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Townshend Audio Podiums: The Full Review
Myself i cannot buy for a 500 bucks system a so costly designWell, at least you are speaking for yourself.In my case, I would pay money for a properly designed and constructed isolation platform, as I am busy making a living.I do not doubt your ... 
The newer model are much better than the old.IMHO,But, a Vandersteen always seems to come out ahead, and at a more reasonable price.bob 
Streaming vs ripped music
@mofojo ,If you can run direct ethernet, all the better.There is another thread here on Agon regarding the insertion of optical between ethernet. The benefit being that it isolates/removes noise.Bob 
Wilson Audio Sabrina X vs Revel Ultima Salon 2
I think you made great observations.Considering that the Wilson's were given the prime spot, and couldn't be moved would make me worried. IMHO, There is nothing worse than a speaker that has to be set in a 'perfect' position. And, the fact that th... 
Ethernet 7
I just thought of a more direct way.Why not splice them together? wires are color coded so it wouldn't be rocket science to perform.You'd need the proper tools, though.Though I wou... 
Ethernet 7
If it is a true CAT 7 cable then it will have isolation/grounding between the pairs of wires.You are going to need a female to female coupler that has a grounding feature.This should be a good coupler: 
Why does MQA not sound good in my system? Confused
I'll say it again,MQA is just the Dolby of the 21st century. The latter made a ton of money getting people/studios to believe they're technology made a difference.MQA wants to do the same.B 
Streaming vs ripped music
@mofojo ,I think your experience mimics the same rationale behind Sam Laufer's The Memory Player.Bob 
The Belles Aria Signature Integrated Amplifier
@ianrmack ,Oohh, that sounds like a great pairing.B 
Coupling/Decoupling Electronics
Funny, but where is Millercarbon?He has a thread on Townshend platforms that the OP should look at.In any case, I never got to try spring isolation under my Treo's due to space issues, but did use them under my components. Long story short, they d... 
Townshend Audio Podiums: The Full Review
Well, at least we agree on one thing.😊Bob 
Upgrade Bluesound DAC or go to Aurrender?
Add Innuos to that list.B 
Townshend Audio Podiums: The Full Review
It also does it's magic with an Atmasphere MP-1.My office system is suspended from wall mounted Sumo Shelves.They look nice but aren't the most inert, so I bought some Townshend Platforms for my Belles Aria monoblocks and my Atma UV-1 preamp.It se... 
Townshend Audio Podiums: The Full Review
I ordered a pair of Podiums for my Vandy Treo's.I never got to install them as my floor space is limited and those outrigger feet took up too much room.-Probably all for the better as Mr. V. believes his speakers benefit from a solid marble plinth... 
If you had access to a time machine, what concerts would you go back to see?
Listening to Clara Schumann debut the A minor Piano Concerto would be one of my picks.Bob