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Koetsu Rosewood - Best/safest way to clean stylus
Blue Stik is the best to use.  Just don't let the stylus and cantilever sit in that material for very long.  Just lower the cartridge onto a STATIONARY flattened pea-sized blob of the material and bring it right back up.  Move the material slightl... 
Looking for a pre-amp (Pass, ARC, BAT, Sim, PS Audio)
@jmarshak It is unclear whether you electronics operate in SE or balanced mode.I have extensive experience listening to a Herron VTSP-360.  It is very fast, clean and well balanced.  Timing is exquisite and tight.  Explosive dynamics.  No warts.  ... 
Why no Class D integrated love? (from manufacturers)
Class D sounds great as long as there are no speakers hooked up and the units remain powered down. 
Why no Class D integrated love? (from manufacturers)
Let's start with a reasonable an logical stake in the ground and work from there.  Class D isn't budget equipment.  It has yet to gain that level of quality performance.  At best, It could help a subwoofer move air as long as the low-pass frequenc... 
What cart should I go for
AT-ART9.  Last I looked on ebay, 2juki was less than $1k. 
Who makes great active preamps ? Tube or solid state or hybrid.
Herron Audio.  VTSP-3Ar(03) may be as good as it gets. 
How much difference will a phono stage upgrade make?
Decent selection.  Nice musical phono stage.  It should serve you well for years without a big desire for an upgrade.  Not a big number of phono stages that are better.   
How much difference will a phono stage upgrade make?
@12hz    That's why I said save your money.  Yes, the Herron is a bit more expensive than the others you mentioned, but getting a VTPH-2a will keep you from losing money on trade-ins for upgrades.  BTW, even if you CAN find a used early model Herr... 
Tonearms with no anti-skate adjustment
@oldtech04  -  That method has been proven invalid since groove modulation plays such a large part in anti-skate.  Even if anti-skate is perfect on one record, it is unlikely that it will be correct on every other record.  The reason is related to... 
Tonearms with no anti-skate adjustment
The best explanation and use of anti-skate was a paper delivered with a rebuilt cartridge from Soundsmith.  To make a multi-page explanation short, it is necessary but in most cases much more heavily applied than is needed.I recommend a thorough r... 
How much difference will a phono stage upgrade make?
Save your money and get a Herron Audio VTPH-2a.  No need to upgrade when you have the best.  The Herron is the last stop on the upgrade path. 
Tube amplifier suggestion for 101 dB speakers
There are some nice inexpensive tube designs based on the old Dyna Stereo 70 and Mk 3 mono amps.  Plenty of power for a 101dB 4 ohm speaker. 
What class of amplifier has the most high definition sound ?
"High definition" is very much dependent on design.  Except for the hopeless designs of Class D.  Nothing can bail out a design that is so fundamentally flawed. 
A DAC that can make digital sound analog?
Follows is my complete list of digital components that I've heard perform as well or better then my vinyl rig.Shal I repeat the list? 
Those who criticize a VPI for their arm are those who either have NEVER owned one or just hate for hate's sake.  The VPI unipivot arms is a great performers and smoke the Rega arm in any level in any category of comparison.The VPI Prime Sig is a r...