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Calling All Ex - Shindo Preamp Owners
It's an old generation, circa around 2012 or earlier--made by the father, Ken.  Probably not as neutral as the newer models from his son.  
Calling All Ex - Shindo Preamp Owners
I have an EMM Labs XDS1 v.3 and Laufer Teknik Memory Player for digital sources, Basis Ovation vacuum TT/Graham Supreme/Air Tight analog source, VAC Phi 200 amp and Nola Micro Reference speakers (room is only 11x14, can't use bigger speakers), wit... 
Calling All Ex - Shindo Preamp Owners
I'm not an ex-Shindo owner, but I had my Monbrisson in the shop for a while to fix a transformer buzz and a general refurbishment after a little over 8 years.  While it was away I used a passive TVC unit (Prometheus) and was very surprised as to h... 
unkonw WILSON speaker
I never heard of a Dalek from Wilson; isn't that a Dr. Who creation?  To tell the truth, I wonder if it's not a knock-off.  I don't recall Wilson ever using rounded cabinets like that. and the midrange doesn't look like a Wilson driver. 
Commander Cody
Now I'm feeling old.  My wife and I saw him and the Lost Planet Airmen in Ann Arbor in the early 70s as a lead-in act for the Byrds.  RIP, and keep driving that hot rod Lincoln.. 
One box do it all
Not sure about Roon compatibility, but maybe a PS Audio Sprout 100? 
Allison and Snell - Against the Wall
Klipschhorns, designed to go in corners--that's against two walls, I guess.... 
List a Condition you know of that will produce Better Sound
I thought the Armor All tweak resulted in a lot of CDs going bad (CD rot). Sam Tellig tried it, then withdrew the endorsement because of those reports.  Anyone else remember that? 
Vintage SS Versus Modern
I can't think of any solid state amps from that era that I would describe as easy-going. 
Speakers to hang on to for LIFE
Well spoken, mitch22.  Amen. 
Evening Classical Music; listening for relaxation
If you subscribe to the Idagio or Primephonic classical streaming services, they have curated playlists that give you a great sampling of music and composers that you may never have heard of for all different moods, including relaxation and medita... 
Melos repair
I don't know personally of anyone, but I believe that the man behind the Laufer Teknik Memory Player (Mark Porzilli) was the designer of the Melos electronics.  It's a long shot, but you might try to contact Sam Laufer at Laufer Tekniks to see if ... 
Mahler vs. Strauss
I have not really noticed what you're obviously hearing.  I think newbee's possible explanation makes a lot of sense to me. 
Opinions on Meitner MTR-101 Amps???
$20 for MTR 101s?  Bargain of the Century! 
Nearfield Acoustics Pipedreams
I have heard them with tubes (a Melos amplifier that didn't blow up) and they sounded great.  Had I owned them I would have used Lamm ML 1.1s, and I'm sure they would have worked, I don't think they were that tough a load to drive at all.  I'm als...