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ethernet from a power outlet
I tried one and it worked perfectly. 
Is the Mark Levinson 38 preamp a good match for a Project Xpression III Turntable?
As you can see no phono input so you need an outboard phono preamp.Mark Levinson No.38 preamplifier SpecificationsSidebar 1: SpecificationsDescription: Remote-controlled line-stage preamplifier. Gain: –73.1dB to +18dB. Inputs: two stereo balance... 
Value, if any, of vintage TT and tone arm.
take a look at hifishark.comBoth items would sell here easily and quickly 
Which 300b amplifier for Devore O/96
firstnot +1 
Looking for Room Measurement / Speaker Setup Software
Which phone app would you recommend? 
Aesthetix Service Runaround
Sorry to hear that as well. I always have had great service. You should give Glenn Buckley at Aesthetix a call. 
Possible turntable upgrade....
I would purchase a different turntable. The Linn can be upgraded, but the upgrades are expensive and it is not a great match with your arm.You are probably going to receive a number of suggestions, some good and some not as good.My recommendations... 
Tonearm suggestions for my Nottingham Analogue Spacedeck
Look for a used Basis Vector. I was able to purchase a used Vector 3 in a price range you would find acceptable based on your comments. New would be too expensive. 
Home Demo Faceoff: Nordost / Audioquest / Transparent
Interesting results and glad to hear you found the right match for your system. 
What are important features in a listening chair
I have 2 of this chair in my listening room, and two small ottomans 
Proac Response 2.5 I saw a pair on eBay under $1,000 
Forever turntable under $2000
"engineering is extremely solid and "timeless," and provides a good analog platform to swap carts "Get a tonearm with a removable headshell. Maybe a Technics or something with one of the new Jelco tonearms 
SME release new Garrard 301
It looks like my 301 with a different plinth and tonearm so it could be a Loricraft rebuild. Looking forward to an update. Thanks. 
SME release new Garrard 301
Thanks. I did not realize they made a 601. I was trying to indicate something beyond the last deck. 
SME release new Garrard 301
I was hoping for a Garrard 601. With improvements in materials and manufacturing process precision I would hope SME could take an idler drive turntable to the next level of precision and sound quality.