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My Amp periodically cuts out speakers until it warms up
Amp is prolly 40 years old, good chance it might need new caps. Cant say whether or not it would be worth the investment...  
LP stores in Portland, Maine
 there is a Bullmoose in Brunswick. Great store, not sure about Portland  
Sternklang Cables
 Looks like a cross between Mapleshade and Nordost  
Words of wisdom on choosing a speaker
Kenjit- please find another pastime. Your constant drivel that everyone is unhappy and chasing some un attainable sound is simply not remotely true. Most of us are quite happy with our systems, the fact that many strive to improve along the way is... 
Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One
 Generally not really into sound tracks much, but since you asked:  The Horse Whisperer   
The new dynamic in speaker pricing
 I don't feel its a trend. There has always been uber expensive options in every facet  for those that can afford them. Does a Rolex really tell time any better than a Timex? A fool and his money are soon partying...  
Why Music Has Lost it’s Charms (Article)
 Great piece. Agree with all he said. Thanks for posting.  
Bang for the buck ... high Q/$ ratio.
best bang for the buck is buying used.  
Wanted: integrated amp, phono stage, headphone output, American made
Home Theater Newbie Seeking Advice for Cornwall IV Setup
 having owned several types of Klipsch , I personally wouldn't have them without tubes somewhere in the system, preferably the pre amp.  
Up to $4000US tower speakers for Jazz and Classical Music
 Agree with others that your choices are being dictated by that amp.   
Line Array VS Traditional Box Speakers, Why not just get the line array ?
You're talking quantity vs quality in most live/ home comparisons. As hlide46  said, I get better sound in my living room than I do at many venues. As mentioned, try some horns...  
Scratch - The Crusaders
What does literally or figuratively mean? For example, when someone says, “I am literally foaming at the mouth,” this literally means real foam is coming out of his or her mouth. Figuratively means in a metaphorical sense—that is, not in a real s... 
Lock screw for Marantz SA 10 And Ruby sacd player
 Thanks, I do have decent cables.