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Wilson Watt Puppy 7
When I listened to WP 7s at dealers, they were usually using Audio Research VT200 Mk II or III to drive them,  Very good sound, though not really your classic tube sound.  Agree with georgehifi, I liked the WP7s best of all of the versions. 
Elton John Tumbleweed Connection SACD Hybrid
The multichannel SACDs I own also have a stereo layer; just have to make sure your player is set to that.  Is this SACD different than others? 
More Cowbell
Fun video!  Not rock, but Mahler uses cowbells in his 6th Symphony! 
Best SACD hybrid Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3- Organ
I didn't think the Saint-Saens was that great on the Philly recording, but I do like the other pieces.  On my prior system the sound was actually excellent, again for the other two pieces, but it hasn't transitioned that well to my smaller system.... 
Best SACD hybrid Saint-Saëns: Symphony No. 3- Organ
There is an Ondine SACD of the Saint-Saens, a live performance by the Philadelphia Orchestra, Eschenbach conducting and Olivier Latry on the organ, which is quite good.  Latry likes the 32 foot stops and is a fine organist.  The real treat on the ... 
question about Thiel CS 2
That amp was a Sam Tellig favorite for years.  He loved the "Mosfet Mist" sound of it, which made it slightly warm-sounding.  It should work on the Thiels; I've heard them with NAD, Adcom  and Aragon amps and they were able to drive them. 
question about Thiel CS 2
I would not call the Thiel CS2s "tinny" from my listening to them, they put out a good amount of bass until cutting off at 40 Hz; however, overall Thiels of that vintage were voiced a little more towards the highs than to give a warm sound (the op... 
Who makes great active preamps ? Tube or solid state or hybrid.
For amps and preamps, I still go with VAC, Shindo, Jadis and Lamm.  I think Lamm's LL1.1 qualifies as a great preamp, and while I love my VAC amp, my Lamm monos might have been just a little more refined in some respects (not that the VAC isn't). 
Who makes great active preamps ? Tube or solid state or hybrid.
Well, I'd add Jadis and second the Shindo and VAC recommendations.  But I must have missed something, maybe in another thread--who is claiming that Lamm, Rowland and Pass don't make great active preamps?  My experience with Lamm alone would disput... 
MORE Esoteric problems
Maybe this explains why my EMM Labs XDS1 has trouble reading some SACD discs (it has an Esoteric mechanism).  Not encouraging news. 
Am I deaf?
Just to confirm, you are comparing CDs, not SACDs, right?  The Chord would decode the CD layer, while the Oppo could play the SACD layer.In any event, I don't think you're going nuts, you just prefer your Oppo's sound.  While there are differences... 
Can I use the Walker Audio precision motor controller with the Avid Volvere turntable?
Can't speak to the Avid, but I have used the Walker controller for many years now with my Basis Ovation, no problems.  Bought it used, and have had it upgraded by Lloyd.  Lloyd is very helpful and easy to deal with, I'm sure he could answer your q... 
To use a preamp with my Line Magnetic 805 integrated amp, or not?
If the pre-in input does not bypass the LM's preamp circuitry, I doubt any external preamp will improve the sound through that input.  Does the LM have a tape input?  That bypasses the line circuitry in a number of preamps I'm aware of.  If it doe... 
Threat of fire from audio equipment
I used to leave my tube preamp on all the time until one of the caps in the power supply went bad and caught on fire.  The fire was contained in the unit, but the smell hung around for a while (it was the reason we went down to see what was happen... 
Classical Music: Dorian Label
Dorian was a top-notch, audiophile oriented recording company back in the 90s and early 2000s.  They made a lot of recordings in the Troy Music Hall, a superb acoustic.  I have quite a few of their recordings.  If you like early music, The Baltimo...