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Component Video versus S-Video
Based on distortion and frequency response specs 100hz crossover in often ideal.  
Power Conditioner
MIT Z Stabilizer 2 has proven effective.  
Power Conditioner
I am pleased with my Equitech 2Q  
Factory service for products from the 90's
A Rolls Royce from the 1990's still provides a luxurious ride and safely gets you from a to b. I think excellent audio products from the 90's still sound good.  
Do you consider cables to be a "component" of your system?
I do.  
Thought on Spectral Audio's future?
@mijostyn your "friend" certainly never complained in a public way.... I welcome being corrected-- with facts, just the facts :)  
Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet
I'm glad to know he's still working on vinyl. I just signed up for The Absolute Sound :)  
Can moving wire location at circuit breaker reduce hum?
@erik_squires . Would balanced power unit, like an Equitech, be any use?  
Thought on Spectral Audio's future?
Agree Eric. I never could understand Spectral's business plan. Perhaps the owners have other sources of income - or don't need income?  
Are any of you going to the Canadian GP at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
Wish I could; would be nice to meet you. I subscribe to F1 and will enjoy on my 65" Sony OLED via ROKU. The best I can manage and will enjoy it thoroughly. Amazing season so far. Bad luck for Leclerc with the same for Hamilton with a serious dose ... 
Thought on Spectral Audio's future?
@mijostyn . What gave you those ideas?  Please back up your derogatory comments. I'm all "ears" :)  
Oppo service
With that, Oppo is an example of quality and class. I'm happy with my 205.  
Factory service for products from the 90's
I'm not looking for restoration for marketability; just continued enjoyment of good equipment I  like the sound of.  
MIT Cables new "Articulation Control Console" $45.000 for speaker cables?
Hey, what's $50,000 for speaker cables on a $500,000,000 yacht.... Peanuts :)  
New Opera Website- Excellent.
Opera Europa. Fab for Opera lovers.