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I am out of the loop for knowledge on high end auto music systems
"high end auto music systems"  Every word is a contradiction of the others.    
Thoughts on the Linn LP12 turntable
It sounded pretty good in its day, better than the AR table that was basically the model design used by Linn,  But the design was dated back into the mid-1960's. The Linn arms were manufactured by Jelco and OK, but Jelco had better models for much... 
A Beginner's Guide to Audiophile
A beginner's guide to audiophile?  Get into your time machine and go back to 1957 and start listening to music on early stereo equipment.  Find what you like and gradually improve the quality as technology improves.    
Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet
Oh, that's different.  I read the title of this thread and thought he might be returning to his home planet.    
Is There A Device For Home Use That Can Measure How Low The Bass In My Speakers Is?
Pick up a copy of the Stereophile Test CD.  Then download a audio spectrum analyzer to your phone.  Basic "Spectroid" will give you a good idea how low your speaker will produce audible bass.    
A warm natural sounding preamp
Herron VTSP-360.  Get it and enjoy the music.  Don't settle for something else that you'll just want to upgrade later.    
What type of wire for dedicated 20A AC lines?
Don't worry about an isolated circuit.  Just listen to the music, that's all that counts.    
Is There A Big Difference Between Subwoofers From Different Manufacturers
Very few subwoofers go really deep.  Most are good to somewhere in the mid-30hz range.  Once listeners experience the octave below regular subwoofers - down into the mid to upper teens hz, then that becomes the goal.   It pretty much requires a c... 
Your sub experience: Easy or hard?
My sub experience was very easy.  Put the 2 (custom 18") subs in the corners where they belong (MUCH easier said than done - very heavy.)  Hooked up the amps to the subs (one per sub), connected the crossover / LP filter to the amps, connected sep... 
How Much Do Your Subwoofer(s) Cost Relative to Speakers
My subs only cost around $2,000, but they are eq'ed to only operate below 27hz.  I had to supply my own amps.    
Many higher end preamps are dated and ugly, why is this?
If the manufacturers sell out their production run, why would they change their design?  
$5K KUZMA TONEARM FOR ONLY $690! Gryphon Diablo for Only $699!
Buy from legitimate,  verified dealers.  It might mean paying a few dollars more, but service and after-sale follow-up can make the difference worthwhile.    
Best Phono Stage
If you can find a Herron Audio VTPH-2A used (no longer available new), you should buy it.  IMO, it's the best.  Otherwise you can settle for a lesser performing phono stage.    
How does the VPI Aries II stand up to current mid priced tables?
The Aries !! is a quite good table.  The arm can be a bit tweaky, but once set up (not THAT hard), it can be very satisfying.   The weakness in the table is the unipivot arm.  Gimballed arms seem to perform better, but the JMW arm will work well ... 
What should I expect after installing a new power management system?
After installing a new power management system, you should expect a smaller balance in your bank account.   Improvement in performance, if any, will most likely be based on the psychological need to justify they expense.