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Any alternative to Radio Shack sound level meter?
Old Radio Shack sound level meters are easily purchased on Ebay. B 
Can a streamer without DAC improve streaming?
@OP, I use AQ USB and optical to my Ayre Codex- from the Node.Works like a charm.I actually demoed the difference between the onboard Node DAC vs the Ayre Codex. The Codex was significantly better.B 
All in one streamer for parents in their 70s
@majorc The original Node was a square box design. I have no information comparing the Bluesound to the Echo.Regarding Bluesound customer service- I agree, it isn't the fastest, but they do work on issues to completion. Given that streaming is rel... 
All in one streamer for parents in their 70s
A Bluesound Node would be my choice.Easy to set up, with very good sound quality for the price.They also have wireless speakers.If you want to save some money, buy the Node used. Even the first iteration is still supported and upgradable.I own two... 
Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?
@whatjd ,Those room sizes should be fine with with the Vandy's. And, given your previous brand preferences, I think you will find the Vandy sound to your liking.B 
What could cause this amp to fail?
@OP,I would call Ralph (Atmasphere) directly. If anyone is qualified to repair an amp, it is him.Bob 
Vandersteen 1Ci , your experience?
The Vandy 1's are pretty sweet for the price, but just like bkeske found out, you end up looking at higher models.Though not floor standers, the Vandy VLR's are a super buy.With either, I would get a sub to enhance the bass. The older Vandy subs a... 
Brand new Vandersteen Model 2's
@tomic601 , @ctsooner , If you guys ever arrange a meet up, let me know. It would be fun to finally put a face to the tag- though I know yours, Peter.Bob 
Audio Connection/Johnny Rutan
@audioconnection ,It's too bad Ikea stopped making their old CD storage unit. It had a drawer that tilted out. I have a back room full of CD's and it looks pretty cool.You'll see it when I get the Sub 3's. If I can get some energy, I'll post a pic... 
Audioquest Firebird Zero
I wish AQ would make an easier to understand nomenclature.Zero?- What does it refer to?At least the power cables are differentiated by High Power and Source, but I don't understand why they just don't say Upper Frequency and Low Frequency for thei... 
Node 2i use with external DAC
Gungy and Yggy are definite upgrades.An Ayre Codex would be my choice on a budgetB 
Audioquest or Kimber kable.
@OP, I would steer clear of Transparent. Way overpriced for what you get.Plus, a horrible resale depreciation.B 
Atma-sphere Updates
@ferrox,Great Post!Everytime I have issues with my system, the problem is usually from another component, and not Atmasphere.Bob 
Do both cables have to be the same length?
Same length.Plus, it helps with resale.B 
Audioquest or Kimber kable.
@OP, you are looking at older models of AQ. Though I can't tell what your budget is, I would recommend looking at more recent models.A set of Rocket 88's used aren't very expensive and would, IMHO, offer better resolution.FWIW, I use GO-4's.Bob