looking for tight powerful bass: Mirage or Deftech

I'm looking for a good multipurpose speaker with good sound , tight and powerful bass.

I'm looking at the OM5, M3si and Definitive Tech 2000, 3000, 7000, 7001...

Which one is better for the money?

How are those compare to VR4.5, Legacy Sig, Genesis 5...?


they compare as an ant with an elephant...:-)
if you want something OK in-between, I'd choose from Paradigm or PSB.
Well a key to bass is how the amp controls the woofer. I had the 3si 12 years ago. A pretty nice speaker in its time. Ants and elephants ain't that far off.(First group to second group)--- Maybe a sub to keep the bass request intact and the dollar spending in control.??
Out of those speakers listed, which one is a better one to get(used). The budget is 3k. Thanks.
How is the Totem Forrest compared to Genesis G500? I would guess these are different animal compared to DefTech7000 right?

Deep powerful bass is what deftech does well in spades.

I had a set of thier 2004TL loudspeakers and thier Prosub 200 back in the day, tell ya what, that combo itself will rattle your teeth out. Step it up to the BP 7000 and throw in a supercube reference, you will have to put warning signs on the entrance to the room or some kind of release form to combat the possible lawsuits resulting from failed kidneys and heart problems.

Deftechs have excellent soundstage as well. Personally, im a big fan of thier products.
I dont know, I had a pair of BP20's, and the bass, while strong and deep was certainly not "tight". This was in different rooms, and much experimentation.
I found the DT's to sound "nice", but a bit lacking for and serious listening.
As Slappy said, a huge soundstage, largely due to the bipolar design.