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How long should Pre amp (12au7) tubes last in Rogue Preamp?
I've pulled small signal tubes out of 70 year old radios / equipment that were still working. really depends on like others said how hard they are run also the quality of the tube.  IMO, NOS tubes tend to last much longer then their new counterpar... 
A Night with three phono stages Allnic 1202, ANK and GoldNote PH10
you guys are killing me with how little you payed.  
Yamaha a-s2100 v Luxman L550AX v Accuphase E350
+ Luxman very good quality and you don't pay the 300% mark up that Accuphase gives us in NA for basically the same amp. not to mention better resale value then the Yamaha.   
A Night with three phono stages Allnic 1202, ANK and GoldNote PH10
Chakster, I bought the PH10 because of its flexibility, two tone arms are in my near future. last I checked the PH10 was $2k list and the power supply was $1200 list (mind you I'm in Canada and i'm quoting list usd prices). I'm betting the power s... 
A Night with three phono stages Allnic 1202, ANK and GoldNote PH10
Oh the ANK was the L3 Version 2 with upgraded wire 
Catastrophic Accident! What To Do!?
Maybe I e missed something in all the replies but if you only damaged the tubes why do you need to send it anywhere. Just pull the broken tubes out and replace. Vacuum out any glass you can and be done. That's of course if no internal damage that ... 
Linear tracking turntables, whatever happened?
There is a company out of Poland Pre Audio  that is making some very interesting new production tables-LT arms combos from  $2k and up. they have a few different arms table combos, some air some not. worth looking at. http://pre-audio.com/en/home/... 
Speaker suggestions
I've been using some Living Voice Speakers from the UK for a couple years now 94db easy load designed for low powered tubes your 20wpc would be ideal for them. they only go to 35hz though but they are wonderful everywhere else. very musical, detai... 
Cartridge Upgrade ...AT ART-9?
I wanted to ask you about the sibilance in one channel you mentioned. You said both your tables do the same thing so i'm wondering if there is an issue with the model or if because of the age there is similar issues with set up. As you mentioned y... 
beginner seperate system
May I suggest something like the lyngdorf tdai 2170 or Antrhem STR integrated. both of these have very well engineered room correction systems built in, plus enough power to run most speakers out there. Reason I suggest these is for the room corre... 
beginner seperate system
May I ask why you want separates? With your budget you could get a very nice integrated Amp in either tube or SS. You really are not sacrificing anything these days with integrated amps.    
GIK FreeStand Acoustic Panels and flatscreen
Another thing to consider if your screen is on a mount that allows you to angle the TV moving the TV to angle up makes a big difference as well.  
OPINIONS PLEASE - Phonostage for new Rega P8/Apheta 2 - Sutherland 20/20 or Allnic 1201
+the gold note ph10 and add the power supply when you can. I bought one after having a chinook in my system both excellent but I think the gold note fits your requirements better. The gold note also has much easier to use controls with huge flexib... 
Coherent speakers from Canada
I believe charlesdad2 has a pair may message him and ask  
How to pre clean a very dirty LP before Ultrasound Machine?
I read someone said us windex. Do not use window cleaner on vinyl. The ammonia can damage the vinyl.