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Audioquest Thunder and Tornado HC Power Cords
@docknow ,+1@OP. is the amp connected to the P-12 or directly to the wall socket?If the latter, then I think it might be the best route.In any case, just switching out and listening would be my next recommendation.I just upgraded to Tornado's for ... 
Atmasphere mp1 mk3.3 with phono
@audition__audio ,Interesting comment.Can you provide an explanation  to explain the reason why Atma amps are improperly designed?Are you a tube amp designer? B 
Tube Amp Repair/Service - Minneapolis/St. Paul - ?
I was just going to recommend Atmasphere, but Ralph beat me to it.B 
Atmasphere mp1 mk3.3 with phono
@zipost ,My MP-1 doesn't have the Caddock resistors.Though I have to say is holds it's own against an Ayre KX-R.So, when moneys become available, I will upgrade the KX-R to Twenty status and the MP-1 to include the Caddock resistors-and any other ... 
Townsend springy platforms for my Sasha 2s, springs not ISOA GIAS, HRTs for electronics???
+1, Congrats on your Townshend Isolated Speakers.Speakers of Sasha's caliber deserve an isolation product as good.I think a shout out to the nice folks at Townshend is in order. They make great quality equipment, and though not inexpensive, it doe... 
Minimum Broadband Speed Necessary For Uninterrupted Qobuz and/or Tidal Listening?
I think the bottleneck is streaming both movies and music, especially so given your network speed.Are you using wired or wireless streaming?B 
Do expensive ethernet cables improve sound quality?
I ended up installing CAT 7 cables from my Fios box to my router this past winter.The biggest difference I found is that 6a and 7 utilize a grounding system. I had to buy Telegartner connectors and some tools to install, but I found it to be a lea... 
Reccomend a good preamp for me.
I will second an Atmasphere MP-1 for tubes and an Ayre KX-R for SS.I own both and they are very good.The Atma is pretty much stock and the KX-R is non-Twenty. If I have funds to play with, I am getting the Ayre upgraded, and the Atma fitted with C... 
Are audiophiles crazy?
@OP,Ken Rockwell started with photography. How he moved to audio is beyond me.I, too, thought he was an informed individual, but eventually found that he exploits the internet with less than informed information, while occasionally posting an outr... 
Has Digital Audio Tech Plateaued - Is It Safe To Come Out Now?
@wsrwss,Excellent point. Like stereo systems, the combination matters.(Though it seems many vintage lenses are able to properly resolve images at even 40-50mp. Bjørn Rørslett's analysis of many old Nikon lenses showed them to be quite capable).@au... 
Townshend Seismic Isolation Podium Platform Review:
@wokeuptobose,No, there is no break in process. The platforms/pods/podiums just do their thing.B 
2 Ohm Tekton Pendragons
@onhwy61 , depends upon where the 2 ohm dip occurs. If it is in the bass region, it would severely tax just about any amplifier.- And, that isn't including ... 
2 Ohm Tekton Pendragons
@mapman .+1@mofojo ,+1@OP, other than something like a Class A Pass or D'Agostino, I can't think of an amp that would be suitable for such a low impedance.Bob 
Looking for speaker advice-$10-20k
@OP, are you near a city with Audio dealers?Bob 
Spectral or Ayre (combo)
@OP, Pay no attention to the man behind the screen.Though I have no experience with Spectral, I do with Ayre.I own MX-R's, KX-R, Codex, and QB-9 Twenty's. My equipment runs as it should. When I did have an issue with the MX-R's (blown cap), Ayre f...