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The end of Perfect Path Technologies
I believe unfortunately the original formula for Total Contact met it's demise with the untimely passing of the inventor. 
I just finished my new listening room...
Best music in 2021
Anything that does not include a drum machine. 
Hmm, only one in stock. If it has a defect, full refund I assume? 
The Most "Analog" CD Player?
Until I evaluate the required adapter and it's cost I cannot give my endorsement. 
Paying with a cashiers check? Need advice!
I would pass.A safer deal will come along soon. 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
pehere & lpretiring -- I actually bought the Lord Such and Heavy Friends new in the '70's.  I quickly relocated it to the nearby Moby Disc(?) used record bin.  Maybe one of you guys actually has my copy!edcyn, I can narrow the field dramatical... 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends.  (Bought in a cut out bin at Woolworth's early 70's).Now we're talkin! 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
How about the Strawbs. Several IMHO questionable albums but many greats also. Start with "Grave New World", "From the Witchwood", or "Hero and Heroine" to start.One more quickly comes to mind. Black Mountains "In the Future" which happens to be a ... 
1st Album you Ever Owned?
It was some Ricky Nelson album with a huge picture of Ricky's head on the cover. I must have been something like 10 y.o. at that time.For some reason it's no longer in my collection. 
Crazy crazy crazy
"I am taking orders for fourth round. Just to know how much money I have to bring."Glupson, "one word...plastics" 
Crazy crazy crazy
@arch2 I'll bet after a few of those mean water & waters on ice I will have to change my tag to Ipretiring. lolDarn no tag caps!LP 
Crazy crazy crazy
@arch2 Thank you for the positive outlook and offer. I as well will take you up on it asap.Would you mind if mine is a water & water on the rocks though? That's the way I roll in my senior years.Really looking forward to meeting you there! 
For the Audiophile with a taste for good design(looks)....a question.
Some turntables appear to be on steroids recently. Hundreds of pounds of metal, chrome, brass, you name it. A few quite impressive.But I’ve always enjoyed the aesthetics of the more modest Oracle Delphi. 
What made you put together your first 2nd system?