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Vinyl cleaning - Ultrasonic vs. Walker products
I would get a VPI 16.5 and an inexpensive US record cleaner. a spin clean and a more expensive US cleaner 
Vinyl cleaning - Ultrasonic vs. Walker products
I have a VPI 16.5 and an Audio Desk US cleaner.If the records are really dirty, you may need both. The vacuum followed by the US cleaner.The vacuum cleaner is like washing your car. The US is like getting it detailed. In the case of really dirty r... 
Why would 2 schiit aegir amps sound the same as 1?
'but I’m surprised I need to turn my volume dial to roughly the same spot on the dial."The spot on the volume control is related to gain not power. 
Help my analog sound as good as my streaming
I don't place a great deal of stock in reviews, but coincidentally read this review of your analog front end today. of your issues might be your source material. I don't kno... 
SUT Opinions
Raul,My sentence was missing a "not" 
SUT Opinions
OP, you need additional gain, which is why I recommended the Miyajima SUT (I also own one) to go with your Miyajima preamp 
Tube Pre amp with tone control suggestions
I have a Luxman  CL-35 III. These were manufactured in about 1975. They sound good, but not as good as the CL-38. Additionally the CL-38 has built in SUT and a remote control.Try using to search for it. 
SUT Opinions
Raul,The MM inputs in the OPs preamp will provide adequate gain for the 0.2mv output on that SPU 
SUT Opinions
Given that you have a Miyajima preamp you should consider this. I have one and you can accommodate a wide range of cartridges including your SPU. 
Tube Pre amp with tone control suggestions
I have a Luxman CL-38 tube preamp which has tone controls. It also has a great phono stage and remote control for volume and mute.It will be in your price range used. About $6k new. 
Which VTF Scale are you using?
I am using a digital scale from Ortofon 
Turntable help, please!
+1 on this. I would get a new stylus. An old worn stylus may damage your records. After that you can decide if you want something new"reubentI would definitely clean up the Denon and see how it sounds. If you are unsure of the stylus and think i... 
Help an old man out
Buy a used Aesthetix Atlas amplifier. There is one for sale at $4,000 
Class AB Amp great at transient response, timing & low volume needed up to 5K
Buy a used Aesthetix Atlas. You will not be disappointed.There is one for sale at $4,000 
For ARC lovers, Problems?
For a great sounding and reliable tube preamp try listening to Nagra Classic or Luxman (CL-38 or CL-1000) used to own Audio Research and now own Luxman