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Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Steve Vai   - Flex-Able Leftovers Vanessa Fernandez   -  Use Me 
Stereo systems are like Harleys
I live in both worlds. There's good people in both of these passions, and a**holes too. Just sayin........ 
How old are you?
I can’t remember..... 
10 + hours of TV a day ?? WOW !!!  I can't even imagine that.  I don't even own one.  I have an ARC LS 27, and I get great tube life, and replacement costs are quite modest. 
Speakers hung from ceiling on aircraft cable.
Why would you want to ?? 
MoFi - Are You Kidding Me?
I just had the same thing happen. I ordered the "One Step" copy of Yes - Fragile. Disc 2 had a full thumbprint on one side and 4 full fingerprints on the other !! I have contacted MoFi and expressed my displeasure, and of yet have not had any resp... 
Neil Peart of Rush passed away
Shame on the few here on this post to critique the mans technical prowess. The man just lost his battle with cancer, and you jack offs can’t be respectful of his family/friends/band mates, and the legions of fans the man and band generated over th... 
Neil Peart of Rush passed away
+1 @devilboy  
Neil Peart of Rush passed away
Suddenly you were gone...From all those lives you left your mark upon.....A Farewell to the King     :( 
i'm looking for something that may not exist
and where is Geoff............... 
Fell asleep while TT was running with ortodoncia black cartridge!
@tubelvr1 I have a Q-up lifter that I have never used. Bought it new, and discovered that due to the design of my turntable (Oracle Delphi MK VI), there was no space to put it anywhere. Its yours if you want it. I'll need a mailing address PM'd to... 
Need advice on new TT
@icorem  I would like to point out that you will not be able to use 2 arms with the Kronos. I' ve seen the Brinkman and AMG with 2 armwands. I have a Reed 3p as well, and have it mounted on an Oracle Delphi MK VI Gen2. I do like the combination, b... 
to fb or not to fb... that is the ?
@andera  Just sent my "join group" request. Lets see how this pans out  
$27,500 for whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat???
Can't understand why people care how or what others spend their hard earned on. I too own Wilson speakers. Yes they are very big, and heavy, and expensive. I love the way they sound, and I also like the look. Not for everybody though, but good for... 
Bespoke Loudspeaker Company
Funny post  :)