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What does a 'refined sounding' speaker mean ?
Merriam - Webster defines it as precise, exact.  So in a speaker I would say it means lower than normal distortion while remaining musical, not analytical. 
Help wanted re tube
The 6829 is a variant of the 12AT7.  It shouldn't be hard to find one. 
So I bought a Pro-ject Pre Box RS... (Valve suggestions?)
No I don't.  Can't help you there. 
So I bought a Pro-ject Pre Box RS... (Valve suggestions?)
Heerlen tubes are usually described as having a lively sound and especially good in the midrange.  The American Amperex are also considered very good tubes, maybe a little more subdued than their Dutch brethren.These are just generalizations thoug... 
So I bought a Pro-ject Pre Box RS... (Valve suggestions?)
The second tube I think was made in the US.  Phillips bought a factory in New York to be able to sell to the US military, who wanted their tubes to be made in America.  At least some of them, they also bought foreign made tubes.  I think the facto... 
So I bought a Pro-ject Pre Box RS... (Valve suggestions?)
I think we can figure out what you’ve got. First the 7L means you’ve got two 6922s. You can find that code on page 13 of the pdf. Many changes were made to 6922s over their production life so this is reflected in the change codes of 8 and G. Lette... 
Is this sign of getting old?
No, you are developing wisdom, which allows you to appreciate music that doesn't have the proper label. 
So I bought a Pro-ject Pre Box RS... (Valve suggestions?)
The tube codes are easy, if you can read them. Sometimes they are faint or invisible.Top line is three characters:tube type, tube type, change code (model or version #)Bottom line is three or four characters:factory symbol, year (last digit), mont... 
So I bought a Pro-ject Pre Box RS... (Valve suggestions?)
I think your tube pairs are probably very similar.  I think they both could have been made in the Amperex factory in Heerlen, Holland.  Here is a post I made in a similar thread. Check out the Phillips tube code pdf and if that doesn’t help let me... 
MORE Esoteric problems
Good news.  Thanks thaluza. 
OTL amps, my pick for the tube used.
Beautiful amps, I can't afford the tubes let alone the amps though. 
beryllium vs diamond
I agree that silk domes can be awful as well with crappy implementations. I like a slightly forward sound but have been hearing a lot of speakers that take it way too far lately.verdant audio, I appreciate people like you providing us with the kno... 
Audio research VSi75 -why so many for sale?
This question is asked frequently about different equipment. Usually there is no specific reason for a large number of a particular item to be on sale.There are some reasons that will cause a number of an item to go on sale such as a new model of ... 
beryllium vs diamond
Beryllium is bright and metallic.I think the implementation was faulty. Be tweeters do not necessarily sound bright and metallic, and silk domes can sound bright in the wrong speaker.  
beryllium vs diamond
Beryllium is now being used for midrange drivers.