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SQ vs. Music
My recent tweaks have caused me to take notice of the music due to the change in sound quality.My office system is mostly for work, but after upgrading my DAC/Streamer/Ethernet/Interconnects, I found myself listening while working and suddenly not... 
Vandersteen 3a signature vs Harbeth 30.2 anniversary
@joey54 ,I was there when Johnny hooked up the William Tell's, with Ctsooner.For some reason, he couldn't hook up the Sub 3, but streamed Qobuz through an Aurender (I think), into a Ayre Codex, into a Belles Aria Integrated. I forget the original ... 
Vandersteen 3a signature vs Harbeth 30.2 anniversary
@OP,If you are working with Johnny, then you are in good hands already.I didn't know he carried Harbeth. I'll go for a demo next time.And, if you are open to adding a sub, then as @joey54 said, the Quatro's are probably the 'sweet spot'. I wonder ... 
Vandersteen 3a signature vs Harbeth 30.2 anniversary
If you like the 3a's, you should look at the Treo's, as well. I only mention it because they are in the same price range as the Harbeth's (new).I owned the 3a sig's before the Treo and can attest to their sounding much better than the 3a sig's.B 
Subwoofer Recommendations
@OP, Given your requirements, I would look at Hsu subwoofers.You should be able to find them used and even new, they are very reasonably priced and work well.I am using a pair with my Vandy VLR's and find them easy to set up and enjoy.Bob 
Wanting to try a tube amp.
@OP, I would also consider Atmasphere amps.A quick check showed the ARC amps you are looking at are near $10K.Considering your speakers are so efficient, I bet you'd get away with a lower powered amp. I own Atma MA-1's and they drive my slightly l... 
Help an old man out
@russ69 ,WAF= Wife approval factor.And, I don't think 88db is low either, but how hard a speaker is to drive is more dependent upon it's impedance and phase curve.Bob 
BS Node 2i: WiFi or Ethernet..?
@ianrmack ,I, too, tried an Audioquest PC to the Node, and like you, didn’t hear much of a difference.As far as connecting the Node. I used Wifi on the 5ghz band and never had an issue with dropouts, nor did I find the sound disappointing-Mind you... 
Help an old man out
If you bought a pair of Vandersteen 2wq's, you would not only get those bass notes, but your amp would be freed from having to reproduce those power draining low frequencies.And, they will integrate seamlessly with your speakers. So, for $2K used,... 
Schiit "Gumby" owner considering Ayre Codex -- advice?
My first impression is that when I switch to the Gumby, the sound is slightly less articulate and shifted to a "thicker" center in the image Yup, that is what you should be hearing. As you go further up the DAC line, you not only hear more defi... 
John Rutan / Audio Connection
Just visit Youtube and search for Steve Guttenberg.B 
Custom power cables for powered speakers
Geez, why not just buy a right angle adapter and be done with it.Even Audioquest says it doesn't affect sound quality as it is a metal on metal connection.B 
Looking For Established Person / Company That Repairs & Upgrades Amplifiers in the NY/NJ
Call or PM John Rutan (audioconnection).He won't steer you wrong.Bob 
Equal $$ for Phono OR Streaming?
IMHO,Streaming is going to catch up to analog in the near future.- Just like photography 20 years ago when digital started. Now we have 100mp cameras that out-resolve even large format film.Add to that, having a complete music library at your fing... 
Speaker outriggers
@jmphotography ,There seems to be two  schools of thought when it comes to isolating speakers.One, like millercarbon aludes to uses springs to isolate speaker vibration.(And, I do use the Townshend products under my equipment, though not under my ...