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What's your dream speaker?
I heard MBL speakers at a show about 30 years ago and they were amazing and I am sure they sound even better today.If I am going to dream I guess I will go big. 
has anyone compared a Parasound Halo with a Hegel H90? Which did you prefer and why?
the Parasound and S400 combo has a huge soundstage and very good macro dynamics. I am using a Node 2i for a source which is limiting the overall sound imo. Inner detail is a bit limited and the overall sound is a bit ripe in the bass with smooth m... 
Sam here.l realize now why so many people think my ideas are crazy?
you guys have hair?:) 
Manufacturers with Excellent customer service
Tara fixed a pair of 25 year old interconnects for me and all it cost me was the shipping to them. 
Manufacturers with Excellent customer service
Rogue AudioI sent a Rogue power amp in for an upgrade and it got severely damaged on the return trip to me. Mark O'BrianĀ  (of Rogue) sent me a new amp and I did not have to pay a penny. He was very nice about it. 
Any recommendations for aftermarket C-7 power cord for Bluesound Node 2i
Another vote for the Cullen.Frankly I can hardly believe the improvement, there is more information across all the frequencies with a quieter background.well worth the $99 
Educate me on music streamers, please.
I selected the only option I saw, I do not know the answer... 
Educate me on music streamers, please.
veroguy did you try any of the mods from Fidelity Audio on a Node 2i? If so how much of an improvement is there?soundchasr I just tried Deezer on my Node 2i and find the SQ about the same as Spotify that is to say both are a step below Tidal and Q... 
is this the greatest live band of all time?
tooblue I thought of J Geils too but I think the original The Who band beat them. 
has anyone compared a Parasound Halo with a Hegel H90? Which did you prefer and why?
Thanks jjss49 I did not know the 90 was older like the Rost. I was thinking about selling my Node 2i, Ares DAC and Halo amp to (hopefully) be replaced by one of the Hegel amps but it may be a step down with any of their affordable stuff.Thanks ava... 
Integrated amplifier sound
devilboy what dealer gave you more than half off the Hegel? 
Which wire has biggest impact?/
this issue has been discussed many times, check the archives.... 
+1 on the Lifatec cable which sounded quite a bit better than Amazon Basics cable. 
Favorite Lyricists?
Joni Mitchell is a poet