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Streaming - ? To my old fashioned stereo.
Thanks.Erik. What is the simplest way for me to get Tidal to the 205? 
Build or buy, speaker options
Excellent drivers, good wiring, absolutely solid resonance free boxes (easily built for in home listening levels), and a DEQX machine, and you probably have it made,  
Add an external DAC. Make my Oppo UDP-205 a true top player
Oppomod transformer is said to give nice sonic improvement.Cheap over the long run. 
I have a weird buzz issue; can you help me solve the problem?
I guess the 'solution' will be found by borrowing some gear, including all your wiring and cables, and patiently swapping out til the ugly duckling is revealed. It's not rocket science--just patient organized evaluation ) 
Shunyata now uses silver ???...
I like MIT, whoops , better shut my mouth 0) 
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
They're obviously committed to boosting the economy :) 
Spectral service
I guess from the dearth of responses that Spectral gear just doesn't need service? 
bigcigarman; interesting observation by someone who knows. Nicely and gently put.  Honestly, most people just won't ever hear Spectral - but they will have a comment ;)  
Spectral Amp
Pls1- it's a fair question; that I can't answer though I "swear" by Spectral (because they're in the room I frequent :)) ; but    if your hearing is flat to 19K---- Call Guiness-- you deserve a place in the record (pardon the pun :(  ) books :) 
Little Richard RIP
I saw and met Little Richard at the opening of a car dealership In Delta ,BC ; a good ways back; probably early 80's. The guy was sharp, sober and all business. Put on a great show. Had to be paid in full, in cash, before he would step on stage !! 
Rock concerts
 Stones in Montreai, late 60's ; up close for my then wife Donna. Everly Brothers, Montreal early 70's. Chatting  over drinks or coffee?  with Leonard Cohen in a cozy cafe in Montreal @ 1970 ; his eye was caught by my wife Donna - who happened to ... 
Wow an old album that rocked your world
How about one that helped me sleep after a full days work and night classes at university basically 4/5 days a week.  Herbie Mann Stone Flute :) Not everyone's cup of tea, but it calmed me to sleep when I was working hard and studying intently. 
Jazz for someone who doesn't like jazz.
Perhaps some Claude Bolling might give you some joy. 
Great country recording
For guitar, some old Chet Atkins always give me a good feeling. 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
It remains; All you need is love :)