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Bi Wire vs Speaker Jumpers
there are many threads on this subjectcheck the archives 
What are the best loudspeakers under $4000 to re-create lifelike piano
bdp24 they have been on my radar but I never heard a speaker mix the two types of drivers and blend it good enough to stop alerting my subconscious and disrupt the flow of music. ATC speakers are great but when it goes down to the bass it is compl... 
What are the best loudspeakers under $4000 to re-create lifelike piano
I'm hoping the Magnestand mod to my Maggie MG12 is as good as I read. right around the $4,000.00 mark when all is said and done. 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Agnes Obel "PHILHARMONICS"reminds me of Feist but a bit less commercial soundingquite good 
What are the best loudspeakers under $4000 to re-create lifelike piano
I was at a restaurant sitting 20 ft from a baby grand piano and was surprised how light and airy the sound was. Of course it could be several factors affecting the sound but the point is if I heard a stereo with the same qualities I would have tho... 
JACO the documentary on Jaco Pastorius is very good as well 
Come on people....BASS!
do not get me started on: to, too, two!really?I have terrible grammar but even I know the difference. 
Looks like a new Magnepan speaker is coming!!!
people have been asking them to bring back the Tympani and it seems they listened! I am officially jealous... 
what speakers to buy
how about Zu speakers? very easy to drive... 
AN-E-SPE-HE Advice
I used to own AN silver E (kit) and loved them in the corners about 1" away from the walls and almost at a 45 degree angle! The low bass was a bit strong but there was a terrific immersive wall of sound with great detail and tone. Driven by AN Sor... 
Magico S5 Speaker - owners - heard them!
congrats on your purchase!fwiw I never heard a Krell or Levinson amp that I likedmy two cents 
What integrated can replace over -bright exposure 3010?
is the amp fully broken in?I would give it at least a few weeks (even if it is broken in) then decide...my two cents... 
Need Help identifying late husbands Stereo components Infinity Beta speakers
you may want to contact Harry at Audio Dimensions in Birmingham, Michigan.He has been there 40 yrs and is a good guy I am not sure if he would be willing to help but may be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck and my condolences  
Has anyone considered rebuying a speaker you once owned??
yes original Quads...DOH!!! 
NAD 3020 or C326BEE Integrated? Help me choose.
I have owned a 3020 and 325BEE and the 3020 is thick and has limited extension at the freq extremes not to mention less detail in comparisonthe 3020 is smooth/euphonic but I would not recommend it in this case.