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Do power conditioners help with unwanted hum/noise
Good idea  
Do power conditioners help with unwanted hum/noise
Check out an older MIT Z Stabilizer 2. And an Equitech 2Q. Good luck.  
Is an isolation transformer better than a power conditioner?
Thumbs up to Equitech! A very basic sensible product. Foundational.   
Looking for a change.
I think your Yamaha is an excellent unit. The changes you consider all cost money. With whatever amount you may consider spending on a component upgrade  I recommend you check out an MIT power cord in that price range. I believe you'll enjoy the e... 
Best power cord for a preamp?
Reply's so far seem questioning; similar to salesman trying to determine what I want to buy? I'm hoping to learn - and possibly discuss what's new and exciting in power delivery. Marketing 'lingo' is just so extreme that it's somewhat annoying. Fo... 
Best power cord for a preamp?
Just your comments - of your experiences, with separate components - are much appreciated :)  
Best power cord for a preamp?
I'm hoping for an upgrade in sound - dynamics clarity nuance fullness detail speed., all those things that increase emotional involvement, ... just hoping some with great separates have been able to do some comparisons at a high level. MIT's  late... 
Best power cord for a preamp?
Thanks for input. I use a Spectral DMC20. Presently use older but high quality(imho) MIT power cord. It's because there are so many available I ask for opinions regarding current PC's. Hoping for comments from those who use high to extreme quality... 
Furukawa power cables
@peterfd. I too use Spectral. Why do you make your claim? What power cords have you tried?  
What size power cable?
Apparently Shunyata uses 4 gauge in their best PC. They speak of very low resistance, impedance, etc... and people like the cord. I admit to being a bit covetous (but unwilling to part with $$$$$  :)  
High quality equalizers
@akgwhiz. I  have tested and checked and made the decision to buy good hearing aids. Today bought Phonak Audeo B50- from a fellow who passed after buying them in late 2019. The package was $5000 Cdn. I bought from deceaseds brother for $600 cdn. A... 
WHat did Audiophiles hear during Tape deck era?
@mhztweaker. Were you a professional technician? How did you find spare parts? I have a Nak Dragon that is clicking rather than playing a tape. Wonder if parts avail and where to get repaired? 
Tape deck repair in the Chicago area
Same subject. I have a Nakamichi Dragon that wont play tapes now. Someone to repair these? 
High quality equalizers
@erik_squires . I'm thinking more like a 24 band equalizer; something semi-pro or pro.... I'm paying for  a more detailed hearing test today.I want tests at 40db,80,120,240,480,960,1500 and each 500db up to 7000. I'm also looking at the how many a... 
Equalizer for hearing loss
Had my hearing test last week. Up to about 4000 hz left is down about 30 db and right about 20-25db. Then graph falls sharply to -90db at 6000hz then up to -80 at 8000 for both. I noticed the hearing test is only at 250, 500, 1000,2000,4000, 6000 ...