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using $5 Monoprice coax cable now, what improvements would upgrading bring?
I wonder if I use the correct terminology. When I say coax I mean digital coax from the back of my Oppo into the DAC on my Halo.thanks to all who respondedI should have just asked for a recommendation on a good digital coax cable that does not cos... 
using $5 Monoprice coax cable now, what improvements would upgrading bring?
Duelund 16ga speaker wire 
Blue Circle Audio is Out of Business
just glad I did not buy their FtTH integrated amp (used) last yearI almost pulled the triggerWHEW!I know Bob Neill is a big fan of their stuff.sad news, especially for owners 
Favorite band or artist of all time?
it may be Tom Waitsnothing is set in stone:) 
Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)
Some Amplification Recommendations
Bob Neill at Amherst Audio is a Blue Circle dealer and very well versed in the audio field it might be a good idea to contact him.No affiliation I have just chatted with him a few times and read his blogs... 
What is the best song you are hearing?
Kingdom of Thunder by Sun Ra on his Exotica album 
Maggie owners HELP PLEASE!
you may want to go over to Audio Asylum to their planar section they have a very experienced Maggie following 
Live shows I wish I hadn't missed
Michael Jackson during his Thriller tour because I thought $35 for a ticket was too much! 
Best speakers for $300/pr
I recently purchased LSA .5 monitors for $400 (new) and could not be happier. They easily bettered my Maggie MG12s in terms of tone and inner detail. 
In search for speakers of "natural" sound
We need a bit more to go on, specifically what are you unhappy with?For instance: Audio Note speakers have a very direct and open quality compared to Harbeths which are a bit warmer, (to my ears of course), so if you find the 30.1 to be a bit too ... 
Best used speakers under $10000
the TAS review of the Rockport Atria is a ravejust saying... 
Sound Dynamics 300Ti MidRange replacement?
I have a pair (complete speakers in black) that I would let go cheap.Sorry if this is inappropriate 
Is It Possible?
no one that is familiar with Quads is surprised 
Marantz integrated volume steps via remote - PM 8005/8006 or PM 6005/6006
my Parasound Halo is a bit nicer with smaller increments but not a huge difference. good luck