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A decent integrated amp under 2K ...
Is it hard to buy in the US and ship to Canada? Expensive? I would have thought otherwise. I dunno though.   
.? Digital Reclocking and syncing clocks does anyone know the correct Answrrsb
I use a cheapo IFI ipurifier. It helps with signal coming from the node. This is a small difference and I would not be able to blind test it probably. The optical cable from the fire tv however definite improvement.   
Next best exponential DAC quality level?
I’m wondering if the new node is better sounding as a streamer only than the older node 2. Node has freaked out a few times in the last week and was making kinda fluttering noises through the speakers. Need to unplug and back in and goes away.   
Next best exponential DAC quality level?
I am in a transition of my system and was stuck with just the Dac inside the Node 2 for a few weeks. It sounded pretty descent. Locally just bought a Burson Composer 3xp. No contest. Could I pass a blind test? Yes I believe I easily could. Could t... 
What are in these Bose speakers anyways
I have a Bose system in my Escalade. It sounds really good for a stock system. At least it drowns out the sound of the Caddy guzzling down premium fuel like drunken sailor! Lol.    Buddy of mine has one of the complete cube systems for movies. Do... 
Tube Vs. SS Preamps
For the moment I’m back on full tube. Tube preamp for me adds a lot of body ss is lacking although I’ve never had what you might call a “high end “ preamp.    Ive dabbled with tube pre and ss amp along with ss pre amd tube amp. I found most of th... 
Highest value pre under 1.5k used?
Says used in the title.    something from Rogue or Jolida if want to go tube.    ss not sure.   
Salk owners -- any interest in a more sensitive Salk model?
Ahh just looked. Exotica 3 is 92db so I guess what you are asking already exists?? Unless 93 is your cutoff for high efficiency. Not fleawatt territory but should be ok with 30 watts or so.   
Salk owners -- any interest in a more sensitive Salk model?
They have a speaker that is higher sensitivity and is 8ohm nom. It’s on the website. It’s 90db I believe with measurements.   
Sexiest New 'Vintage'-Style Integrated/Amp/Receiver
Mac for me for sure has the coolest vintage vibe.   
Just installed a bluesound node 2i , quality not so good
Surprised you find the dac is less good than airplay to an avr. World class it’s not but it’s not horrible IME . A descent outboard would definitely make a different I believe. I can hear it for sure. Also a reclocker on the DAC makes a difference... 
Moving away from inefficient/low impedance speaker in order to move to a Tube Amp
Harbeth while not efficient I believe have an easy impedance curve for tubes. I think you would be fine with 20 watts or so.  I just picked up a Jolida 302crc with very upgraded preamp and power tubes and it sounds very powerful on my Focals. No ... 
Headphones vs full range speakers
@gdprentice wow you have a couple really nice systems there!  Do you prefer the Focals or the Sennheisers?    Never owned floorstanding Focals until recently and they are lowly 836w but I love the hell out of them.   
JBL LSR6312SP Help
Wow those look like some descent speakers. Looks to be studio monitors. Prob not the best to fill a large area but worth a shot. Prob fairly efficient so the Denon might do ok. Looks like fairly pricey not Best Buy stuff.   
I did the right thing after all.
@daros,did you sell your 3.3s or still got them?