8K for a one-time listen?

As someone who can appreciate the potential value of $20K speaker wires in an appropriate system, this is over the top, even for me.  Devialet is issuing recordings on actual lacquer for $7900, but the kicker is - they can only be listened to ONCE.  And the lacquer wears away.  All I can say is - Actually, I have nothing to say.  
Here it is in case you wish to indulge. 

You won't be able to buy them, because I just ordered all they had......I like to listen to my songs more than once :)

potential value of $20k speaker wires is probably $100 tops-tops.

an $8k one time listen is the perfect accompaniment for somebody that doesn't believe czarivey
Yes, but they are double albums/4 sides.

You must pop a cookie when you listen maybe 2 cookies!!
Beyond the pale.
Is it better than Redbook CD?

Hey, they are offering free UPS shipping!
After watching our Presidential Elections, they must have realized that we will buy anything.
Billionaires gotta spend it on something.

Maybe you could rent a decent hall, get a manufacturer or two to loan you a big system, invite 100 audiophiles over at $100 a head and let them all listen, then compare to the vinyl, CD and hi-rez download you also get for your $8K.  You might even make some money out of it after taking the refreshments into account!
This is GREAT :-)  My GrooveMaster Vintage Direct DN308 Professional has the 14" platter required for these - got to raise the price though :-)  if onetime plays are $ 8K, I'm selling these too cheap  :-)  


Good Listening

I don't care how much money you have. If you buy this, you are a fool.
Go ahead, post how everything has a different value to different people and something is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, blah, blah. I don't care. 
I seriously doubt they sound so above and beyond a good vinyl setup.
Also, if they are only good for one play, than some sort of damage must be happening to the record. So what's that doing to your stylus? Where are the shavings/fragments of lacquer going?
I think it's a tossup as to which one is stupider, this or 20 K wires
The Holy grail for a mere $8k
then ya quit
is actually a money saver

For 8k you could get a really nice real to real and some master tapes and blow that record away 
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Anytime I think I've heard or seen it all, things like this crop up. *L*

glennewdick got it sussed, though.  Hook up a pro level R2R AND a digital recorder.  Make absolutely sure it's all 'go to go'.  Pray there's no power failure mid-session; if any qualms, provide your own power source.

Bootleg it. *evil grin*

And sue the %#@$ off whomever markets the same session you've moved heaven and earth when you see the same at K-Mart for $5.....*LOL*

Yeah, you'll get counter-sued, but if you've got those sort of bucks to play about with you'll have fun in court making a fuss and become some sort of audiophile Robin Hood....;)

I'll make some popcorn and watch the show....*G*
These guys are marketing geniuses. 
Don't forget it includes a download...!

They could sell the digital download separately for $1K. Wouldn’t that make sense?

Of course, you could just buy the corresponding vinyl record Devialet offers.  That would seem to solve a lot of problems.  
Hire your own band, instead. Or, buy out Devialet and have them do your bidding.

Hiring band is actually great idea. Lots of even famous ones can be hired at fraction of asking price of Devialet wax recordings.

Considering number of songs per recording, it would be even cheaper to hire Dead Can Dance band.

As the years have passed, I personally have turned to value in my quest for audio excellence. I too have chuckled at many seemingly absurd cost vs performance or lack there of products.
But with that being said, there are people indulging in the quest for seemingly great wines for that special meal as well.
Yikes, I should have read the website before leaving my opinion. 
Obviously they are promoting their wares with that same angle.
Lesson learned for me.
I am waiting for a matching record player that will self destruct as soon as this record stops after playing the entire record. Always believed in system synergy.
I am waiting for a matching record player that will self destruct as soon as this record stops after playing the entire record.

If you buy one for $8K do you get a price break on additional purchases? If you purchase two at one time do they combine shipping?

The responses to this thread have been hilarioussss!!!

The thread and responses should have been under the Audiophile Humor topic.
Audiogon does not have humor.
PT Barnum would be proud. 

So how is this something that is so special. From the video it appears that these are not original DD recordings but taken from a recorded copy. Are they actually trying to say that this is the ultimate transfer medium. This is just stupid silly. No, this is close to criminal. 
I don't know what the music is but for $8k you could hire a decent 2nd class string quartet, a hall and invite your friends as they did in the old days. Probably enough to have a reception afterwards. That would be a night to remember.
If i told you what i really thought, even about someone who thougt $20k speaker wires reflected sanity, a moderator would HAVE to delete it STAT! just sayin.
What *IS* the point of being a billionaire oligarch, drug lord, 3rd world dictator or president of the United States if you can't have things nobody else can?  You play that record as you open that 1873 Rothschild Pinot while entertaining the Sultan of Oman.
I'd only purchase this if I could get Bugatti to install a turntable in my Chiron
I wonder how these would sound on my old Spiderman turntable.
Seriously though, would one make a good investment, to positively soak the hell out of the same well-healed types that could afford one in the first place?
Not that I have any animus toward the wealthy.
Hey, mitch, y'know....you're absolutely right.  This joint needs a 'decompression room' of sorts....

"Have you heard the one about the TT that blew up after playing this 'special record"?

It'd be Great....bring your own tinfoil hat...;)
Ya gotta laugh at 'some' of 'this stuff'....Really....

I've never seen puddles get so deep.....'till I came to AG. *L*

I've been waiting to see if one of the 'cable discussions' erupts into a bomb threat or the like....'touchy, touchy, woooo....' ;)
So............do you know anyone who actually bought one on these? In that case ..........may I take a selfie with that person? 

Then I can have the selfie picture framed nicely, and invite all of you to look at the picture, and charge you merely $5 for that i.e. to witness a piece of history..........oh btw........I will provide a complimentary 6oz soda and 2oz popcorn while you look at the picture :)
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I bet’cha they're mastered from a digital file.
more seriously - no devialet for me, at all, none - seriously bad sound for the money - it doesnt make music, just 1 and 0 in good packaging and marketing.
it would be a bummer if the power went out while playing it.  
I really think things like this and $20,000 cables are obscene. To indulge oneself so grotesquely while others are in severe need is truly evil. People are up in arms over government budget cuts to programs for the poor; but never look to their own wallets.

Sorry to be a wet blanket. I do enjoy the jokes.
"I really think things like this and $20,000 cables are obscene. To indulge oneself so grotesquely while others are in severe need is truly evil. People are up in arms over government budget cuts to programs for the poor; but never look to their own wallets."

Of course you are free to think as you wish and to condemn those you have never met and will probably never know as "evil" because of nothing more than idle assumptions you have made on your part in the complete absence of specific information. You claim to know that those who spend $20,000 on cables never, ever look at they're wallets yet you provide no basis for anyone to conclude that this claim of your's is based on anything but you're prejudiced and most likely jealous nature.

You would be wise to consider that it is not only possible but actually very likely that those who spend $20,000 on cables give even greater sums to worthwhile causes, sums that may rise in to the many many millions of US dollars. I say that this is a very likely conclusion based on rigorous statistical analysis of how the truly wealthy actually spend their resources.
As a pro mastering and vinyl cutting studio, we master on these lacquers daily. They sound great, but if the 8k lacquers being sold are the transfers off the original recording then 1. they can be listened to more than once (though not as much as vinyl) and 2. the cost price including labour to make these is more than a factor of 10 cheaper than 8k, so we really don't understand how they are charging so much, even if they have chosen to make a one-off transcript only. It is hard to believe they would be selling the original lacquer from years back when first recorded, as these would be museum pieces and therefore priceless, especially given they are big name jazz artists. Also, if they have gone to vinyl press, the lacquers become destroyed in the process, so wouldn't exist in playable form. We have met these guys and like them, but something doesn't sound right here/story not complete.

I checked out their Devialet's site, and they're offering their recordings as "normal" vinyl copies for a 99 bucks or so, and the lacquers are simply another option offered for reasons only known to them, although ya gotta hand it to their marketing department for coming up with an effective  attention getter.

Since these are classics, I'm going to play them on my 1960 vintage Garrard changer through my vintage Fisher receiver (Tubes!) and my ElectroVoice speakers (connected with zipcord). I will take the remains of the recording and my classic stereo, put it all on a Viking longboat which I will set on fire and push out into my (private) lake.