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Why isn't better quality used gear being made available?
Strike a deal as soon as it pops up and be prepared to drive a few hours if need be!   
NAD M-33 or Hegel H190
Curious, have you tried the Dirac Room correction with the M33? If not that’s absolutely the 1st thing I’d do. Room correction in my room makes waaay more a difference than small amplifier differences in my room with my Lyngdorf.   
NAD M-33 or Hegel H190
Are you just tied to the Hegel specifically? Lots of stuff in that price range. I’ve heard the Hegel can be kinda sterile as well so maybe look for something more “robust” sounding. Tubes? Also didn’t say your speakers.   
Documentary About the World's Best Stereo System
That’s the way it goes. The audio community is fairly small. Could have held out and got more money but I’m assuming his kids?? Or whoever was trying to get it done.   
Documentary About the World's Best Stereo System
Wow! That dude’s pretty serious about his audio!  
power amp ideas for less than $3000
My awesome Krell KSA200s that’s for sale would be bad..s! 😜  
Room Correction Required
Haven’t heard the Arc stuff. I’m sure it’s probably pretty good.   Ive had the 2170 and now the 3400 Lyngdorf and they are really good! The amplifier sections sound super clean and very good but it’s when you apply the RC that it shows its value... 
Most recent speaker you audited in room and returned? Why did you return it?
my list is not bought and returned but speakers I’ve been disappointed in and offloaded probably longer than I should have. So excuse me… little different than your question. Dynaudio Contour 20. Tried for a while and really tried to like them. M... 
For all you Bose 901 Haters!
Vegas RAWK! 😋  
Big speakers, are they really the best way to get great sound?
Nice !   
Preamp with Parasound A21+ amp?
Tube preamp preferably.   
Why don't they record in ‘surround stereo’?
Because it’s more expensive to produce I’m sure and to be honest probably not enough people care to make it viable for profit IMO.   
???Modern Speakers???Life Expectancy???
Sorry to hear about your health sir.  I think the odds are your speakers will be fine. I’ve had multiple 30 year old speakers and none of them had issues.    my upstairs system is a 50yo Sansui, 30 yo Krell and 30yo Paradigms. Sounds great. Preve... 
Pass X150.5 or Odyssey Stratos monos?
George hasn't posted in over 2 years.   
Has anyone actually heard the Dali Epikore 11? Impressions welcome.
Ohh those are pricey! They do look mighty sexy! Maybe in another 10 years I’ll pickup a pair.