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DAC Chips
Your answer should be in these link data comparisonshttp://www.esstech.com/files/7414/5193/1716/ES9038PRO_Product_brief_121715.pdfhttp://www.esstech.com/files/9814/5193/1789/ES9028PRO__ES9026PRO_Product_Brief_121615.pdfCheers George 
Upgrade DAC from AMR DP777SE
rubinken I have been using an AMR DP-777SE DAC which is now having intermittent reliability issues. I’m considering replacing/upgrading to either a It used an R2R Multibit dac UDA1305AT (said to be the son of the famous TDA1541), which your now ... 
Wadia 20 Transport
From memory the corner disc’s un screw, use something that won’t mark them.https://ibb.co/YLTKRWWhttps://ibb.co/qkSvJ5jCheers George 
Msb dacs why not alot of postings
Very different sounds I bet.A similar comparison but in amps would be two different topology amps.https://gryphon-audio.dk/shop/power-amplifiers/antileon-evo-mono/VShttps://audioresearch.com/product/ref160m/Cheers George 
Matching tube preamp to ss amp
Are you saying as is, these two would not be a good match?Yes as they are they’re already borderline 1 : 10 (output to input) ratio. And with the coupling caps raising that 2800ohm output impedance even higher at low frequencies the bass quality "... 
Matching tube preamp to ss amp
@oldgzzrroldgzzrr Prima Luna Evo 100 with an output of 2800 ohms Looking at this, https://ibb.co/MndcmrB the Prima Luna Evo 100 uses 0.47uF output coupling caps. With the Nad’s 25k input this equates to -3db at 14hz, -1.5db at 28hz and - 0.75db... 
VTV Purifi amp models
Oh, OK, can’t understand why you need a 3000 watt PS for that amp module. Just playing the mines bigger than yours card. Especially when the module specs are just. KEY SPECIFICATIONSOutput Power 425W @ 1%!!! THD, into 4Ω Current limited to ~25A 
Msb dacs why not alot of postings
the Brit rags are famous for supporting Brit gear first, euro gear second and then the unwashed colonials last. True most of the time I noticed, but they did give this rare (outside the US) discrete R2R battery powered one a "good rap", with a st... 
Can a solid state integrated amp pair well with Focal 1038Be?
Get a high biased into class-A solid state integrated, a used Pass Laboratories INT-60, or used Gryphon Diablo 120 or Parasound Halo Hint or Hint6 integratedThey’ll keep the Focals sweet in the upper mids /highs yet give bass control and dynamics ... 
Schiit SYS-49 and phono preamp with or without attenuator?
I have a choice to purchase a phono preamp - ss or tube - either with an attenuator or without it. What are your suggestions? Get the phono stage without volume control, and with gain of >68db or higer, and an output impedance lower than 500oh... 
All New Acoustic Energy AE520 Flagship Loudspeakers // The Carbon Fiber Giant Killers ?!
The best full range AE speaker I've heard was the large 3 way stand mount AE3 from 2008, very musical and tube amp friendly.https://decibelaudio.org/WebRoot/Store14/Shops/bc72a9b4-92a1-4b88-9e6d-8debdd5886e3/5BE7/EB81/2AD5/3...Cheers George 
Rogue 120 mono vs Hurricanes
Rogues used US Hammond transformers, one reason to go with them. Not sure about ASL.Cheers George 
Come Back Geoff Kait!
I can feel his ego growing from here as he reads about how much people miss him. Just by his voodoo’ist "snake oil" clan. I say "let sleeping dogs lie"Cheers George 
What are important features in a listening chair
I would have added a photo but I don't understand how to do it here. Post it here, it will give you a short link to it, copy it and paste it in your Agon posthttps://imgbb.com/ Cheers George 
Charging A Fee To Demo An Amplifier In A Brick & Mortar Store
We need to be compensated. Simple as that. Hope this makes this clear. What a crock of ****, wait till he gets there, if he seems legit (a good salesman can tell). Then set the amps up on a system that’s all ready up and running. Charging to do t...