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What is your favorite album cover?
Boz Scaggs, Silk Degrees 
Favorite Guitar Solo
Alvin Lee with Ten Years After in the song “I’d Love To Change The World.” 
Guitar Solos
Ten Years After: “I’d Love to Change The World”. 
To all those who celebrate!
corelli,I’m sure that many here, like myself, are thanking God for your wife’s medical good news. Every praise! 
Best Brahms Third Symphony
rok2id,Thanks for the YouTube link.  
What is your favorite ''slow dance'' song of all time?
Neil Young “Harvest Moon”Bob Dylan “Moonlight” 
Preferred Node 2i and Ayre CDP connections to Soekris 2541 DAC?
The Node 2i has both a Toslink and S/PDIF RCA output. 
Audiolab 8300cd
After reading what little I could find online about the 8300cd this afternoon I am considering a modestly priced stand alone DAC for now. I have been looking at the Schitt Bifrost 2. The $699 price is agreeable.I can revisit a transport later. 
Audiolab 8300cd
I have a two year old NAD c516bee CD player. Thought about that for a transport but the simplicity of a one box solution is of interest to me. 
Name the most recent album that has shaped your musical world
Craig Finn, “I Need A New War” 
what happened to the Belles website ?????
I had the Aria integrated a few months ago. It was good with my Harbeth P3esr 40th Anniversary, but  I ended up going with LFD LE MK VI. At the time I talked with Audio Connection and was informed about the forthcoming  Aria Signature. It would be... 
Who are your three favorite female singers?
Nina SimoneSandy Denny Rhiannon GiddensListen to Giddens sing Lost on the River from Lost on the River, The New Basement Tapes. Hauntingly beautiful. 
Put that in your pipe(s) and smoke it
After I vote Tuesday I am going to take the little round “I voted” sticker they give you at the polling place and stick it on the volume knob of my integrated amp. I heard it is supposed increase transparency. Or was it to increase loudness. These... 
Suggestions for some Monitor Audio
I had a pair of Bronze 2 once. I also once heard the Gold series bookshelf at a dealer. The Gold is a serious upgrade from the Bronze.I would urge you to follow the advice from b_limo above if you want to stay with Monitor Audio, which by the way ... 
Does anyone do off-axis listening as well as Magicos?
Years ago I had a pair of Totem Model One Signatures driven by Simaudio i7 integrated. Obviously a smaller system than Magico but imaging, on and off axis, was phenomenal.