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Your thoughts on best audiophile speakers in $10,000 neighborhood?
  I think it might be better to look at the extra value available in used speakers.  In that context, I might suggest a couple of sleepers.... Used Sonus Faber Olympica 3 Nova Used Wilson Audio Sophia I'm NOT a big fan of the Audax tweeter in ... 
@lewm  I don't consider that mention bad.   I looked up the NOS availability of both the 7 and the 9.  Seems both are still around and at a nice price.   I recall the discussions related to the ART7 and ART9.  I don't recall the details.  One w... 
I am not interested in moving iron / moving magnet carts.  My listening preferences are strongly in favor of LOMC carts.  My Herron VTPH-2a works GREAT with LOMC carts even though it also is outstanding with HOMC carts.   The ART7 sounds interest... 
@johnss  Which one and why?      
No, not sure I want to spend the money of an ART9.   I might consider sending the Skala to Soundsmith, but it will not have the dynamics of the AT candidates.      
VPI Prime Sig/Lyra Delos / Feedback ...help!
@tommypenngotti  My direct experience was with a Lyra Clavis Da Capo and a Skala.  Both were defocused and thin sounding on the VPI JMW 12 on an Aries Extended (original).  On a "custom built" table using original VPI TNT components and a Jelco T... 
VPI Prime Sig/Lyra Delos / Feedback ...help!
I haven't heard YOUR table / arm combo with a Delos.  But I have not had good experience with Lyra cartridges with the VPI 12" unipivot arm (VPI Aries Extended).  Have not heard ANY Lyra cartridge work well with a VPI unipivot arm on any table.  I... 
Need Guidance for Next/Last Pair of Speakers
Sonus Faber.  You pick the model that fits your budget, equipment, room and listening preferences.     
Preamp advice
On the used market, Herron VTSP-3a or a Herron VTSP-360 will match up great.    
Thinking about switching cartridges.
Agree that the Delos is a very good performer.  But that table will mask that performance and add coloration.    
Thinking about switching cartridges.
Your weak link is your table and arm. IMO, you won’t get much change in performance with that table.  
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
Just use the cables.  The user makes the call.  
Some cartridge recommendations
AT-OC9XML.  Best bang for the buck.  Hard to find anything better for less than three times its cost.  Should work quite well with your arm.  Fairly easy to set up. Very good tracking.  A little fussy with VTA.  Stylus has a good life span with n... 
Upgrading from a VPI Aries 1- is it worth it?
Getting a gimballed VPI arm is a big upgrade to the weakest link in VPI tables. It’s an easy upgrade. The original unipivot design arms just don’t match up. The Delos will just explode with music. I own an original Aries Extended (12" unipivot ar... 
Anthony (Tony) Cordesman has passed away
Always enjoyed reading AHC's reviews and articles.  R.I.P.