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Combination streamer and music server…without DAC
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Denafrips 12 anniversary
Wow! That’s impressive hearing 1st hand instead of a reviewer. Better grab one before the price goes up as I’m sure it will. You have me contemplating ordering one to compare with my Musician Aquarius. If better sell the Aquarius and come out ahea... 
Denafrips 12 anniversary
@kairosman , have you heard the R26 and it’s really that good?    thanks  
Denafrips 12 anniversary
Guess I’m dim Jerry. I don’t see anything wrong?   
Denafrips 12 anniversary
@jerryg123 , where is the racist rant you speak of?   
Audio GD R-1 R to R DAC versus the PS Audio Directstream DAC
If no returns I would run away. It’s 2022. Demo for a couple weeks? If someone is confident in their product they will allow returns and most every one does these days.   
Built-in vs. Standalone DACs
Dave/Troy you are not helping anyone. Seriously you need to spend 5k to beat the dac in a Krell they sell for 1k extra in an integrated! Not according to the reviewers but you must have golden ears. According to who and how did you come up with 5k... 
Built-in vs. Standalone DACs
I have had a Musician Aquarius for about a week and it’s just stupid good in my system! I put on an old Sepultura cd just for fun tonight to see what it would sound like. Old late 80s compressed metal album . Holy s..t did it sound good. Brought a... 
Built-in vs. Standalone DACs
Before I peeve anyone I meant to say I’m sure it betters the 1-2k dacs and could be the equivalent of a 5-7k + stand alone dac but have no idea. My experience says when something tries to be a Swiss Army knife it’s often not as good as dedicated u... 
Built-in vs. Standalone DACs
Wow I would think a 5-7k up charge would be a pretty damn good dac! I’m sure it probably betters the 1-2k dacs for sure. Also I’m sure is matched to the unit so that’s a plus for sure. Maybe a huge benefit.   
LS50 + Sub Or Floorstander?
The monitor needs to be able to play with authority from 70-80hz on up to have that full visceral sound even with a sub. If it can do that at the volumes you are looking for then I think you are good to go. Probably need some kind of crossover to ... 
Recommended Bookshelf Speakers $1200
My guess is that the OP likely found some speakers over the past 11 years.   
How To Connect a DAC?
@tcotruvo , ”I am cautiously optimistic that a separate DAC will sound better.”   IME yes an outboard dac can make a substantial difference to the one in the Bluesound. Although I’m sure not SOTA a went up in my mind a few notches with the Musi... 
Buzzing from speakers on TT rig
I don’t know if it worked yet or not. Didn’t get a chance to try cause of holiday BS. Will try some time this weekend. I did feel the ground cable coming out of the TT and feel it may be split inside the cord! Maybe that’s wishful thinking but sha... 
DAC Questions
Hmm food for thought. Thanks I will look into it. Interested for sure.