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Anyone running a tube preamp with a Pass XA25?
If you require a tube preamp, I recommend an Atmasphere MP-1 or MP-3, depending upon your budget.The former gives my Ayre KX-R a run for the money.@OP, If you could accept a SS preamp, then the Ayre KX-R would be my choice.Bob 
Anybody have both Herbie's Cone/Spike Pucks and isoacoustics gaia's
@sjsfiveo ,I concur with the previous post.The new Townshend platforms have 'outrigger' feet, so they should support top heavy speakers without issue.I suspect using other Townshend products will yield similar results, but unless you are sure your... 
Band of an instrumental piece played in march 1971 on a FM station from Muncie, IN?
Why not contact the radio station and see if they have either the information or an archive?B 
Anybody have both Herbie's Cone/Spike Pucks and isoacoustics gaia's
@ozzy ,Let us know your impressions. I would like to know if there are differences between Townshend and other manufacturers.Bob 
Townshend Audio Podiums: The Full Review
Myself i cannot buy for a 500 bucks system a so costly designWell, at least you are speaking for yourself.In my case, I would pay money for a properly designed and constructed isolation platform, as I am busy making a living.I do not doubt your ... 
The newer model are much better than the old.IMHO,But, a Vandersteen always seems to come out ahead, and at a more reasonable price.bob 
Streaming vs ripped music
@mofojo ,If you can run direct ethernet, all the better.There is another thread here on Agon regarding the insertion of optical between ethernet. The benefit being that it isolates/removes noise.Bob 
Wilson Audio Sabrina X vs Revel Ultima Salon 2
I think you made great observations.Considering that the Wilson's were given the prime spot, and couldn't be moved would make me worried. IMHO, There is nothing worse than a speaker that has to be set in a 'perfect' position. And, the fact that th... 
Ethernet 7
I just thought of a more direct way.Why not splice them together? wires are color coded so it wouldn't be rocket science to perform.You'd need the proper tools, though.Though I wou... 
Ethernet 7
If it is a true CAT 7 cable then it will have isolation/grounding between the pairs of wires.You are going to need a female to female coupler that has a grounding feature.This should be a good coupler: 
Why does MQA not sound good in my system? Confused
I'll say it again,MQA is just the Dolby of the 21st century. The latter made a ton of money getting people/studios to believe they're technology made a difference.MQA wants to do the same.B 
Streaming vs ripped music
@mofojo ,I think your experience mimics the same rationale behind Sam Laufer's The Memory Player.Bob 
The Belles Aria Signature Integrated Amplifier
@ianrmack ,Oohh, that sounds like a great pairing.B 
Coupling/Decoupling Electronics
Funny, but where is Millercarbon?He has a thread on Townshend platforms that the OP should look at.In any case, I never got to try spring isolation under my Treo's due to space issues, but did use them under my components. Long story short, they d... 
Townshend Audio Podiums: The Full Review
Well, at least we agree on one thing.😊Bob