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Music Streamers
You may or may not hear a difference between 96k and 192k sampling rates depending on the album. I would also consider the overall sound quality of the streamer for all sample rates and the User Interface.I have a Node 2 and I like the BluOs User ... 
How to obtain fees refund for a transaction that never was consummated?.
There are links at the bottom of the Home Page for Help and Contact Us.  You may find your answer there. 
Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
Thanks Ralph.  That's very helpful. 
To all PS Audio BHK preamp owners *** must read ***
Thanks for the tip.  I'll give it a try. 
Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
Ralph,Would you fill in some of the details of what you know about power cords?  You've told us that a power cord that's not up to the job is going to hurt the sound, but what are the basic requirements for an adequate power cord?  One that will n... 
Tubes used in VTL 6.5 II preamp?
I haven’t heard the VTL, but if you decide to try NOS tubes, I really like the Amperex 7316. It’s a variant of the 12AU7. 
OPPO 105 as a streaming source/transport only
Generally, a wired connection is preferred to wifi. But if you’re not having problems with dropouts, etc. I’m not sure wiring would give you a major boost. Play a CD through your DAC and then the same album from Tidal through your DAC.  The stream... 
Blusound app for Windows, upgrade issues
I think you mean NAD C658. I checked the Windows app store and a search didn’t turn up any streaming apps for NAD. I use the BluOS app for Android devices and it rarely even has a hiccup. I understand it works very well with Apple devices too. So ... 
Good Streamer with WiFi Connectivity
The Bluesound Node 2i is a low cost streamer that does wifi.  Some say that more expensive streamers sound better.  The app that controls it (BluOs) is really good on both Apple or Android devices.  If you are going to be using an Android device a... 
Tubes Everywhere!
You may already be aware of this, PS Audio has their own forums.  Here's a link to a thread on tubes for the 300s:https://forum.psaudio.com/t/since-my-first-bhk-300-thread-got-sort-of-hijacked-heres-mine-on-evaluat...There are probably others. 
Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes
shkong78, Thanks for giving us the results of your shoot out.  It's a lot of work to gather and listen to all those tubes in your system.Aside from which tubes are among the best, I take away a couple of points.  First, the law of diminishing retu... 
If you had to start all over again in this day and age
A streamer gets your music from your wifi router (modem) to your DAC or you can combine both functions in a streamer/DAC. You can connect to your wifi router wirelessly (wifi) or wired (ethernet cable, i.e. Cat 6, Cat 7, etc.).Digital inputs and o... 
If you had to start all over again in this day and age
arro222, I think that the DAC has a much greater effect on the sound than the streamer. If your CD-8 has a digital in you can plug your streamer into it. I think streaming will sound as good as a manufactured cd. The DAC in the Node 2i probably is... 
Shootout of Nos 6sn7 tubes
No suggestions, looking forward to the results , though. 
Can you hear or tell difference?
Yes that is normal.  Being able to hear differences between them would be normal also.  There's no right or wrong with streamers or audio in general, only what you hear.  I think the DAC would have a bigger impact on sound quality, so I'm not surp...