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Time to buy a class D amp?
I have a set of Mola Mola Kaluga amps and Makua Pre-Amp for sale on this site that are brand new and never been used.  Sorry for the blatant advertisement, but it is Class D at its best.   
Sim Audio NEO 380D compared to DAC - Streamer
I ended up buying the Lumin X-1.  I can't really remember the 380D 
What Class D amps will drive a 2 ohm load
My brand new Mola Mola Kaluga amp and Makua Pre-Amp will.  Oh by the way, I just listed them for sale on Audiogon.  
What just happened to accepting Paypal?? looks like they are trying to drive us away
I spent two hours just trying to list my components today.  I got frustrated also because they wanted me to be a business owner and then sign up with stripe>  I was nervous about stripe.  I don't get it.  I wanted to pay with a credit card my f... 
Lumin X1 and headphones amplifier: what to do ?
I have owned the A-1 and the X-1.  All I can say is Wow.   
The best speaker for a small room...at any price point.
At one point I had Wilson Audio Duette 2's with a tube amp in a large room and the sound was fantastic.  I can only imagine those speakers in a small room.   
Warm Class D for horns?
I have Bruno Putzey's Mola Mola Kaluga and Makua for sale on US Audio Mart.  Class D at its finest.  They are brand new and never used.  I just listed them.  You may want to read about them.  
$40,000: What 2-channel system would you build?
I am a total Lumin fan owning the A-1 and now the X-1.  That is a great start.  I can't say enough positives about Lumin.  I had mine paired to Sonus Faber Amati Tradition Homage Speakers.  Prior to purchasing the SF's, I direct compared to the Wi... 
Wilson v Sonus Faber
I have owned Wilson and Sonus Faber Amati Tradition Homage speakers.  When I purchased the SF's, I played them side by side to the Wilson Alexia 1's.  There was not even a question in my mind that the SF sounded more musical than the Alexia 1's.  ... 
Tube integrated
Look up Raven Audio.  Dave Thomson is the owner.  He is extremely knowledgable.  I own the Raven Integrated Reflection MK2 tube amp.  I love it.   Give Dave a call.  
Horn Speaker Recommendations
mrpaul....I am curious what is on your short list of horn speakers? 
Horn Speaker Recommendations
I am adding AudioKinesis and BD Design Sigma's to my list of possibilities. 
Horn Speaker Recommendations
keithtexas - do you know if the those speakers are sold?  It was an old ad. 
Horn Speaker Recommendations
dromme - hardly....at the budget I am talking about I sincerely doubt the sound quality or function as you say will be compromised.  Have you compared Avantgarde versus Klipsch or JBL?  Are you open minded to Odeon, hORNS, Avantgarde, Anima?   
Horn Speaker Recommendations
Actually, My spouse loves the look of the Avantgarde speakers and hORNS Universum.  I am lucky.