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Marantz integrated volume steps via remote - PM 8005/8006 or PM 6005/6006
I have a PM8004 int. amp. and like the volume control via remote. Pretty smooth and the volume increase seemed about right. 
Best sounding "budget" integrated amp for Vandersteen 2C.
Marantz PM8004 that I have trounced the NAD 325BEE I used to own 
Dahlquist DQ10
my main concern would be the crossover components may need replacing which could double the price pretty quickly (I imagine)my two cents... 
More Oldies but Goodies like Nina Simone?
can not think of any, she was one of a kind and very special 
Connect a sub to stereo system
I think the lab setting just by passes the tone controls and the norm has tone controls in the signal path so I agree with uberwaltz 
If You Like Funk: Check Out Vulfpeck
I enjoyed it's mellowness... 
LSA speakers?
freediver, sorry to hear that. I just bought a pair of LSA .5 for $400.00 and wanted to report that I am very happy with them. Walter at Underwood seems like a good guy. Maybe he had to make a tough decision to survive...just a guess on my partI w... 
Yanni or Laurel?
I hear Lsurel but can barely hear Yanni riding on top of itif that makes sense 
If cost was no factor, what system would you build as your main audio system?
I would love to own an entire system of MBL components 
What do you guys think? Love it or hate it? Weird? Cool?
ugly but if the sound backs it up then OK 
Magnepan 3.7i vocals sound harsh
I really like my Halo 2.1 with MG12 speakers. It has mellowed out their aggressive nature. I play it medium volume at most as I live in an apartment.fwiwalso the guy who sold me the Halo said it's sound changes a lot when using different speaker c... 
What do you listen to when no one else can hear it
CocoRosie or Vincent Gallo 
Audio note ANK Kits EL84 Vs Audio Note Oto PP
I used to own an AN Soro se and wish I never sold it, awesome amp and most think the Oto is a bit better with more natural bass (though less power)a no brainer in my book 
What would you choose for about $1k, ZU DW, SVS Ultra bookshelf or Tekton Lore?
why limit yourself to these 3?I would look into Elac 
SS Integrated Amplifier that would sound good with the PSB Synchrony One B
I love my Parasound Halo integrateddead on neutral and sounds like music