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Is there such thing as French sound ?
Inna:  I chose Jadis at the time because of the midrange frequency reproduction and the ability to reproduce microdynamics extremely well.  Quite frankly, they were not the best match for my speakers (Duntech Princesses), as they were not the best... 
Is there such thing as French sound ?
Sam Tellig at Stereophile in the old days felt that there was a French "sound": that he described as lighter in tonal balance with more clarity--he was referring to speakers like the Triangle speakers, I think.  While you could possibly say that a... 
Lamm ll2 Deluxe preamp. How long do stock tubes last ?
Inna, is that the L2 line stage you're referring to? That only has one tube, in the power supply, as I recall.  I'd probably just contact Lamm, they were very helpful to me in the past when I owned their products.  
Lush and Romantic Tube Amps
Ozzy--the Rennaissance amps use 300B tubes, a lot different sound than the PA10/100s..  
Lush and Romantic Tube Amps
Bluethinker--yes, I would be a little concerned about an older CJ amplifier.  I'd probably send the unit to CJ if I got it used to have them check it out, Another possibility is VAC.  You might like their older amps like the Renaissance 70/70.  V... 
Lush and Romantic Tube Amps
One of the early Conrad Johnson Premier amplifiers, like the Premier 3, would be a good fit (I know you tried the ART, this is much different).  Or a pair of older Jadis JA 80s using KT88 or EL34 tubes.  
Duntech Sovereign, Dunlavy IV, V, VI purchase make sense today?
As a practical matter I think it would be easier to get replacement drivers for the Duntechs, as they're Dynaudios and it is quite possible that Duntech has replacements (they did for my Princesses years ago when I had to replace the woofers on on... 
John Williams audiophile vinyl
The Williams /BPO sounds great through my system in the 24/48 digital stream, I would expect the record is at least as good.  It's clear Williams and the orchestra were having a ball, and the audience gave virtually every piece a standing ovation.  
John Williams audiophile vinyl
No, but I subscribe to the Berlin Phil's digital concert hall so I'm going to be listening to the concert that the record came from this weekend (if the thunderstorms stay away long enough to plug in my system).  Given the quality of the Berlin Ph... 
John Williams audiophile vinyl
Go to the Elusive Disc website and type in "John Williams" in the search box in the vinyl category, there are quite a few.  One that looks interesting has him conducting various of his compositions with the Berlin Philharmonic-- it looks to be a l... 
VAC Phi 300.1 won't power on.
Happened to me with my Phi 200 once.  Check the fuse in the back of the amplifier.  
I think the MD-10 was like my old MD-1, and if so, it needs a weight on the disc to keep it from flopping around while playing.  I don't think a wood weight would be heavy enough to do the job.  You might look for manufacturers of top-loaders to s... 
Infinity IRS 3 or 5
On the East Coast, Bill LeGalll at Madisound would be the man to contact.  I believe he has a fully restored and tweaked IRS III.  
Big orchestral sound in pop, rock etc.
Moody Blues, Days of Future Past with the London Festival Orchestra.  
Paul McGowan gets asked about rotary subs.
ET also makes a great tonearm as well, I know a few people who have or have had them.  Very interesting company, clearly under the radar.