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Disappointing short life of NOS preamp tube
As George Harrison said, All Things Must Pass. I guess you should be glad it was just a tube and not you.  
What is this term 'analytical' ?
What does sterile sound like? What does character sound like? What does connecting emotionally sound like? About all I can add is that it is the opposite of musical. Have you ever heard a system that you would describe as more musical than most... 
What is this term 'analytical' ?
Let me add, all the notes and details are there, they just don't connect with you emotionally.  
What is this term 'analytical' ?
Agree with audioguy85. You’ll know it when you hear it. The sound is lifeless, sterile, not engaging, boring.  It's different from bright, to my ear anyway.  
OK, so seriously, what is up with TMR's pricing here??
When you add shipping and taxes, which is how I figure the price of a purchase, it's not going to be a round number no matter what number you start with.  
Better sound on rainy days?
I wonder what the frogs are doing in the 360 days it does not rain in my area. @yyzsantabarbara, They burrow into the mud and go into hibernation until it rains again.  Doesn't sound like much of a life, but I guess we all have to play the hand... 
Am I allowed to BARTER??
Seller’s sometimes add ’certain trades considered’ to their ads, but I’m not sure how Audiogon feels about it.  I think you can reach support@audiogon.com . If that doesn’t work, there’s a ’contact us’ link at the bottom of the homepage.    
Tubes getting hard to come by?
Most current production tubes are made in Russia and China. The war in Ukraine and supply issues with China set off a wave of tube hoarding. In order to maintain a supply of tubes for their customers, some tube sellers have limited purchases and r... 
What's with all the new colored vinyl?
The main concern for most of the companies that sell records is how many they sell, definitely not sound quality, except for some small labels. If coloring the vinyl sells more copies, they’ll color the vinyl.  
Why Does My Current Music Sound So Much Better than It Did in the 80’s?
Synths and drum machines that sound cheesy today were popular in the 80s. Some people thought they sounded cool back then. Maybe the jazz you listen to today is made on musical instruments?  
Bob James
In the May/June TAS there's a review of "Bob James: Feel Like Making Live!"  
Bob James
Bob keeps putting out albums.  I've even seen his album "Espresso" get a review in Stereophile or TAS, not sure which.  He's still a little too smooth for me, though.  
Songs that sound like Dylan
Joan Baez used to be able to do a great Dylan impression, but her voice has headed south just like Dylan's.  I know that's not what you're looking for but I just thought I'd throw it in for a laugh.  
5AR4 rectifier tube question
While you’re at ebay check out this link for an example of etched codes: Mullard Blackburn GZ34 etched code Top line right below the word Mullard - f32. f3 is the tube type and 2 is the change code, like a model number - v1, v2, etc. The second... 
First impressions of the Isoacoustic Gaia 1’s
The emojis are in the tool bar over the response box.😀