the timing mismatch 
Are Innuos about to lunch new models?
@martin-andersen,hence my subtle hint to the editor: we live in hope😉 
Are Innuos about to lunch new models?
BTW,how about a beedy eyed editor doing an A+ job on the headline for this thread? 
Are Innuos about to lunch new models?
Industrial, Mk2 rather than Mk3. It seems the earlier version is better for audio purposes 
Are Innuos about to lunch new models?
Very happy with the Zenith Mk3. While you may upgrade the clocking at the Zenith level, it is actually more powerful to update the Dac‘s clock since under USB the Dac slaves the server. What would be nice would be a Mk4 with 10m BNC input, though.... 
Lumin D2 - Late the Table
@nekoaudio,mine happily supplies 802.11n. Yours must be really old....