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Best microphone for recording home system
Call Sweetwater and talk to their reps.  They are super knowledgeable and helpful.  I just bought a whole system including dual mics, transmitter and microphone stand.    
audition__audio...You are not a horn guy and that is fine and I respect your analysis above.   However, you say that horn people get all bent out of shape when horns are criticized and that may be true.  In this case, the Op was asking specificall... 
first US review 432 evo music server
People, you don't have to buy the Aeon from Audiotroy or anyone else for that matter.  So many people have a hard-on about AudioTroy hyping his product on Audiogon.  Have you heard the Aeon?  Do you know anything about it?   Are we not all in this... 
audition__audio. --  Every speaker has a unique sound.  I have had Wilson, B&W, and Sonus Faber speakers.  All were different.   I now have horn speakers and I love them.  As far as unique sound to the horn....hmmmm, I don't agree.  I do think... 
$20k(ish) tube preamps
Call Tom Vu at Triangle Art Audio.  The L200 is really good.    
***HUM***BUZZ***CRACKLE***POPPPP= Dead Amp...Where To Service???
James at High-End Audio Repair in Phoenix, Az. is really good and super fair.  You can try him at 4803987362.  He is super busy and takes his time but I totally trust him with my equipment.  Give him a call and leave a message.    
Do power conditioners help with unwanted hum/noise
After 18 months of fighting a hum, I called in an Audio Sound Room electrical engineer to evaluate my whole electrical grid and components.  We spent 4 hours together going over every cable and cord that have and even exchanged DAC's to try and id... 
DAC recommendation in 5 to 10K range
I have had the Lumin u1 mini, A1, D2, and X1.  If you can find a used Lumin X-1 for under $9k end of the story.  IMO, is the best DAC/Streamer under $19k on the market.  I now have a Lampizator Pacific which costs twice as much as the X1.  To be h... 
Considering moving on from B&W...
Similar to the Op I had B&W speakers in college through my thirties.  They were fine then but as I age I find them to be dull and unexciting speakers to listen to.  It took me a year to find a speaker I liked.  I went to shows around the count... 
Horn speakers are really bright?
I am going to have my Viking Acoustic Grande Voix Dual horn updated in a couple of weeks to include new drivers, Super tweeters, and caps.  I should do a before and after video,    
Horn speakers are really bright?
Second version slightly better IMO.    
Has something happened to the Whatsthebest audio forum?
I have never had a problem linking to WBF.  I have it as one of my favorites.  It is a way better site than Audiogon if you want real audio information and it is much easier to converse with fellow audiophiles.  
6SN7 and 6SL7 tubes recomendations (Cayin A88T integrated)
I had new Tung-sol 6SN7 and 6LN7's in my amp.  I purchased some NOS Tung-Sol Black plates from Brent Jessie with really good results.  It was definitely an upgrade.  
Sophia Electric is not honest
I hate headlines as the Op posted.  Why not just say....thoughts on Sophia Electric.  In essence, you are pronouncing them guilty without stating specific dishonest actions.  People love to pounce on Audiogon.    
Do power conditioners help with unwanted hum/noise
I just took a three-prong adapter and cut off the ground portion.  I then took my MIT Power cables and plugged them into the adapter and then into my noisy SR orange duplex outlet.  It went from a buzzing noise to almost dead silent.  I guess base...