What 2 Ch PreAmp for DefTech BP2000 and B&K Amp

Looking for recommndations for a good 2Ch PreAmp to go with Definitive Technology BP200os and a B&K Reference 7250 Amp. I listen to Rock Pop through CD. Right now I have a Sony E9000ES Pre/Amp. Also may consider a good D/A and have been doing research hear as I do have a Soild State Sony P9000ES.

I set up my parents' home theatre with the DefTech BP2000's, BK AV5000 and a BK HT Preamp (Forgot the model number!!! AVP1030, I think). Its D/A sounds pretty good, IMHO.

But, you want to use those speakers for music only, huh? Unusual choice, but for Pop/Rock they should be adequate. Maybe you should look for an older Conrad Johnson PV10a with four outputs, so you can bi-amp, bi-wire.

Good luck.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
I have BP20s with a tube pre-amp(Audible Illusions)helps tame what I consider a harsh top end. Also use copper ICs and speaker cables, silver will only make them brighter. They like and can handle lots of power. I bi-amp and bi-wire them with 200 watt amps. Have tried strapping the amps in mono(600 watts)and running one per side, helps mostly in the lower range where you already have built in amps.

Good luck

I already have the HT Pre/Amp and Sony E9000ES. I was looking for 2 CH Pre/Amp to run through a Sony TAP9000ES for dedicated 2 CH and Home Theater duties.

I have been upset with the harsh top end at times and was looking for recommendations on a Pre/Amp that really fits with these speakers and allow a musical top end with enhanced sound stage. I have herd that the speakers are picky on what you team them up with and high end salons do sell them as music speakers when matched to the right equipment.

Thanks for the recommndation I also was recommnded Audio Reaserch and Macitosh but not given specific models numbers. I can't beleive the power your sending to yours! I thought I was over kill with the B&K 200 Watt THX per channel since I have build it subs. My system is listed in a How to Intergrate 2CH system in Home Theater post that is about a week old. I auditioned a tube amp at a mid to hi end store and was thinking that the tube amp would not give me the bass and detail I liked and thought a Pre/Amp may be the way to go.

OK, I'm with ya, dude. =]

I would still recommend the BK line of HT pre/pro for two channel listening in your situation. I use the DIRECT mode to avoid any processing. It could also handle your HT duties.

And, I would still highly recommend the CJ PV10A or other CJ tubed pre. This will give you the warmth that I believe you are looking for. Imaging is awesome, also.

Let me know what you buy.

A tube preamp will help, you need to match output voltage of the pre with what your amp requires for an input. CJ 10 or 11 (2volt output)will sound less harsh. Both are older models, no longer in production, fairly cheap as used. I use a Audible Illusions 2D. When i was trying to tame the harshness other people recommended CJ 10 and 11 for me too.