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I’m looking to upgrade my Magnum Dynalab MD106T???
Your probably going to have to find a vintage one to get better IMO. a restored vintage high end tuner is something to have a listen to. this site had some interesting information on tuners getting a little old now but still relevant. https://www.... 
Replacing driver screws with brass screws
Wonder how many people are now out there over tightening their screws?   
Why are there no hand tuned speakers on the market?
there's many that allow tuning for things like time alignment etc.  
Sam here and this goes much deeper than i ever thought.
Sounds like your having re-radiate issues with the power lines in your house. It’s common for wires, cranes, long metal things to re-radiat transmissions from antennas and transmitters. Not much you can do about it other then try to ground it out ... 
Lots of bass at walls, lack of bass in center of room/listening position
i've used this method with success.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HUOct0BGYM  
Desperate for Part for Onkyo AV controller
there's on on ebay right now well the whole unit but its bid is only $150  
Integrated for bi-amping with AtmaSphere MA1s
why not use the Atma-shere MA-1 for the whole thing? in my experience the OTL’s do bass very well probably the best I’ve heard from tubes and much clearer then many SS amps out there. you could get another one for synergy if bi-amping is a must. 5... 
Most organic / real / analogue sounding DAC (ideally with Volume Control) for $1500??????
 I use a Schiit Gungnir Multi Bit, at $1299.USD, its nice and music flows out of it,  I will say its a little on the lean side though but over all nice for the money.  
Klipsch Service, is like calling the Federal Government.....What a joke
You may want to give Bob Crites ( or his son Mike) a call-email he'd probably know and have any parts you may need. I know they are responding to emails as i just received new parts from them last week for my La Scala's.  https://critesspeakers.c... 
unbeatable Class A integrated
Luxman has been making excellent class A  ss amps for many decades actually longer then Pass labs has been around. maybe even Threshold. If your looking-interested in "vintage" look for a Luxman L-5## series they started early 80's. Best of them w... 
Best isolation platform for a turntable with suspension?
DYI a wall mount shelf for your table could buy one too but easy enough to make a shelf.  That will help greatly. Most likely nothing else required after that.    
Why would I need Roon?
Just a note about tidal it will also continue to play similar music to the last played  list. So that’s not something to really consider unless roon is that much better. I tried it didn’t see the value for the cost but I also only stream and stope... 
Is US Audio Mart a joke?
I’ll toss in as well been using it for years. Mostly the Canuck audio side well before they moved into the USA market and uk market. Never had an issue and never a problem with any sales or purchases. I’d go as far as to say it’s somewhat better t... 
A warm DAC?
Some one mentioned schiit audio DAC’s they are not warm, they are r2r so they do that liquid thing but they are rather on the  lean side of neutral not warm in my experience. Tube dac Or tube preamp May help here  
Where do you go after a BlueSound Node 2i?
I added a Schiit Gungir Multibit last fall and it’s a nice dac very smooth through out only thing I’d say it’s lacking is it’s a little lean sounding. Other then that  it’s clean and fluid sounding.