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Interconnect advice needed
What are you using now?  You say your speakers have a midrange bump. Is that something you know from listening in your room or something you read?    
Mint LP Solution
Audio Intelligent #6 works well as a 1-step fluid. The best?  I don’t know, but it will serve until you find one that’s better. I happen to like Audiotop, but that contains alcohol. And it is on the expensive side.   
Capacitors for Linn Linto phono stage Recap
I had an old Linto that I really liked, but when it went several techs refused to work on it. Now I see why.   
My PerfectWave dac is working!
Did you call PS Audio?  They pride themselves on customer service. So says Paul at least.   
Any Modwright CXN v2 owners who want to share their experience?
@tubeguy76 - check out Underwood’s website. Good descriptions of the audio GD products. Keep in mind that some are quite big and heavy, if that matters to you.  
Dynavector 10x5 retip
I would ask the retipper what they recommend for that cartridge. Upgrading the parts may not yield the best sonic results.   
Are There Improvements that Can Be Easily and Quickly Made Without Buying More Stuff?
Only play music that sounds good on your system. Amazing improvements.   
Advice for a new analog system
One point everyone seems to forget-  do you have a stable place to put it?  It’s very annoying to have a Tt that flies off the rails if you look at it the wrong way. I suggest placing half a glass of water in the place(s) you’re thinking of puttin... 
Advice for a new analog system
@jasonbourne52 - I don’t think it’s a waste of money if you’re an experienced analog person. But I recommend a newbie start simpler.     
Advice for a new analog system
A single investment for life. Nice thought and I do agree that the cheapest way is to buy once. That said, if you’ve never spun vinyl before, I would go a simpler route, just to see if you really wanted to stay with it. Say, a $4k Technics direct ... 
Best amp for Salon 2
From a practical standpoint, I don’t think it’s a bad idea to ask your dealer to package something for you.  This way you can audition in person and later if you want to upgrade, you both have fixed reference points. Plus, you will have the benefi... 
Integrated amp recommendations for Harbeth 30.1
From what you are saying, I recommend something with tone controls. Cuts down your choices, but offers a lot more options when listening. It’s not a sin, believe me.   
What would my Rega 25 be worth?
I would price it at a little over 50% and let people knock a few bucks off. Believe me, if you priced it at $1.00, people will try to get it for less.   
Four Hour Tube Amp Warm-Up
When I had my Viva, it was 45 minutes. You could set your watch by it. 4 hours seems long, but who knows.  Ask Kevin from Upscale.  He’s pretty familiar with that brand so I hear.   
Luxman 590AX II Break-In
If the entire system is new, how do you know the amp is causing your dissatisfaction?  It could be anything.