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Turned Off My Subwoofer ... And My Speakers Sound Great
have you considered that the bass output of your pulsars has increased during extended break in while using the subwoofer letting them sound better without sub?have you condidered that the same thing happened to your subwoofer causing them to domi... 
Sonus Faber sonetto II vs Harbeth 7ES-3
Here is an stunning deal on the Harbeths from a very trusted dealer in Chicago that I know well. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154074195325 
$5k or less speakers (used or new)?
Harbeth 30.1.   
Sonus Faber sonetto II vs Harbeth 7ES-3
The Harbeths are easier to drive by a significant amount.   These two speakers are on much different price and musical performance levels.  If you need to stick in the Sonus Faber price range I would recommend investigating the Falcon Acoustics LS... 
yet another tube preamp recommendation thread
Last call for those tube linestage gems ! ~ 4.5 K or so- Transparency,  timbre and holographic soundstage Thanks  
Sonus Faber sonetto II vs Harbeth 7ES-3
I had the Harbeths for almost 3 years and upgraded within the Harbeth line.The C7ES3 are exquisite speakers- rich with an excellent midrange and eerily smooth with an overall forgiveness that makes everything sound great.   Imaging, sound stage an... 
yet another tube preamp recommendation thread
thanks to all so far. i am asking for preamps in the range of the cary slp98 up to the primaluna evo 4000/ rogue audio rp-7 or so, this is a rather specific price range. i have heard of these preamps before but never had a chance to listen to the ... 
Leave tube amps always on?
On the LTA website it mentions that they drive the tubes with 1/3 of the amount of current that typical tube amps use which is part of the recommendation.Also many believe that tube life is shortened because of multiple power up / power down cycle... 
Anyone Using Harbeths with Grilles off?
i find that with the grilles on they sometimes have some weird / subtle sounding interactions that sound like comb filtering.  grilles off the sound is smoother and cleaner.   
Never Owned a Tube Amp and Want Advice
I have owned Rogue Audio tube amp products for almost 5 years and find they deliver a sound that I prefer. I started with a Cronus Magnum II - KT120 power tubes delivering 100 WPC. It gave me a sound that I really enjoyed over just about every oth... 
Tubed Preamp recommendations?
OP,is that an EVO 100? 
Anyone Using Harbeths with Grilles off?
grilles off on c7e3s especially and now shl5+.  went back and forth many many times but the grilles do not stay on very long.  they do sound a little bit brighter but in a good way but the dynamics are significantly improved.   
Subwoofer Recommendation for Harbeth SHL5+
i picked 2 REL t9i.  best subs for audiophile quality music i have owned and heard. integrated perfectly, does not color the midrange and flat down to 20 hz room response.  plenty of power despite the power ratings.   
AT-ART9XI Cartridge - Reduced Compliance
The XI will sound less warm, more transparent and neutral. Even in this video you can hear the difference. I owned the 9 for a few years and loved it. works best with a low mass arm e.g. 9 grams or so. - your tonearm will work better with the XI. ... 
Looking for ideas on Lyra Delos - muddy middle
unfortunately your turntable and most suspended tables have a warm imprint on the sound.  as others have suggested try different cables, i really like the nordost purple flare between table and phono preamp, will be very neutral and detailed.  als...