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Is soundstaging emblematic of reality?
Everyone has different listening preferences.  One person's appreciation of imaging and soundstage is another annoying distraction.  In listening to classical music, I personally consider strong imaging and soundstage reproduction an enhancement t... 
Speaker Imaging - Do you hear a line, or do you hear an arc??
I agree.  Not sure about a "line" or an "arc" in an image.  What I get is nothing at all like that.  I don't hear the speakers at all.  What I hear is the soundstage with instruments all over in proper depth / position on state and side-to-side po... 
Ears hurt when listening after changing speakers
Sorta seems intuitive, but if it hurts when you listen that loud, don't listen that loud. 
Media: Should we start hoarding?
I have a local friend that recently passed away.  I don't know exactly how many records he left, but estimate 10,000 or more.  His children are burdened with finding new owners for the records.  They don't want to just give them away since it's a ... 
New Cartridge Suggestions
Have you considered an AT OC9/II?  It's a very underrated cartridge that is crisp, tight, detailed, musical and dynamic.  Some say it errs on the bright side.  I say it has honest high frequency response.  Just because it is inexpensive doesn't me... 
Sudden problem with turntable
Could it be that the suspension on your cartridge has given up the ghost and collapsed, and (at the worst) you're just dragging along on the cartridge body?   
Amplifier upgrade
I'd take a very hard look at the Herron Audio M2 amps.  VERY GOOD. 
What amps should I audition?
I only went through the comments quickly, but I didn't see any mention of Herron Audio M-2 amps.  I'm using a pair of M-1 amps and am quite satisfied.  As good or better than any of the high-priced alternatives over $40K but only cost a little les... 
Tonearms: Ripoff?
This is a troll thread.  If you don't want to spend money on an expensive tonearm, then don't.  Nobody is forcing you to purchase an expensive piece of audio gear. 
VPI Aries 3 - Funk Firm 3mm Acromat
@stringreen Thanks for the info.  Interesting observation.  Glad you provided your $0.20 worth.  So to put the suggestion into context, I'm using an Aries Extended with a threaded spindle and depressed label area.  A rubber washer of about 1/16" o... 
VPI Aries 3 - Funk Firm 3mm Acromat
@stringreen  - I'm interested in following up on your suggestion.  Where are Harry's comments you reference?  Can't seem to find them on the VPI site.   
VPI Aries 3 - Funk Firm 3mm Acromat
I have an early VPI Aries Extended (12" JMW Memorial Arm) with a version of the "super platter."  So far, all the mats I've tried have degraded sonic quality.  I will be testing a sample of the latest VPI mat this week to see how it performs.I use... 
Herron VTPH-2A Phono Preamp....anyone familiar?
@lewm You haven't been to my house or you would know that it's only red wine that is consumed when listening.  Maybe you should make some arrangements to have that sampling.  ;-)  Is there ANYTHING to say BAD about the Herron VTPH-2A?  Doesn't ANY... 
Best vintage DD turntables from the 70's and 80's?
I always thought the Micro Seiki DDX-1000 was quite good.  Always worked very well with with the MA-505 and pretty much every other quality arm.   
Aries 1 JWM 10 Tonearm replacement or upgrades?
@taj2 - That's a VERY GOOD reason to call VPI to verify EVERYTHING.