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When were the best tube amps made?
@atmasphere,   not sure whether Zero Autoformers are really zero cost. I used them on a Graaf GM20 about 15 years ago and while bass was significantly tightened, the overall SQ lost pizzazz. It felt a bit like a Ferrari on Qualudes…  
Innuos Zenith MK3
You switch to InnuOS Sense and never go back  
The Forgotten
IMF, GAS, Sequerra, Wadia, Koss, Wharfedale, Jecklin,…endless topic  
Anyone tried fiber into EtherRegen SFP?
YI use an Antelope Audiophile 10m Rubidium clock, having had the one you mentioned before to try it out. Preferred for the Etherregen is square wave but inly if it not done by cheap conversion in the clock’s output. The advantage is noticeable wit... 
Anyone tried fiber into EtherRegen SFP?
@lollipopguild  two further suggestions, if I may: use the Etherregen’s grounding post to run a separate ground wire to a good ground. And use a 10m clock on the Etherregen, even if it is only a cheap one. Both have major additional benefits  
Ideal USB cable length, streamer to DAC?
The Uptone USPCB is ideal where it can be used, i.e. no cable but a printed circuit board. Otherwise a 10in Intona cable. Longer cables have reflections and may suffer from RMI/EFI incursions  
Starting from Basically Scratch. Help me power some Wilson Watt Puppys
You need a very stable amp for your new speakers. I‘d look at getting the best used Accuphase integrated you can afford  
the question of changing ethernet cables
@finnlove  From your description I would guess that the problem actually stems from your router: do you use it for wifi? Can you turn wifi off? Can you use a linear power supply for the router? What model do you use; can you try to upgrade? Also ... 
the question of changing ethernet cables
There are many comments here that fibre avoids EMI/RFI conversion altogether. Conversely some very experienced members prefer Ethernet avoiding the media conversion to fibre. I concur with @sns that any streaming solution is unique, depending amon... 
Speaker cable recommendations
Auditorium23, Shindo design specifically targeted at his SETs  
Why don't higher end amplifiers come with a separate power chassis?
@clearthinker much better now. Did the thought occur that manufacturers may include a piece of wire fully well knowing that buyers will chose their own PCs? I very much doubt that any of them would label the generic as recommended. They certainl... 
Why don't higher end amplifiers come with a separate power chassis?
@clearthinker Yawn, and by the way: what‘s this got to do with the topic of this thread? At least get into the relationship between power cable and umbilical, if you must.  
If you had $12k / £10k to upgrade your analogue front-end...
Scheu Premier with Mørch tonearm, Cartridgeman Musicmaker cartridge and Zyx Artisan phonostage. Off the beaten track but all the better for it. Alternatively SCHEU TONEARMS AND mC Scheu cartridges are nice as well. Aqvox 2ci phono stage is a good ... 
Cables from amp to preamp or longer speaker cables…
If you can use paralell cables, put the amp near the speakers, otherwise use longer speaker cables (up to 20 ft)  
Innuos Zenith Mk3: Won’t Start Properly!
I doff my hat to you: those computer skills of yours way exceed mine! Well done and congrats.