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Cary Audio SA 200.2 SE power amp (latest version)
I had the previous Cary SA 200.2 amp and I liked it with my Harbeth speakers.  Compared to other amplifiers I have owned it was midrange forward with a slightly unrefined top end and deep extended bass.  Overall very forward (think jazz horn that ... 
KT88 in Rogue ST-100 amplifier
yes, a real downer that made me appreciate the 120s.  try them if you want to be disappointed.  if you want to affect the sound swap the 12AU7 and 12AX7.   
The smoothest amp you've heard?
Luxman L-509X.  Too smooth.   
What do audiophiles do in their cars?
I do some of my best listening in my car and since I buy good ones they last me quite a while. It is worth the cost, time and effort for me to put a great aftermarket system in. Using a Pioneer DEX P99 6-channel preamp only head unit CD player DAC... 
Recommendation for a highly resolving amp
Getting back to the original question about a highly resolving amplifier my current Pass Labs XA25 is very resolving and transparent, some say the most transparent and resolving they have ever heard. It is much more so than the Parasound a21+ it r... 
Recommendation for a highly resolving amp
@chungjh   are you sure the issue is with the amplifier and not with room and speakers?  or possibly the preamp or preamp tubes?have you tried different tubes for the sachs preamp?  most 6SN7s can be overly smooth.  just trying to help you avoid c... 
L-505uXII v. Hegel h190 to pair with Vandy Treo CT?
i prefer the sound of the marantz to your first choices.   
Choice of capacitor
mundorfs sounded less dynamic and too veiled in my system. what caps do shindo amps use? 
Bi-Amp Woofers with Class D?
what is the configuration of your speakers?  
Are Pre-Amps necessary?
need is a strong word.  in my case the sound with a preamp in my system is on a higher level.  soundstage, speed, life like dynamics and energy, the sound accelerates much quicker making it exciting.   
Bought a new McIntosh amp
The MC152 is a very nice sounding amp and actually one of the best matches for Klipsch Heritage speakers. It tests at 190 wpc at clipping.  it gets disrespect because it isn't a Mac behemoth but so what.  open and enjoy.  maybe get a good tube pre... 
Why the hate for mcintosh amps?
Just a guess- that when said haters first heard Mac amplification they were paired with the wrong speakers (e.g. speakers that are warm and rich).  Paired with neutral or even bright speakers Mac sounds fabulous.   
Splendor D9’s.2 vs B&W 803 D2 which I own
the Spendors love a class A or an ultra smooth amp like the OPs Levinson. They do not sound their best with a neutral or slightly forward presentstion.  They do like power too, their special subwoofer-not-required bass comes from their unique tran... 
Tube Amplifier Sound Characteristics
It surprises me that people still talk mainly in terms of tonal balance when discussing tube amps. The warm, rolled off tube sound as it were. Forget about it! It isn’t what you want anyway. Modern tube sound is better than that. Tube sound is now... 
Thoughts on moving from a 1200G to Sota Saphire or above
Don't do it.