Existing Deftech 7000 vs. upgrade to Triton Reference?

Hi all, I'm looking for opinions on the following--
I've got a dedicated home theater/listening room setup with Deftech 7000 mains, 3000 center and 4 BPVXs for surrounds
8802 Marantz, OPPO and Sunfire Sig 7x400 amp main parts.
50/50 movies and 2 channel at the moment, listening more and more to 2/5 channel from different sources-more hi-rez files tidal etc, hence the thought of moving newer, and adding better 2 channel parts.
Has anyone owned/ extended experienced both?  Is there a big step for 2 channel if I went Triton Reference?   I'd add in other GE spkrs to timbre match later.  If I stay Deftech, I'd add in better 2 channel DAC, etc. instead.  Thanks!!
Ive owned def tech speakers in the past. Thise triton reference would IMO be a very big upgrade and and excellent choice especially considering it will be 50/50 music and home theater. 
  • Thanks!  Another way I could ask this is if you owned the 7000s and you replaced them, what did you replace them with?