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Preamps better than Parasound JC-2 ?
@jafant ,What is your current [email protected] ,When I auditioned a JC2 years back, I did not find it harsh. But I found that it had too much gain. Later I found out that that shop demo piece had an issue. My current loudspeakers are far too re... 
Preamps better than Parasound JC-2 ?
Anyone heard the Merrill Audio Cara? Any feedback, compared to the Bryston/Parasound/Jeff Rowland? 
Preamps better than Parasound JC-2 ?
I think I have narrowed it down to the Jeff Rowland Capri S2 Vs the Bryston B-17 cubed. As anyone got a chance to compare these? The Capri S2 is 5 years old vs the Bryston is less than a year old.  
Promitheus TVC preamp
@brownsfan ,Yes, I remember discussing with you about the Coincident Line stage when you purchased them a couple of years back. I am sure it is a great preamp (based on reviews), but it is beyond my budget and also I am not looking to get tubes ... 
Promitheus TVC preamp
@brownsfan ,I think you own the Signature which is step up from the Reference that I own. I have been meaning to try an active in y system, now that the loudspeakers are upgraded. But I fear that I will loose the transparency of the TVC. Had a fri... 
Promitheus TVC preamp
I still have the Promitheus Reference C-Core dual mono in my system. I love how transparent and open it sounds. You should try a good quality TVC in your system and see if it works for you. 
ProAc Response D48R......
+1 on @jperry  posts. Read through them.This is a full range loudspeaker that showed me what I missed on the previous loudspeakers. Amazing clarity coupled with extension on both ends. 
Monitor Audio PL200II
OP,The Spendor D7 or ProAc D30RS will be the ticket to your requirements. The Monitors are nice speakers, but pretty polite. 
Like the new look to audiogon ?
Looks like the Admins are ignoring this thread. With so much feedback, they should have reverted back or at least responded with a timeline when they are going to revert back to the previous version.This new format sucks big time. 
KEF Reference 5-Isoacoustics GAIA?
Based on demos at AXPONA, I think GAIAs are worth the money. I am also looking to install them under my speakers. 
What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?
Bose AM-5 Series II (1994-2002)Lived without a proper music system for almost 3 years :-(Quad 21L (2005-2017)ProAc D48R (2018) 
My bad. Apologies.I confused you with "Teresa" - username DSD on and other forums.  
Best Sounding Passive Preamp
@zvovchik ,I have been using my Promitheus Reference C-Core TVC since 2009. Search these threads and there are a lot of postings by forum members. 
Preamps better than Parasound JC-2 ?
Thank You Tim.Yes, it helps. Based on the feedback I got here and through personal communications, I am thinking of dropping the JC-2 altogether and more inclined towards the Bryston BP-17, since I am not sure if I will be able to lay my hands... 
Preamps better than Parasound JC-2 ?
Thanks @timlub Thank You for the suggestion.What were your thoughts about the Capri S2? What were the differences you heard between the S2 and the Coda? Curious where the S2 fell short of your expectations. I known that Coda has very high demand i...