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Buy a pair of ten year old $40,000 speakers for $4,000 or new ones at that price point?
@mcmanus (John, is it?) It's ALL about how they sound in your system.  Some of the early Wilsons that ran over $100K could drive some people out of the room.   
Can we finally put Reel to Reel out of its misery? Put it to rest people.
Yep, @vinny55 is a troll, at least in this thread.My turntable is playback only.  So is my HD radio, digital transport and DAC.  Streaming playback is....  guess what?  Playback only.  All my music playback sources are playback only.  I'm not goin... 
Can we finally put Reel to Reel out of its misery? Put it to rest people.
@vinny55  seems like just a troll. 
Can we finally put Reel to Reel out of its misery? Put it to rest people.
Reel-to-reel is a personal choice.  Why should the OP insist on what I want to listen to?  I don't demand that anyone listen to my preferred sources. 
AT OC9/II Re-release
Many are based on the OC9 design.  The OC9/II just happened to hit that nice combination of materials and components in its design to really be an excellent all-around performer.   
VPI Turntable choices.
I own an original VPI Aries Extended.  It's a great table, but the addition of three original Stillpoint cones improved performance quite a bit.  I don't know whether the Prime Signature outperforms it or not.  If it does, it's most likely due to ... 
I'd like to upgrade my speaker wire
Go to Home Depot and buy a couple of spools of Southwire THHN stranded copper 10 gauge. One spool red, one black. Cut the wire to length and twist them around each other at 1 twist per foot. DO NOT TERMINATE. Just use the bare copper to connect to... 
Best mid-range for $3K
WHAT!!??!?  Nobody mentioned ANY Quads?  Model 63 seems to be "pretty good." 
Getting new Preamp
Call Keith Herron and ask about a VTSP-360.  Just make sure you're using an active crossover with a reasonable input impedance if you're bi-amping your speakers.   
Phono stage recommendations
Get the Ayre and start planning for the next upgrade.  Or get a Herron VTPH-2A and don't worry about the next upgrade.  No upgrade out there and nothing better.   
Pretty good preamps, but IMO, not nearly as good as the slightly less expensive Herron Audio VTSP-360.   
Non-Oversampling (NOS) vs,
I tend to agree with those who think upsampling sounds better than oversampling.  That said, the same DAC chipset can have dramatically different quality based on their specific implementation.  Three are a lot of factors far beyond my knowledge t... 
Worth it to try a SUT with a 103R and Herron VTPH-2?
Try both, then upgrade the VTPH-2 to a -2A and sell the SUT. 
How good is your system
It's good enough that I have no desire to change it or any component that would make the music it reproduces any better.   
Cartridge Recommendations
@soundwatts    +2