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speaker and interconnects, how nice do I need
I second the Type 4 
Help choose best amp/preamp combo?
have you considered buying different speakers?not a B&W fan myself so I have a bias...good luck 
Help wanted: Bass!
maybe a Speltz autoformer? 
Marantz and Stereophile?
fwiw I recently bought a PM8004 and agree it is very good, it really makes my SMGa's come alive.my two cents 
???Why The HUGE Discrepancy in Sensitivity Ratings???
are any of them made by Volkswagon?...;^) 
Audio Research D79C Amp
back in the day TAS went on and on about the D79 and how great it was. good for you!just thought you might like to hear that... 
Recommendations for IC and speaker cable
ahendler I second both of your choices very musical without being 'hi fi' 
Audio Research Factory Tour
Thank you! 
Am I the only one to opt-out on the Sopra 2's?
in my limited exposure to Wilson speakers I much prefer them with tube gear over ssmy two centsfwiw 
Do female audiophiles exist
there was Enid Lumley from TAS who passed in 2008...btw does anyone know what happened to Elizabeth?did anyone hear? 
Who remembers the Dahlquist DQ-10's?
in high school we used to listen to a pair with Crown amp and Thorens TTlooking back it was pretty colored and weird (tiny) imaging but we were in heaven at the time 
Your most played music/song
Tom Waits or King Crimson, Joni Mitchell on occasion 
Rogue Cronus Magnum ll with Harbeth 7 speakers
in my experience the 8 ohm tap will be a bit fuller sounding and the 4 ohm tap will have a bit tighter bass 
Preparing for Montreal Jazz Fest, who would you want to see live?
If this kid plays there again go see him, amazing!Joey Alexander 
Omega, Harbeth, JM Reynaud, ad Skylan
I am jealous!  Thanks for the update, Omega Super Alnico Monitors look terrific and the single driver technology has some great benefits. One question, what is the height of the speaker stand?