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Are Shakti Stones effective?
Following @mahgister‘s advice I put slabs of Shungite on the transformers of my Wavac EC300b. Whoah, cobwebs out the window and let the sunshine in! These mineral tuning devices work, I equally apply various Akiko Audio widgets on AC cleanup with ... 
Streamer question
I use sense on my Zenith Mk3 and Wiim on ifi Aurora. No comparison, sense wins by a country mile. Before Sense I used iPeng; when Sense was introduced the jump in user friendliness and SQ wasn‘t small!  
Adding a Phoenix USB?? How much will I notice??
If I may suggest: start by getting the additional power supply; it should be a significant improvement. On USB try the Singxer UIP-1 Pro first. Same idea as Phoenix but a tenth of the price. The Phoenix has two main functions: reclocking the USB s... 
As An Experiment I Stuck A Few Things Under My Pre-Amp And Am Now On A Quest
There is a seismic vibrations detector in the app store. No need for anything other than an iphone  
Goodbye Everyone
@elliottbnewcombjr  Sorry to see you leave the forum. One would hope that those responsible for discouraging you read your very civil statement of reasons. This should all be about sharing personal experiences to help each other; too often now it... 
Phono cable (RCA-RCA) from TT to Phono Pre Question
In your setup I suggest you look at Auditorium23. Low capacitance, well shielded against RFI/EMI. Don’t exceed 1m length if poss.  
BEST little know Jazz Album that you ever heard?
Isao Suzuki Black Orpheus  
Shindo vs the world
Since Kondo (Audionote) and Shindo are covered let’s add Wavac to the discussion. The EC300b design by Nobu Shishido is arguably the greatest 300b amp ever conceived and its interstage capacitorless transformer coupling creates an immediacy that i... 
Tweaking Etherregen
I use a decommissioned power cord with all leads connected to ground via a spare socket. A good grounding box works, too.  
As An Experiment I Stuck A Few Things Under My Pre-Amp And Am Now On A Quest
Try Black Ravioli Bigfoots: submarine sound deadening technology that deals with any frequencies in equipment casings.  
Daisychaining Ethernet switches
Thanks @erik_squires, for simplicity I omitted two isolators (Pink Faun at server and EMO EN70 between Netgear and LHYAudio switch) I am also using a pair of  DX Engineering 150 high band filters. believe it or not, every item makes an audible di... 
Update on good Ethernet switch
Uptone is working on a new Etherregen; meanwhile the first one is available again, isloation mode and 10m clock compatible.   
Optimum speaker support
@magnuman  thanks for your suggestion. Given the particular construction of the Duevel speakers, most speaker motion happens on the vertical rather than more conventionally the horizontal axis. Hence the particular benefit of the maglev+Svelte Sh... 
Optimum speaker support 
Optimum speaker support
Thanks @mijostyn, bass response is obviously an important consideration: in my case, the bass fires upwards with 360 degress of reflex ports at the bottom. The suspension solution I describe did clean up particularly sub 100Hz bass. The perceptio...