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Best upgrade for cd player?
@dino & midafeff1. I use an MIT Oracle power cord which I've found to be good and I agree with you the pc's are important.  
Best upgrade for cd player?
@gshepardbuster. I too find high current outlets are always beneficial. 
Best upgrade for cd player?
@gshepardbuster . Thanks. I use high current power conditioner :)   (wall power horrible)  . Spectral pre. Thinking of lps for digital section of oppo 205. Wondering about clock upgrade. Very nice movies w oppo.  
Amp making noise on shut off
@acefactory Is replacing caps a factory repair job? 
Leave OPPO 205 powered on?
Thanks ozzy. I too am energy conscious but want best sound when I have time to listen :)  I leace my 200 watt Spectral amp off unkess listening:) 
Amp making noise on shut off
@atmasphere  sorry about misspelling. I have grest respect for your OTL Amplifiers :) 
Universal disc players
@audioht. Were your Oppomods done by yourself?  At the same time? Your comments on improvements? Cheers 
Amp making noise on shut off
Thanks again Atmisphere :) 
Amp making noise on shut off
Thanks. Mine is ss amp. 
Oppo 103 & Roku?
I'm using Sony 65 inch 4K. Nice to my eyes.  
Oppo 103 & Roku?
I have a best quality Roku stick ( I forget the name)  Wow. Amazing picture and audio plugged into my Oppo 205. So cheap its a giggle :).  No brainer if you want some extra tv, movie and audio channels. $50 bucks, a one time cost! -- basically fre... 
MIT Matrix rev 60 speaker cables. Has anyone listened to them?
Joe is a Jewel . Straight as an arrow :) 
Does Power Cord Require Burn-In To Sound Good?
I use an MIT non networked AC3 pc and it was obviously great as soon as plugged in. Likewise with the AC1 and AC2 :)   No need for break in to notice improvements with my Spectral gear. Even using just an Oppo 205 for movies :) 
Dedicated 20 amp circuit - Electrician laughed!
Millercarbon. Check the Equitech website :)  I use a 2Q and would never be without it. I've also got a Sound Application unit which is a terrific compliment. Common mode and differential mode noises.  
MIT 350 EVO reference i/c
Free trial no longer available from MIT.