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Why would 2 schiit aegir amps sound the same as 1?
I think russ69 might have made the incorrect assumption that the OP was using both amps in stereo mode and bi-amping (28x4?).  From what I can see, OP's talking about one stereo amp vs. two monoblocks.  That said, the power difference still doesn'... 
Something about Thiel CS 3.7
Depending on the size of your room, the 3.7s should be a significant step up.  They'll certainly go deeper in the bass.  Only concern could be overloading your room.  You might check the Thiel Owners thread, lots of knowledgeable Thiel owners there. 
Can't believe I let myself get sucked in again.
Artizen65, welcome back.  If you've been gone for a while, you may have missed the fuse threads? 
Why do you need so much power?
+1 thecarpathian.   
The Davone Ray-S Speaker--A unique speaker that is worthy of your attention and audition
rotuserp2:  I think you got the speakers I heard (CSA Audio).  Had I known I was moving to smaller quarters then I might have gotten them. 
Reference Recordings
In listening further, it seems to me that the Minnesota Orchestra recordings do have a recessed quality not found on the others.  I still get a soundstage, but it does have a distant perspective.  I'd be curious how much the hall has to do with th... 
How to go about collecting Classical Music
The most famous recording made in St. Thomas, at least among record collectors, was the 1957 Mercury Living Presence recording of Marcel Dupre playing the Allegro from his 6th Organ Symphony, together with other works of Widor and himself.  You mi... 
How to go about collecting Classical Music
I haven't read through all of this thread, so please forgive me if I am going over the same ground as others, but if you're looking to see the sorts of periods or genres you like, and you're able to stream music, I highly recommend both Idagio and... 
Adcom 555se on a smart strip?
Normally, like gdnrbob, I'd advise against the power strip because it can limit the power draw from the amp.  Adcom used to make a unit called the ACE 515 (not sure of the model number, but I owned one), which had outlets for both sources and ampl... 
Reference Recordings
I have found them to be fine, maybe a slightly distant soundstage but pretty natural sounding to me compared with listening in a concert hall from mid-hall.  Their SACDs with the Pittsburgh SO are very good in that format.   I would not necessaril... 
What sends shivers down your spine when you play it on your system?
Morten Lauridsen's Lux Aeterna. 
Speaker selector box. Are there any worth using?
I had one years ago, I think it was made by Niles.  Worked fine with an NAD amplifier.  Back then, though, I was using zip cord for speaker wire, and that was about all the Niles would take,. 
What did your system look like 30 years ago?
Interesting thread.  Back then I had Duntech Princess loudspeakers, Audio Research Classic 150 amps, an Audio Research SP11 Mk II preamp, a Vendetta Research phono stage, a Basis Ovation turntable (had just gotten it, still own it) with a Graham 1... 
Fanfare for the Common Man,...best recording in your experience?
I'll second the Reference Recordings for sonics and for the Symphony #3, where you'll get to hear the fanfare (slightly altered) again in the fourth movement.  Nice thing about this one is that it's also available on high quality vinyl.  There's a... 
Advise before I regret
+1 for Mesch and cal3713.  All that matters is which ones you like better.