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Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle
@vain68robert Thanks for the link.  I am sending an email to the company to get more information on the circuit breaker.  I do have a dedicated 20amp line for my two-channel system.    
Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle
@mitch2  No, I can't cite a specific example but the same can be said for a duplex.  Power is coming from the panel box which is noisy to your outlet.  Again, I am not an engineer and no very little about electricity.  Where is the source of the ... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Any Fink album Nils Lofgren Band Live....not the acoustic version Foy Vance --any Live album  
Audiophile Grade Wall Receptacle
I have SR Orange Duplexes and an InaKustic 3500PC and I still have noise.  What really needs to happen is for the USA to have an audiophile circuit breaker.  I am not an electrical engineer but to me, it would make sense to eliminate noise at the ... 
Horn speakers are really bright?
@lordrootman....sounded pretty damn good to me.  Thank you for introducing me to Chantal Chamberland  
Other Good High End Audio Forums
What's Best Forum is the hands-down best forum for audiophiles.  You do not get the snarkiness, rudeness, know it all attitude that you can get on Audiogon.  If you have a question go to WBF.  I have learned so much from members on that site.  
Spotify Premium vs Tidal ... opinions?
Given the music genres you are interested in there are not a lot of high-quality recordings.  That is not a slight on the Op at all it just means that Spotify would probably be sufficient.  That said, Spotify is good, Tidal is better and Qobuz is ... 
Linlai E 6sn7 tubes
I recently purchase 6 Tung-Sol Black Plates 6SN7 tubes for my Canary Audio Grand reference 300B mono amp.  These are NOS tubes from the 50's.   This amp also has 16 Western Electric 300B tubes so I am very particular about what goes in my system. ... 
Buying New TV Need A Soundbar Recommendation
Tru Audio.  Prior to me getting my expensive 2-channel system I had a 75 inch tv with a Tru Audio soundbar.  They are custom-sized and made to fit your exact tv.  They have various levels of sound quality.  Check out their website.  Fantastic soun... 
My endgame system I think
Did I miss it?  What is your end game system?  
Boutique or Big Brand?
I went on a year-long speaker search around the USA.  I listened to at least 50 different brands.  My suggestion is to attend an audio show if you can.  At least there is a wide variety of speakers that you can listen to.  I traveled the NY / NJ m... 
OCD audio guy naming shady Audiogon dealers by name
I have built three houses with theater rooms in each.  For these purposes, I would go to a store like GHT.  That said, don't plan on getting any deal as you are paying for that overhead including the furniture and art.   For my two-channel area, ... 
Music Server - Baetis
Wow, this is an old thread.  I ended up getting an 8tb Lucas Audio LDMS music server.  It is the one component that made the biggest impact on my system.  It is a Roon Core run from my IPAD.  The clarity and detail of my digital are supreme.  I al... 
Fuse Direction for Pass Labs Amp and Preamp
Op...you really need to try one fuse at a time.  Otherwise, you won't know which component sounds good or bad.  My beef with SR is that they don't tell you the direction.  With QSA fuses they do.  I have all QSA yellow fuses in my system.  
Speaker Recommendation Help Please.
Op - your dilemma was mine also.  I have had two brand new modern houses in the last three years.  Both houses were a combination Kitchen / Great Room.  My wife could not understand why I could not just get in-wall speakers.  I also had to place t...