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Looking for a line conditioner
I’m a big fan of the Audience products. I’ve never compared them directly with any others, but the AR6T made a very positive improvement in my system compared to a Wiremold (Naim) strip. Plus, Audience has excellent customer service and support. I... 
Static on turntable
If static is a real issue, I recommend Gruv Glide. Absolutely kills the static. Some vinyl enthusiasts are against putting any sort of a coating on the records, but GG has been sold by Acoustic Sounds and Music Direct for many years and I have nev... 
Morrow Audio Speaker Cables
I highly suggest you order the break in service. I know some members don’t believe in this, but I bought some Morrow cables years ago and sent them back for the break in service and they sounded much better. Just my personal experience.   
Give Up on Bacch?
It sounds like a big pain in the ass. What for? Life is complicated enough.   
Please Help. J. A. Michell Gyro SE - Speed Issue
I think the first thing you should try is replacing the belt. My Basis is very speed sensitive to different belts. Worth a try at least.   
Tara Labs
I recall @calvinj being a huge proponent of Tara cables. Perhaps he can offer an explanation.   
Ansuz Darkz resonance control footers
@davejaz - I don’t know if this is what you meant in your last post, but I would not use the Symposium together with Vibrapods, as Symposium works with rigid coupling between the component and the shelf. One or the other.   
Ansuz Darkz resonance control footers
@davejaz - I never tried any other footers under the OPPO other than the vibrapods. All I can say is that they worked amazingly well. Personally, I wouldn’t spend more on isolation than the component is worth. And I use the svelte shelf under my o... 
Ansuz Darkz resonance control footers
You’re going to laugh, but when I had my OPPO 205, I found the sound improved significantly with a Vibrapod under each foot. Never heard them improve anything else, but it was a big difference on that player. About $25 for a set of 4. I think I us... 
Should I connect my OPPO BDP 105 to my PontisII?
@yyzsantabarbara - very interesting piece of gear if you have a lot of SACDs.   
Should I connect my OPPO BDP 105 to my PontisII?
Just a question here- if you want to play an SACD, doesn’t that have to be done from the analog outputs of the OPPO? I recall with my Sony XA9000, I used a coax to a Bel Canto dac for CD withe the outputs of the BC into my integrated amp and the o... 
Music Hall Maverick SACD Player repair
Wow. I had one of those years ago. It was a nice player. I believe it was made by Shanling, so maybe check for anyone who repairs Shanling.  You might also check with member @bigkidz, who does audio repair in NJ I believe.   
Are You A Disciplined Audiophile?
@hilde45 - personally, other than the component, I just follow my normal routines of life. I don’t get obsessive over the other things. For me, I think that a month or 2 will give me enough input to decide what I want to do.   
Opinions on Daniel Hertz equipment
Mark made no bones about the fact that he adopted some pro-audio concepts.  Large woofers and bi/tri amping with external crossovers in the larger systems. As far as the C Wave and Mighty Cat chip stuff- pro audio has every processor you can imagi... 
Turntable advice
If you have a nearby dealer, get a Linn. You can start simple and upgrade to your hearts content with no need to change tables. There is a lot of anti-Linn sentiment on this forum, but many devotees elsewhere.