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High End Bookshelf Speakers
My little Vandersteen VLR's, paired with a Belles Aria Integrated and a set of AQ William Tell speaker cables would put many systems to shame.Your positioning of the speakers would be ideal for the VLR's and if you got a Vandy sub and crossover, y... 
New-ish to Audiogon Forums... Is it always like this?
I miss Almarg.He wrote the most concise, detailed and helpful posts here on Audiogon.RIPBob 
Don't get it, why anyone would ask others "what sounds best"?
@edcyn,Don't ya just love it when it does that?@OP, P.S. ohm, from reading your post, we have some similarities. Your opinion could matter to me now I know a few of your preferences. ;) I think you just answered your own question.When you find o... 
Re-terminate speaker cables
@OP,Sorry to hear AQ didn't respond.Alasdair is usually pretty good at getting back.In any case, AQ terminals can be user replaced, just get the ends you want and use a jewelers screwdriver.In your case, you could simply stack two spades together.... 
Pimping your router
@erik_squires ,I read your article. Very interesting about the fact that wifi signals emit a hemispherical signal below them.'I did not know that?'                       -J. CarsonB 
Are there any other cheaper options for power regeneration than PS Audio
Audioquest Niagra's would be an alternative.Here is a link to a review: 
Should my next purchase be from a brick and mortar?
@OP, Or, you could pick John Rutan's (audioconnection) brain.He has great advice and it's free.Bob 
AtmaSphere Upgrade from Mk 3.1 to Mk 3.3
Thanks for that info.I really wish I had done it while it was in the shop.Oh well, something to add to my upgrade list...Bob 
Townshend Seismic Isolation Podium Platform Review:
I find your review to be spot on to my experiences with Townshend products.The first is a 'tighter' bass, more articutaled.Second, is the 'cleaner' sound overall.And, though you might be able to make something comparable, the Townshend products ar... 
Ethernet cables
I found the biggest difference between CAT 6 and 6a,7/8, is the foil grounding between the pairs.It never hurts to have electrical things grounded.Actually, it never hurts many things to be grounded -especially in fact.B 
Backup Generator transfer switch
Where is @jea48 when you need him?Bob 
AtmaSphere Upgrade from Mk 3.1 to Mk 3.3
@honest1 ,I am glad you posted your experience. I am also glad that you found it a significant upgrade.BTW, did you get the Caddock Resistor upgrade?Bob 
Isolation for Granite Surface Plate
I know that Mr. Vandersteen uses a special felt for marble bases under his speakers, you might want to call or email him.Better yet, go to the new Vandersteen forum on the Vandy website.Bob 
power conditioners in $3000 to $5000 range
Audioquest would be my pick.There was a review comparing the Niagra to a PS Audio unit, but I seemed to have deleted the bookmark.Bob 
To Roon or not to Roon?
Another +1 for Roon.I don't own Aurilac, but Innuos, and the Roon app works great for me( albeit, I am not using wifi).I didn't want to want to pay for another subscription, but the Roon app is very well polished. I could have kept using the $4 Sq...