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Would the dynaudio special 40's be a noticeable upgrade over the ELAC UF5?
hilde,Curious to what you mean about different sound to the 40s? Colored but fun? Did you find the 40s were superior to the Evoke? Thanks 
Poor Fritz
Uhhh. It might be a surprise to Fritz that he is dead.  
Are there any bookshelf speakers that sound good on a bookshelf?
Kinda rare but Guru QM 10-2 plays well on a bookshelf or up against a wall or corner. Very musical big sound.  
Used Speaker in the 15k range
There's some Vapor Audio Joule White for sale right now for under 15k. Those look really sweet and I bet sound amazing.  
KEF Blade -- how good are they?
Prove it Kenjit.  
Poor Fritz
False. Incorrect as usual.Amps make a huge difference.DACs make a  definite audible difference.Maybe not so much on your bose cubes.  
Poor Fritz
Wow. Perfection will never be reached in any walk of life of any physical thing. So your argument is false Kenjit. People should be comparing speakers to each other because there is no perfection. Ok.... box uh rocks 
KEF ls50 meta’s are on the way
Is the Wireless 2 out yet? Really interested in those especially if the improvements carried over from the non powered. Should be able to pick up some v1s for a song soon.  
Poor Fritz
Kenjit, You have never agreed with someone on a single thing. I feel you are a very difficult person to get along with on and off this forum. Its called capitalism bud. Even the smaller guys need to make a living. The parts to total cost ratio is ... 
Poor Fritz
@decooney...+100000 great post 
Poor Fritz
EVEN B&W!!!!! No way man!!!!!!!! I dont buweeeve it!!!!! No Kenjo don't go away Puleeeessseeee. These forums need you ohh audiophile masta!  
Just bought a Hegel H390 Integrated
Good for you!! Having trouble understanding what the question is? Room treatment advice?  
Dynaudio Special 40
I had the c20s for a little while. IME unless the Special 40s are substantially easier to drive then that Arcam would do them no justice at all.  
GoldenEar Triton 1 vs. Triton 1R
They do or did make a model called the Triton 1. Maybe they discontinued them but I had a pair a few years ago.  
KEF LS50 Meta
So when you say our monitor this is something made by you that you are trying to market??Anyway the thread was specific about a certain speaker so what was the point of swooping in and pitching your crap?? Shameless.