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Fair Market Value for Used Martin Logan Clarity + Motif Speakers?
check the Audiogon bluebook 
Speaker vibration control idea.. What are your thought?
You should look at offerings from Auralex.  
Next upgrade for my analog source
Maybe he doesn’t want to screw around with it, I wouldn’t.By the way, did you hear the phono preamp you were touting, or just read the review?Have a great day. 
Next upgrade for my analog source
Two phono preamps I can recommend in your price range are made by Lejonklou, I have heard both and they are great phono preamps each dedicated MM or MC. You can look at reviews on-line, and hopefully do a home audition if interestedSlipsik 7: mo... 
Next upgrade for my analog source
@mijostyn ,Below is an excerpt from the Stereophile review you cited: "Being a current-mode phono preamplifier—one in which a dead short takes the place of a resistive load, and current amplification takes the place of voltage amplification—th... 
Next upgrade for my analog source
"unless you operate on it, you can't use your Rega tonearm with the Channel D"Michael Fremer 
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
"d2girls905 posts05-20-2020 4:02amI get the point you're trying to make but what's people's problem with Walmart...." I don't have a problem with Walmart and apologies if I offended you because you purchased your system there. 
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
Nice whining. Did you want them to limit their reviews to equipment available in Walmart? 
My record player sounds slightly high pitched
Just see if you are close on the speed. Download the turntabulator app on your phone, it's free, and see what it says. Not as precise, but close enough for diagnosing your problem.Tip, put your phone on a roll of masking or other tape so it can la... 
Amp Upgrade time, $6000 budget, used or new.
+1 joey54210 posts05-15-2020 12:55amI would look at the Aesthetix Atlas. It should give you what you are looking for.  
Rack Isolation for Amps and Electronics
You should look at the vibration control forum over at What's Best Forum of discussion on this topic and these specific products there 
A23 Cables
mjschwartzman Thanks for the update. I would be interested to hear your comments after you try it. 
A23 Cables
@lalitk Thanks for the link to Audio Envy and clarifying my comments.Best Regards,Jim Perry  
A23 Cables
Shindo equipment uses a specific connector that needs a lightweight cable to avoid damage. Shindo cables sound better than a23 with Shindo equipment, but the a23 is very good. 
Best bookshelf loudspeakers under 10,000 for the pair
You should take a look at the Wilson Benesch line. Below is a link to a used pair of Discovery speakers. New they would be out of your stated price range. A great speaker.