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Breakthrough in volume control or just hype? Relay-Controlled Volume!
Who has actually heard a Benchmark HPA4 in their system - as a line stage? 
@mcgal,Would it be easy for you to introduce your 105 and 205 in the 2-channel system and compare the sound quality? Just checking. BTW, what is the disc player in your 2-channel system? 
Switched from RCA to XLR Interconnects - WOW
@almarg,Thank You for providing the correct information.I too experienced huge improvements going from RCA to XLR wile connecting my preamp to amp. I tried it one more time last week and I am certainly staying XLR. 
Marantz SA-10 arriving Monday!
@elizabeth,Thank You for the recommendations. 
What is the best USED Speaker Under $10,000
There are 2 ProAc D48 on audiogon for much less than $10k. Amazing speakers, to say the least, from experience! 
Marantz SA-10 arriving Monday!
@elizabeth ,Please suggest a couple of Classical chamber music, quartets, sonatas, that are the Jazz equivalent of Time Out. Something that people who like Rock/Jazz/Vocals can instantly get hooked on to. 
What is the weird "fisheye" pic on so many items?
@dill650,That is correct. Unfortunately for people who do not store the cookies in the cache, they have to change the settings every time they log into the site. 
LTA micro zotl preamp
@kw6,Good to know. I had heard great things about this firm. If I can stretch my budget a bit, I can get this preamp. Unfortunately it does not have XLR out and that makes it a non-starter for me. 
Quad S-2
Np @moffer. Would love to see your system setup here on the Gon. I believe ProMusica in Chicago carries the S2 and it sounded pretty good when I heard them.Yes, with those ribbon tweeters, try to be as precise as you can. You will be rewarded with... 
Quad S-2
@moffer,I think it is about the dealers wanting to push the higher end models and ignoring the budget models of Quad. Those speakers are awesome. I owned the 21L for 12 years and was very happy with them. The only thing they did not do was "full r... 
My music sounds brighter
@handymann ,There is some hope, with new research, but I think it is still a few years away: 
Marantz SA-10 arriving Monday!
@anwar ,Congratulations on the Marantz!Would love to hear from you when you compare the Marantz, Denafrips and Oppo. 
Improving sound of Marantz SA-8260 SACD PLAYER
+1 @jl35 
The new magnificent Linear Tube Audio MicroZOTL Preamplifier
@teajay ,How does the MicroZOTL compare to the Backert Labs Rhumba? Is the higher price justified compared to the Rhumba? 
Tube pre amp
I will, most likely, get the Backert Labs Rhumba 1.3 next month.