Do female audiophiles exist

I've hear of UFO's , and Bigfoot, but never seen one!

I've never heard of an audiophile from the opposite sex, and never seen one either.

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My sister is. She has a decent setup and is anxiously waiting for her new Elac Uni-Fi UB5's to ship. She has a Pro-Ject table and a fairly large vinyl collection.

A female friend of hers has a old Hafler amp with Vandersteens that sounds nice. They're out there, but I think they're too smart to jump on these forums. I'm sure they're all using SR Black fuses in the correct direction and don't want to argue with us.
Good news!
I have officially welcomed my wife into the audiophile club.
We spent a couple of days at AXPONA a couple of weeks ago and she fully participated in eagerly visiting all the rooms, analyzing and commenting on both the systems and the music. Even as I was tiring on Sunday, she had a list of rooms she wanted to return to for another listen. She has always enjoyed our system, but now her interest and time listening has scaled upwards. Another realization is when we have guests she'll encourage me to demonstrate the rig using music selections of her choice, insisting on 45RPM vinyl. So after 32 years of putting up with me taking over our living room, her inner-audiophile has unabashedly surfaced. She has a great ear, and good taste!  

Back in the day, in one of my stores, I had a young woman that worked for me.  She was not only an excellent salesperson, but she knew as much about audio as any guy that I've ever meet.

She had a great ear and a pretty nice system.
Have you considered that questions like the title of this thread might, as adg101 implied, keep most female audiophiles away from these forums?
My mother in law, single woman, has a Krell stack and Wilson speakers, she qualifies!
Remember Elizabeth?
They're out there.  Probably not as rare as we'd think.  I suspect that 'they' choose systems without the sturm und drang 'we' subject ourselves to in forums such as AG.  I'd hope they read, audition, select carefully, and enjoy....

Just like they do with us...*evil G*
....'course, that 'enjoyment' can fade just as well as anything else is subject to...there's a lot of it about....;)

Yeah in Australia there are, but unfortunately they all look a bit like this, but there are nice looking ones too!!

Cheers George

georgelofi, with those problems, I feel complete sympathy for you :)
I know at least two: Inna and Elizabeth.

Rushton's wife is the only one I have the pleasure to know. 
Elizabeth is so good, I'd say she counts as two. Cheers,
According to the methods of approximation and limits theory female audiophiles correlate to male audiophiles as few over infinite. Therefore in general it approaches to zero -- very similar to a number of female heavy duty truck mechanics.
The number of female fisherman is substantially larger relative to man than audiophiles or truck mechanics for sure.

Czarivey wrote,

"I know at least two: Inna and Elizabeth."

Is it Inna Godda Da Vidda?

No, but I really hope that Inna has Felice Da Vida.

Czarivey I love your technical analysis!
(1) as written, a politically incorrect original post just waiting to flame up.
(2) one of the largest audio dealers in Toronto is a member of the fairer sex.

+1 Sun-Warrior & Akg_ca.

BTW, I could (but won’t) name approximately a dozen members of the fairer sex who have posted here in recent times on at least an occasional basis. As well as at least one designer/manufacturer of respected high end electronics, and several reviewers and manufacturer’s representatives.

Although despite having misgivings as to the appropriateness of the thread I’ll admit that I did get a chuckle out of Georgelofi’s amusing post :-)

-- Al
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I always assumed that the majority of the posters here are female.

Why would you think otherwise?

I don't think we're supposed to use the term male or female anymore. It's offensive to some I guess.

But most 'girls' I've dated like and enjoy good music. They didn't put a lot of energy into their setups but enjoyed mine. I gave my current girlfriend a Mission bookshelf/T amp/ Bluetooth setup and it's playing all the time.
there was Enid Lumley from TAS who passed in 2008...

btw does anyone know what happened to Elizabeth?

did anyone hear?
I have known perhaps ten over the years, but only one now. For a long time my daughter was one, but having three kids killed that exercise. Some of these women have had exceptional ears, but overall, I haven't found them much better than male friends I have with good ears.
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So here comes my icky-tricky question: Is there anyone here...?
rare and elusive, but they are out there.
My wife enjoys our music room when a variety of music is playing..I've learned not to tweak while she's in the room...nothing sexy about high-fiving over finding the right azimuth or listening to the same song 10-15 times while adjusting vta/vtf...
I always assumed that the majority of the posters here are female.

Why would you think otherwise?

with everyone of us being sooooo sensitive to our resp. audio gear choices, we sure behave like the fairer-sex on permanent PMS.....
BTW, I could (but won’t) name approximately a dozen members of the fairer sex who have posted here in recent times on at least an occasional basis. As well as at least one designer/manufacturer of respected high end electronics, and several reviewers and manufacturer’s representatives.
Agree with Almarg here - several of the fairer sex have posted on Audiogon. Several names come to mind.
Plus, there are atleast 4 audio manuf/designers of the opposite sex that immediately come to mind....  
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Spending 4 days at Newport show with my wife.Anybody going please let me know.
I miss Elizabeth.
Female audiophiles exist.  And, everything else being equal, females generally have better hearing than males. 
I think part of the problem is trying to determine this by whether someone posts on a chat board. Most of the folks here in my experience are pretty helpful, and if anything, anti-bragging/bling, but the one upsmanship of the high end is tiring to me, and i expect that most women --call me sexist--would find it very typical male behavior. We are, after all, a bunch of geeks, right? So, is it possible that there are women audiophiles who don’t have a need to plug in constantly on a board like this one? (I get the social aspect of this, and generally enjoy it, I don’t think web fora are exclusively male by any means, but I could also see how "gear talk" might be a drag, I dunno). I’ve met women in all kinds of professions that you’d think of as traditionally male-dominated- racing car drivers- Denise McCluggage, who won Sebring back in 1961 or so; one of our family friends is a very highly ranked military officer with all the bells and whistles and I’d trust her with my life; I’m not "PC" but the Internet stays with you forever, so folks tend to be a little more circumspect, I think. As to CZ, he made a remark a few years ago that I took issue with, but my experience with CZ on the board is that he is basically OK. I miss Elizabeth too. Does anyone know what’s up w/her? Is she OK?

PS: raise your hand if I told you this (nursing home rules), but the first time my now wife visited my place when we were dating, she said, "Oh Quads." I had a pair of Quad ’57s as my midrange speaker at the time. How the hell did she know that? She worked part time for a mad audiophile, Chuck Lamonica, a well known "food photographer" in NY whose studio was also audio shipping and receiving. We became very good friends with Chuck and his wife as a couple; sadly, Chuck passed away in 1991, but my wife and I have been together 30 years now. She is not an audiophile, but a pretty tolerant individual. I say this in part because having to live with me would probably drive most people crazy.
Females may have better hearing, on average, so the question is, does better hearing necessarily translate to better listening ability? I would challenge that assumption because I see no evidence of a correlation let alone a causal relationship.
Stevecham, from what I know that better listening abilities are derived from training on audiophile 'set of instructions' and better hearing or hearing for music is just natural that does not come with any training.
I am not challenging your science, because I simply don't know, but is it a scientific fact that "females generally have better hearing than males"?
EveAnna Manley
 Ah, how sad to be so forgotten. I actually haven't posted much in the last year or so because I'm quite happy with my Avalon Ideas, Ayre 7xe integrated amp,  squeezebox Touch, Wyred 4Sound  dac2  and my pretty Cardas interconnects .   And just to prove that I am still an audiophile, I have been starting to peruse  music servers wondering if maybe there something better out there ?
Yes, although Silence is necessary as we would not want to be pursued for our equipment.
I know my spouse is not one.  I recently bought a pair of Wilson Audio Duette 2's with a Raven integrated MK2 Reflection tube amp.  I am building a new house and was going to put the speakers in the great room.  All I have heard for the last three months is her bitching how those speakers are going to wreck the room.  She can't understand why in wall speakers aren't acceptable.  She has made it a point to make my life miserable over these speakers so I think I am going to sell them without ever hearing them.  It is cheaper than getting a new wife.  

audiowoman, Nice to see you post here.  You may want to look into MQA (a new way of encoding digital music that is supposed to sound better, if you haven't heard) before buying a server.  If MQA is for real, you may want a streamer, a Tidal subscription and an MQA decoding DAC.  I don't know how long it may take to determine if MQA is for real though.
willgolf, you’re just going to have to get your wife to understand the necessity of a listening room in your new house. That will be yours and she can have the great room all to herself.  It's cheaper than a divorce.
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@mewsickbuff Welcome and please stick around. Cheers,
Although I never followed from the beginning, I assumed "Elizabeth" was a male.
audiowoman:, You should have nothing to prove, IMO. It just helps to post on ongoing listening thoughts now & then. To be a music lover is more important than being an "audiophile".

@ path2one, I hear you. @ sbank, thanks. @ slaw, just a thought, I would think not all music lovers are audiophiles, but aren't all audiophiles music lovers?