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KLH 5 and KLH 355 " Barons" fire hazard concern
Get ready for folks to make fun of you for being (properly?) concerned. That's what I saw when I posted a question about fire from a piece I read in Stereophile.https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/threat-of-fire-from-audio-equipmentI can't spea... 
My beloved CDP finally bit the dust
I'm in a similar situation, as my CDP has been dying a very slow death. I, too, am thinking of the Cambridge transport, but have been looking at the oddly named Denafrips Ares DAC, mostly based on a recent review in CNet from Steve Guttenberg, a r... 
King Crimson on Streaming Services
I can't speak to the economics of streaming, but I can say this: I saw King Crimson way back in the early 1980s, on the "Discipline" tour, and still consider it the best show I ever had the privilege  of having witnessed. Also had the great pleasu... 
Death of Rock 'n' Roll
When I listen to Jack White -- as a solo artist, as a member of the Raconteurs, as a member of The Dead Weather -- rock n' roll seems plenty alive to me. And that's to name but one guy.  
No love for 70's guitar bands?
"The alternative was disco."Not necessarily. In 1977, The Clash, The Jam, and Talking Heads all released their debut albums. 
Qobuz on Bluesound in the U.S.?
Thanks, Bob. How is it sounding?  
Threat of fire from audio equipment
I can only assume that neither onhwy614 nor rodman99999 read the Stereophile piece that prompted me to start this thread and ask the questions I did. (link included above.) An excerpt: "I didn't get much sleep that night, owing to the lingering st... 
Threat of fire from audio equipment
Thanks for your responses, all -- Al, especially. As of now, I'll be keeping everything turned off until shortly before it's time to listen. Peace of mind is worth a lot. 
What would be good preamp to run McCormick dna1
Back when I was on the equipment merry-go-round and was switching stuff in and out regularly, I found that I quite enjoyed the sound of a Wyred 4 Sound StP-SE preamp when paired with McCormack amplification. In fact, I sometimes think about return... 
Darko talks with Shiit Audio FUNNY FUNNY stuff.
Very funny, indeed. Thanks for posting the link. And for your previous answer, too.-- Howard 
Darko talks with Shiit Audio FUNNY FUNNY stuff.
I look forward to checking this out when I get a bit of time. First, though, a question: Do they mention plans to bring a transport to market? Here's hoping.-- Howard 
Quboz, any firm US launch date posted anywhere ?
I read somewhere -- on these fora, perhaps? -- that someone out at RMAF had been told that the U.S. rollout would be coming in November. Tried to find this using the search function, but couldn't find anything. Thus, I'd suggest taking my post wit... 
Bands with great second albums
"Gold by Ryan Adams"Hats" by The Blue Nile 
Qobuz Coming to America Soon!
If the prices in the linked article are correct, Qobuz is going to cost less than what had been previously reported. It would be just $5 more per month than Tidal, or just $10 more for a full year if one pays upfront. Color me interested. Betcha l... 
Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ or Schiit Yggdrasil?
Oopsie -- forgot to include the link to the Stereophile review I referenced above. It's here:https://www.stereophile.com/content/holoaudio-spring-kitsuné-tuned-edition-level-3-da-processor