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has anyone compared a Parasound Halo with a Hegel H90? Which did you prefer and why?
the Parasound and S400 combo has a huge soundstage and very good macro dynamics. I am using a Node 2i for a source which is limiting the overall sound imo. Inner detail is a bit limited and the overall sound is a bit ripe in the bass with smooth m... 
Sam here.l realize now why so many people think my ideas are crazy?
you guys have hair?:) 
Manufacturers with Excellent customer service
Tara fixed a pair of 25 year old interconnects for me and all it cost me was the shipping to them. 
Manufacturers with Excellent customer service
Rogue AudioI sent a Rogue power amp in for an upgrade and it got severely damaged on the return trip to me. Mark O'Brian  (of Rogue) sent me a new amp and I did not have to pay a penny. He was very nice about it. 
Any recommendations for aftermarket C-7 power cord for Bluesound Node 2i
Another vote for the Cullen.Frankly I can hardly believe the improvement, there is more information across all the frequencies with a quieter background.well worth the $99 
Educate me on music streamers, please.
I selected the only option I saw, I do not know the answer... 
Educate me on music streamers, please.
veroguy did you try any of the mods from Fidelity Audio on a Node 2i? If so how much of an improvement is there?soundchasr I just tried Deezer on my Node 2i and find the SQ about the same as Spotify that is to say both are a step below Tidal and Q... 
is this the greatest live band of all time?
tooblue I thought of J Geils too but I think the original The Who band beat them. 
has anyone compared a Parasound Halo with a Hegel H90? Which did you prefer and why?
Thanks jjss49 I did not know the 90 was older like the Rost. I was thinking about selling my Node 2i, Ares DAC and Halo amp to (hopefully) be replaced by one of the Hegel amps but it may be a step down with any of their affordable stuff.Thanks ava... 
Integrated amplifier sound
devilboy what dealer gave you more than half off the Hegel? 
Which wire has biggest impact?/
this issue has been discussed many times, check the archives.... 
+1 on the Lifatec cable which sounded quite a bit better than Amazon Basics cable. 
Favorite Lyricists?
Joni Mitchell is a poet 
Where’s My Weakest Link?
I think you should replace your wire with at least one step up the quality ladder. Something like Blue Jean Cable would make a noticeable improvement.  
Looking for Speaker Thoughts
There is a convincing video on YouTube that compares the ATC SCM 11 and the Buchardt S400. He kept saying how the ATC was liquid and open without any harshness and preferred them to the Buchardt.This has me chomping at the bit as I own the S400 an...