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99$ Digital cable is damn good
Good to know. How are you using this cable? Between a transport and a DAC?I recently got a Cardas Parsec to connect from an older Oppo transport that sends HDCD to the DAC in my Oppo UDP-205 and it does make a (good) difference that I can note. 
$10k Speaker Cables??????????????
My speaker cables cost $199,045 ZWD 
My first Tube Amplifier
If tube preamplifiers qualify for this discussion, then my first "tube" component was acquired a couple of weeks back :-) 
Best Preamp New or Used up to $3,000 ??
@firstnot,I recently got a Rhumba 1.3 and love what I am hearing.  This is my first tube component. Now I am about sure if it is a Solid state Vs Tubes or Active Vs Passive, but the imaging created by this preamp is amazing! I am waiting on a Cull... 
Best amp options between $2k-$4 to power Magnepan 1.7?
OP,Take a look at the Parasound A21+. Parasound and Magnepan combination sound pretty good, if you read the experience of folks at Club Halo forums. Also this amp is supposed to be stable at 1.5 ohm loads, so might work well in your system.  
Power Cord suggestion please
You should be suspicious of several posts close together promoting one brand. Usually those are shills or 'fan boy' posts. you can be sure it is some effort to steal your money. @elizbeth, seriously? Have you tried Cullen cables?And care to expl... 
Preamps better than Parasound JC-2 ?
Folks,After a couple of years of search, I have landed with the Rhumba 1.3. All I can say is - I love what this preamp is doing in my system. I am glad that I did not loose the "transparency" of my system. At the same time it added some dynamics t... 
Power Cord suggestion please
@mlapenta,You need a Cullen Crossover power cord, which is 12awg.I have 2 Cullen power cords and ordered a new Crossover II for a new preamp in my system. 
Sweetest sounding 12AU7?
What do you folks think about the Amperex Bugle Boy Vs Genelex Gold Lion re-issue? 
Curious what people think is the best "value" high end speaker (~5K to 15K)
ProAc D48R in Ebony. Love it! 
No one actually knows how to lculate what speaker cable they need
Ok, my last post on this comical thread.OP has not provided any service or advice.Nothing in my system is wrong. In fact OP is absolutely wrong on all accounts because he has not heard our systems and claims they are not right. That is ridiculous.... 
No one actually knows how to lculate what speaker cable they need
I never lost one until this thread. Same here @mitch2 .Absolutely ridiculous claims in this thread. Like someone pointed out - OP is trying to market his ideas here, the same he did on another forum. Wonder when he is going to open up his busin... 
Marantz SA-10 arriving Monday!
@elizabeth ,If it had XLR outs, I would have got one immediately after selling the Oppo UDP-205 that I currently have. 
Agreed with @freediver.Replacing the stock jumpers with good jumpers makes a big difference. Contact John at Signal Cables and see if you can get a custom made pair using the Silver Resolution wires. 
No one actually knows how to lculate what speaker cable they need
@glupson,I am very well aware.But going through all the pages, there is a lot of confusion and conflict. Anyone who opposes the OP is seen as a dealer. Only OP has the best technology. Not sure if he can prove that by comparing or challenging anyo...