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Straight out of the box doesn't work.
@corelli   Apology is out of place.  If the unit doesn't work, it doesn't work.  Expectations MUST be that the unit will work without extraordinary set-up assistance and debugging.  Or maybe I'm just used to manufacturers that exercise some kind o... 
New AT ART and OC9 cartridges
@avanti1960 Can you expand on "big winners" a bit so that there is some substance on which to build an opinion?  Maybe a list of equipment used for your evaluation?  Setup?  Evaluation criteria?  (Tonal balance, details, image, soundstage, dynamic... 
Help my analog sound as good as my streaming
For a given analog set up, there are three VERY CRITICAL  points for consideration.  First is setup, Second is setup.  Third is setup.   
Ever wanted to know, what your phono cartridge sounds like dead flat??
Who cares?  It's not designed to run "flat."  Just designed to run "flat" against the RIAA EQ plot.  It doesn't matter how it sounds in ANY OTHER configuration. 
Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!
I have seen accounts compromised and used the way you describe. If he’s legit, it might be worth it for you to suggest a paypal payment and you split the difference in cost. If he refuses, it might be better to walk away from "the deal."Disclosure... 
Wanting to try a tube amp.
If you're already deaf, ARC is good, but maybe a little overkill.  Be aware that the care and feeding of a properly maintained ARC tube amp can equal the cost of a used ARC tube amp. 
Which VTF Scale are you using?
I got a few digital scales from ebay a few years ago.  They look identical to the high-end ones that are sold in the U.S., but cost 1/10th the amount.  Work just as well.  All they need is a logo to be indistinguishable from the expensive ones (pr... 
Looking for a new phono preamp
With a low output cartridge, solid state phono stages can get noisier than tubes, than hybrids.  It has to do with how the current crop of semiconductors are manufactured.  Under any circumstances, I would recommend a Herron VTPH-2A.  It is dead q... 
Russian Tube Preamp, No Return, Here I go again
Just get a little Monoprice small hybrid integrated.  It's a nice little amp, very clean.  Tube front end.  Sounds nice for an office. 
Is my anti-skating too strong.
@larryi2    It should also be noted that the amount of anti-skate needed can vary from record to record and even across the surface of a given record.  So a general estimate is all that may be possible.  And once that happy medium is found, it's v... 
Is my anti-skating too strong.
Fremer disagrees with Schroder and Ledermann?  That certainly gives them a LOT more credibility.     I have used Ledermann's method of anti-skate adjustment with very good results.  And a resulting very low anti-skate pressure.  And the cartridges... 
Is my anti-skating too strong.
Before we all start getting into a major urinary tract exercise, why not read the results of studies and observations from actual cartridge manufacturers.  As a start, I suggest reading Peter Ledermann's comments: https://www.sound-smith.com/faq/h... 
Is my anti-skating too strong.
When you set up and align the cartridge, there should be no anti-skate.  There is no need for it since the outward force should be just enough to offset the inward pull.   According to cartridge design and engineering experts (I'm not one), most a... 
Has anyone heard the new Audio Technica AT-OC9X series of cartridges?
Just out of curiosity, how does the Shibata-stylus'ed OC9XSH compare to the OC9XSL?  I have been a fan of Shibata carts and am interested on hearing about the OC9X version. 
Anything SS sounds better than D'Agostino ?
Herron Audio M1.