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 This site has spellcheck?  Smells like mothballs then, not too many people seem to use it.... 
 adg101, are you familiar yourself with the 2 units or just quoting Modwright?  I have the LS100 and love it, been wondering how much I might gain synergy wise if I went to that amp.... 
 Can anyone speak to the difference between the stock 150 and the SE ? 
Wich is better
Most valuable LP
I have a sealed MFSL of Billie Holiday I bought around 30 years ago, no idea what thats worth. Might not be worth crap. I have a box set of Rolling Stones albums I bought in the 70’s, black box with name in sparkly glitter,came with a black glitte... 
How many people here generally buy used?
Speakers- used.  Pre amp - used.   Power amp -demo.  Turntable/Cart. - new.   Cables - mostly used.   CD player - Demo.   Rack- Used.   What I have purchased used has been in mint condition. 
ModWright 150 SE? Thoughts?
  Interested in this thread. I have a Modwright LS 100 pre and Simaudio W5.3 SE power amp. More than pleased with the combo, but I often wonder about the possible extra synergy of the 150 SE with my pre. Damn this disease... 
Child Damage Mitigation
  Dont mess around ,get a shock collar and cure that child for life... 
Difference between Denon DCD 2500ne and 1600ne
 Cant speak to the 2500, but I recently had the 1600 in my home, purchased for a friend. Very nice looking,excellent build quality ( made in Japan ) and sounded very good right out of the box, especially on SACD. SACD players in that price range a... 
Great country recording
bdp ... its on a compilation called Sooner or Later. " Are You Through Yet " is great snapshot of a great band live... 
Great country recording
 bdp,-   The V-Roys also did a great cover of How I Got To Memphis.  
Great country recording
  Pony by Kasey Chambers is one of my fav guilty pleasures... and it sounds damn good too ! 
Great country recording
 Willie Nelson  Milk Cow BluesSteve Earle  Train a Coming EmmyLou Harris  At the Ryman 
has anyone experienc Luna Dialogue amp ?ed a Rogue RP-1 with Prima
 Years back I ran a Rogue tube pre to a McCormack ss amp. Was always happy with the pairing 
The Eagles Greatest Hits - Question
Since its inception in the 70's, I have always wondered who decides on what MoFi re-issues. There have been some real head scratchers IMO. I have a long list of titles Im hoping to see some day, but Im not holding my breath. Your choice would cert...