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Looking for a new integrated amp
I've not heard the Musical Fidelity; but compared to the Rogue and Creek I prefer my Primare I32. You should be able to get one within your budget when one comes available; which is rare since they sound so good. I had to wait quite a while for mi... 
SACD player recommendations budget 3k.
I have an EVS (Ric Schultz) modified Oppo BDP-105 and an Ayre C-5xeMP. EVS doesn't do 105s anymore and the cost of a fully modded UDP-205 is about $3,700. If you can find a used EVS modded BDP-105, that's the way I'd go. The Ayre sounds a tiny bit... 
Did any Amp help you understand lyrics better?
I can't isolate the amp, as I've only had receivers and integrateds, but the Primare I32 is the most crystal clear I've heard...but I have not heard their new I35 yet. 
Member Almarg passed away last night
Thanks for keeping us updated, @da. What will we do without him? Now he is listening to the angels sing. I hear they're pretty good. 
Where do you buy your CDs these days?
Elusive disc elusivedisc.comImportCDs.com 
Tweaks that work? (yes very subjective topic)
The Japanese distributor of fo.Q just cancelled my order and issued a refund. Drat! 
Best debut album
@bob540,¬†Great call! 
Tweaks that work? (yes very subjective topic)
@millercarbon, does the lava lamp provide any sonic benefits? I ordered some fo.Q tape a few weeks ago. Still waiting for it to arrive from Japan. Then I'll have to figure out where to stick it. Tonearm tube and/or bearing housing? Inside transpor... 
Best debut album
Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Everybody knows this is nowhere. (I'm skipping his first solo release which did not include the band, so technically...)Crosby, Stills, & Nash 
Who's done it besides me ?
I didn't break it off but I bent the cantilever (more like perverted the suspension) on a Hana EL. I negotiated some credit with the dealer and traded it in for a SL and paid the difference. Needn't have spent the money. A few months later I got a... 
Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
It's very hard for the owner of separates to say an integrated is better, and vise a versa (SP?) I believe, so you have to factor that into how may grains of salt you take responses with. That being said, I have chosen a class D integrated, the be... 
have you ever bought stereo without listening first
It's almost impossible to audition a phono cartridge in a meaningful way before you pay for it, in my experience. All the other components I have 'bought' without hearing first have had a reasonable return policy. Luckily, few have had to be retur... 
Most recordings you own by a single artist, group, or composer
Off the top of my head I would have said Neil Young. It turns out it's Linda Ronstadt (19) followed by a tie between Bruce Springsteen and Cowboy Junkies (13). 
What does a tonearm contribute to the sound of a turntable?
@noromance¬†,Thanks for your reply. 
What does a tonearm contribute to the sound of a turntable?
I have a Sumiko Premier MMT on an Oracle Alexandria MK3 (the black one for those who are unfamiliar.) I love the table; but it's a PIA to change tonearms and there are only so many that can be applied without buying new suspension springs from Ora...