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< $3000 speaker recommendation for tube integrated amp?
a discounted pair of Spendor A4 floorstanders will do the job nicely.  Spendors are the perfect blend of a fast, highly responsive speaker that doesn't come with any of the compromises associated with a high sensitivity speaker.   
Why bookshelf type speakers are not high end
who died and made you king :) low end bass ain't all there is to a high end sounding speaker.  many people like a transparent, lively coherent sound and prefer not to hear sub bass.  the Joseph Audio Pulsars come to mind.  They are without questio... 
Standmount speakers. I have $5000.
Those Joseph Audio Pulsars under $4K?  Thread over.   
High value, giant killer speakers?
unfortunately when it is all said and done we tend to get what we pay for more or less. not to say that a $7000 pair of Spendors sounds $6500 better than a $500 pair of Klipsch bookshelf speakers -  but we usually get better sound for the dollar a... 
What are some of the most underrated and overrated loudspeakers you’ve auditioned?
overrated-ATC Dali GoldenEarGamuTDynaudioMonitor AudioRevelFocalunderratedKEF LS50s HarbethSpendorKlipch Heritage 
How To Clean Piano Black Speaker Finish?
I use a spray solution of water and murphy's oil soap, ~ 1/8 cup in a 32oz spray bottle, wiping with a soft plain kitchen sink towel.  works great and is very economical.   
Spendor D7
The D7s are a brilliant speaker.   Transparent and neutral that crosses over the thin line between forgiving and accuracy without being fatiguing!  My my only grumble was that they take a very robust (e.g. 200 WPC)  amplifier to deliver the best s... 
Hana SL vs AT Art 9
FYI the ML is $1200 and has a middling output (.4mv) that might be a less than ideal match for some phono preamps.  it also has an aluminum cantilever.  hearing it briefly it has a channel imbalance and sounded a little brighter than my preference... 
speaker/stand, couple or isolate?
@gjohns info not valuable without describing the floor your speakers sit on.   
speaker/stand, couple or isolate?
My old stand mount speakers sounded excellent with high mass (filled) stands spiked through carpet to concrete floor. speaker resting on small high density, low profile clear rubber pads. Floorstanders also sound excellent spiked through to the co... 
Harbeth Super HL 5 Plus room size?
No issues in your room especially if you listen as close as you described.   They can create some bass modes near the wall behind the listening spot in smaller rooms if you are backed up against it.   
Floor Standing Speakers That Would Sound Good With the NAD Integrated Amplifier.
I had a NAD  C356BEE and C272 power amp that was bi-amping a pair of PSB T6 towers- new model equivalent would be PSB X2T.  Deep and impactful bass- the bass response on those PSB speakers is incredible and your amp will deliver the goods.  Midran... 
Opinions of GoldenEar Triton 1
I listened to the one quite a bit- did not care for it.  driver incoherence, image shifting and some detectable harshness at volume.  The one/R sounded much better, the bass was phenomenal but the midrange was colored, flat and unnatural.  they so... 
Harbeth vs. Focal - Apples and Oranges...
why are you married to the focals? what kind of sound are your after?I heard the 30.2 and they seemed overly smooth with a class A amplifier and vinyl front end.  with the right system tuning / cables they are hard to beat for a natural sound.  lo... 
Why so many JL Audio Fathom subs for sale I wonder
They are a high quality, popular subwoofer but adding subwoofers to a system can cause disillusionment.